Yahshua’s Kippah?

Yahshua’s Kippah?

– the Jewish skull cap (Yarmulke / Yamaka – Yiddish) are an interesting anomaly. Found nowhere in scripture (For the general assembly), and consider this quote “There were no head coverings in the Tanakh” – Rabbi Tyler Rebik; tho not completely true; is yet adamantly adhered to. Purportedly from a ruling by Maimonides (1135-1204 c.e.); some try to wrench a ‘Kippah’ position in that the Levite Priests were to wear bonnets H4021 from the same as H1389; a cap (as hemispherical): – bonnet. (Ex.28:4; 40; 29:9). The problem is this command was to the Levite Priests (specifically to Aaron and/or his Son’s). Most Israelites and all Jews are not Levites; let alone ‘Son’s of Aaron’. Even most Levites are not ‘Son’s of Aaron’. –

Yahshua was Jewish – from the Tribe of Judah (Heb.7:13-15). He kept YHWH’s (His Father’s) Torah, Law and Instruction (Jn.7:16). He would have most certainly Not violated Torah in the smallest detail; including wearing a cap (as hemispherical) instructed / designated to be worn only by the ‘Son’s of Aaron (Gal.4:4). This reveals that All Jews (and Messianic wanna-bes) – from the collective House of Judah tho claiming to observe and love Torah, wearing a Kippah / Yarmulke this day and the centuries leading up to it are clearly nonetheless in violation of it – ” and other such things ye do” Mk.7:13

This includes the use of Adonai, Lord, etc. and haShem’s (the Name’s) Name – YHWH/Yahweh – Look up Dt.6:4, Num.6:22-27, Ex.20:7 in the Hebrew Moses wrote!

Messianics (including Hebrew roots) are besieged with many issues; some of which we have never heard of before – Lunar Sabbath, morning to morning Sabbath, daylight only Sabbath, Mow’edim issues – 2 days of Passover?, Do we eat on the 14th or the 15th?, Barley or equinox? Abib 16 or the day after the weekly Sabbath?, Shavout – is it the day after the 7th Sabbath or in the middle of the week?, which calendar to follow, when is the New Moon – sighted, dark or conjunction? Wranglings over the Day of Atonement, Yom Teruah, Rosh haShanah or Ex.12:2?, Babylonian pagan names of Jewish days and months not found in Torah – On and on and more on top and more to come no doubt.

We seriously need a Rightly Dividing tool to divide through all this subjective ambiguity, schizophrenic imagination, truistic assertions, religious wranglings, ill-researched errors and outright lies to find Yah’s Melek Zedek Truth.

To do that we must know; what is Covenant and what is not? – What is Melchizedek and what is Levitical? – What does Torah say? – What do the actual accounts evidence? – What did Yahshua actually say?, What did Yahshua teach Paul and the other Disciples? – What ‘remains? What was until? We must allow the Bible to interpret the Bible – Yah’s Truth.

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