Have You Ever Noticed

Have You Ever Noticed

Have you ever noticed that those who cannot mount a credible defense based on Biblical text & fact – seek to do so nonetheless through a back-door / side ways approach trying to assert an obscure unrelated or barely related or an emotional point; a hearts & flowers approach lodging things like – I don’t like what is said & I don’t like the way it was said or I don’t like my perception of your attitude (or more correctly the way I interpreted to hear it) forgetting that if there is a way to misinterpret some will not only happily do so but look for the opportunity – Some will actually manufacture the opportunity. Try to trap you & set you up. They will lodge things like arrogance and condescension which always depends on which side of the exchange you are on.

Of course those that can’t mount a credible defense – Or cannot handle the Truth; will not only ignore the truth but rapid fire post right past the truth regardless of confirmation – let alone honest search for truth – honest repentance to truth; convinced they have the Truth – a kind of Ready; Fire; Aim approach – They fail to give 1 second to prayer, reflection, consideration or reason let alone research. Will not answer Biblically with Chapter & Verse. But with some Biblesq sounding personal remix based on conjuncture or ½ to partial Truth. Certainly not fully-accounted-for Truth.

Of course those that can’t mount a credible defense – Or cannot handle the Truth; will invariably resort to reverse-jacket labels like arrogance, condescend, divisive, wolf, anti-Torah, etc.

All the pieces fit in a sequential order (even/especially prophesy – Gal.4:4) – There is only 1 Truth.

Most that have come from ‘the Church’ have come from the non-sense of ‘No Law’; only to find the Rabbinic/Levitical/Jewish roots version stuck in the non-sense of ‘All Law’ – thinking its the Torah/Israelite/Hebrew Roots of the ‘Christian Faith’ – Not even knowing the awareness of Yahweh’s Melkizedeq Priesthood. Not realizing that a version of anything is a counterfeit.

But; In a sea of sacred errors and religious lies – Truth is Treason!

At the point of Truth; if you are right – You are not arrogant but confident, You are not condescending but con-(with)-ascending, You are not decisive but adding Truth, You are not Anti-Torah but willing to let Torah say – what Torah says – just the way Torah says it, You are not a wolf but a watchman, you are not anti-Yahshua but willing to ‘shama’ hear with the intent to obey, you are not anti-Paul, anti-Torah, anti-TaNaK, anti-Gospel or anti-Change but willing to accept the fullness of Torah-Gospel.

I have learned my ex-Church lesson very well. That is why I choose to stay as close to what the Bible actually says as possible

We are to ‘reason’ – ‘reason’ requires intelligence – intelligence involves the ability to make finer distinctions.

You who defend against the reality of the Melkizedeq Priesthood resurgence; Who maintain Levitical ongoing validity say “we cannot observe the commandments concerning sacrifices because there is no Temple in Jerusalem” – and other such excuses for a variety of non-adherence – Where exactly is each of those provisos in Torah? (Isa.8:20) – So let me line this out for you and everyone – So you as a Gospel-Torah believer have a legitimate mandate for change from Torah – Gen.49:10; that you deny – on the reverse side Jews (Rabbinic including Messianics to Anti-Missionaries) deny a ‘change’ yet act on a change they have no legitimate Torah mandate for. ???

Remember a version of Truth (Christian, Messianic, Jewish or Anti-Missionary) at best is a counterfeit. We need to search for & ‘rightly divide’ the Truth, lose the errors and trash the lies; Acts 17:11

You crow about Levitical/Aaronic this and that being forever. Really; 1st off does not only or always mean our modern concept of ‘forever’ and you forget Yahshua was a Jew and like most of Israel & all of us (converts) could never be a Levitical/Aaronic ‘Sons of’ – Priest from the Tribe of Levi.

You crow about Ezk.40 thru 48 – this is to all 12 tribes of Israel – Who exactly will set that up Yahweh? Or a bunch of Torah usurping Rabbis – Or a bunch of Covenant breachers claiming to keep Covenant?

Prejudice is ignorant contempt prior to investigation – Arrogance is ignorant contempt in lieu of investigation

You can lead the honest ignorant to evidence But you cannot make the arrogant honest or think

Your Best and Only choice is the Melkizedeq Priesthood – 1Ptr.2:9

See – Melkizedeq for Dummies



2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Noticed

  1. This is exactly what is happening: They are leaving (like myself) the Christian Church of “No Law” into another false of “All Law”. They are getting discouraged when reading the 613 laws, knowing they cannot keep them. Keep up the good work Dr Perry. Spread the truth of whats in-between the “No Law/All Law” and what is covenant for us. You have inspired me so much, and i share everything I can. This is Karisma Michigan by the way, Facebook made me use my real name, not that i cared, i’d had Karisma for so long, but its nice to be me now. Yah Bless you.

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