Modern Stiffnecks

Modern Stiffnecks

Stiffneckedness (Rev.3:17, 16:15 ) or ‘Stiffneck’ is a Biblical term to describe a wayward, will not return way of being ie ‘attitude’ that is being exampled in different ways at different levels up-to-and-including this modern time. ‘Stiffneck’ is Yahweh’s Biblical term; it Biblically does NOT describe those that seek Bible Biblically. Those that seek Bible Biblically are seeking to be ‘in’ Yahweh’s Covenant will -AND- There is only 1; and that’s the rub and always has been.

‘Stiffneck’ originally described the waywardness of the Israelite nation that was to be ‘a Nation of Priests’ (describing a ‘priesthood’) a  Melkizedeq Nation of Priests  *if* they would keep Yahweh’s Covenant – They did not! (Ex.32)

For you that are not aware; of the Melkizedeq groups that have formed, some have now fragmented over (of all things) Passover, the Melkizedeq Covenant Confirming Meal of the New Covenant. They deny various points – #1 – The Torah account, evidence & instruction of Passover, That the NT Passover of Yahshua ‘was’/is Passover, That the Greek ‘artos’ can also mean UnlBrd, That the ‘remembrance’ sign of His (sinless) Body & Blood was this same ‘artos’, That after His Resurrection, He gave the disciples ‘fish & bread’ (Jn.21:9; 13); the same ‘artos’ still during the Days of UnlBrd. That NONE of them will acknowledge let alone factor in or discuss, etc.

It was the early to mid 60’s – As a ‘boy scout’ I remember a field compass exercise. Using only a compass, a map and triangulation we (in different groups of 6) were to find a predetermined point unknown to us. The more senior older boys of this group ran the show. In the end we were off by over 250yds. Earlier as a ‘cub scout’ we were told to rearrange the letters in the phrase ‘new door’ to make one word. I at 8yrs old happen to solve it – it ‘was’ the phrase “one word”.

After being Church taught and wayward myself for a number of years, I finally learned my lesson. If you won’t account for or don’t follow biblical directions biblically – You will be off biblically.

In the Spirit of Isa.1:18 & directive of Acts 17:11, I have repeatedly asked for them (of the various Melkizedeq groups) to do their own Torah timeline in a searchable format for a private 1 on 1 with me discussion/midrash of the Ex.12 events matching that to the NT accounts of Passover – Mt.26, Mk.14, Lk.22, Jn.13 thru 19 – factoring in 1Cor.1.

None of them have done so. Most are just silent and will not respond. 1 did an already finished for publication in an unsearchable Kaleidescope – Merry-go-Round ‘Prezi’ format I had never seen before ready for publication while publicizing it, with no discussion. Instead throwing a reverse jacket of ‘unbelievable’ on me for calling that situation when it is they that have chosen to be obstinate, disagreeable and non-compliant. And would not and will not comply at any level of reason to simply supply me with a normal searchable format email, .doc or .pdf similar to what I have supplied them. While another (and others) will not even do his own timeline that also will not comply at any level of reason. These are clearly self serving & not honest ie Not Loving – to me or Yah’s Truth!

Torah is the ‘Successive Light of Teaching and Instruction’. They take the end of the NT story comparing what the out-of-order Jews were doing that did not follow Torah; crucifying an innocent Yahshua; using instead the Roman legions who didn’t give a ‘flip’ about Torah and teach that trying to wrench Torah to another conclusion that Torah does not support. This is like taking 1 end (the wrong end at that) of a 10ft. 4 by 4 and trying to pick it up; let alone carry it or make it fly.

They have broken off relationship with me – for what? Them that profess to follow the Bible – to actually follow the Bible? To actually Biblically ‘reason together’? Isa.1:18 Reasonably?

I am now experiencing what Yah has had to endure for centuries – a ‘stiff-necked’ wayward people even at the Melkizedeq level – Not much has changed since Ex.32 in that regard. This ‘stiff-necked’ people are found at all levels – the RCC, Sunday & Sabbath Protestants, Messianics (Jewish & Israel), Hebrew Roots, Etc. ie those that tend to or out-right reject any level of the Melkizedeq Priesthood & Now those that out-right profess the Melkizedeq Priesthood but embrace a metered level to the lion’s share of compromise (a fairly new and pervasive awareness experience for me).

While I am saddened at the perceived loss; I should not at all be surprized. The Bible is replete with examples of Israel’s fluxuating between unwavering obedience & partial to outright non-obedience.

The ‘straight way’, the ‘narrow gate’, the ‘few that find it’, the ‘little flock’, the ‘remnant’ and the ‘elect’ – I am increasingly understanding even more to a greater degree just how small that group is and potentially will be.

According to 1Cor.3:12 Rewards will be based on your deeds being wood, hay & stubble or silver, gold & precious gems – Meaning it is possible to be saved but have less or nothing. According to 2Ths.2:10-12 & Rev.22:11 it is possible to be counted unjust & wicked which would include being ‘Stiffneck’; of whom were destroyed and so it shall be again.

The separation of the ‘Sheep’ and the ‘Goats’ is taking place right before our very eyes. Make no mistake the ‘Sheep’ will test-out and keep the Covenant – the ‘Goats’ will not. The ‘Goats’ will do what ‘Goats’ do – be willful, stubborn, uncooperative, disagreeable, arrogant, subversive, take offensive that anyone would dare bring up or ask such a thing – speaking love and co-operation while not doing the things that love and co-operation would at the very least nominally do, etc. While defending each other with every conceivable twist and bend for what they will not do – Be reasonable to – agreeing with the Truth of Torah, co-operating within and fully supporting all of Biblical Scripture.


One thought on “Modern Stiffnecks

  1. Shalom Aleichem Ach Dave…..I know how you feel or sense what is going on/happening before your/our eyes. There are many aspects of the “Malkitsedeq Order” that are being “stiff-necked”…..I see it too, but like you, I have my own beef’s with those who “say” they are following Royal Covenant Torah, but at the same time, deny other aspects of it…..I’ll bring up one sore subject, that is most bitter in taste to most….the subject of Yahuah’s Divine Creation Calendar, which is NOT to be confused or mingled with that from man, nor are we to be using the things of man to observe those of Yahuah Eloheinu.

    I know of quite a few who don’t believe nor observe according to Yahuah’s calendar, but yet say they are following His Torah, His commands….but are they? Such minute and miniscewl issues, that some wouldn’t or won’t deem worthy to “Discuss” , but will simply argue about til they turn blue in the face, all the while, not accomplishing anything at all, and just merely spinning the wheels.

    I believe that, if we are truly going to “Do His Will”, “Follow His Commands”, then we truly need to do it all the right way, in unison, with unity, and being of one mind, one body, one belief, with one Kohen Ha Godal to direct all things according to His Abba’s will (sorry, I went off on a tangent there…forgive me). But you get my drift?…..I see the stiff-neckedness as well, everywhere… Sholomo said in Koheleth/Eccl 1:9, 10

    9 What has been is what shall be, what has been done is what shall be done, and there is no new matter under the sun. 10 Is there a matter of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It was here already, long ago.

    Those who have not learned from history, of past mistakes and blunders, are doomed to repeat them again until they see the futility of their actions for a different outcome….and yes, that “narrow gate” that Moshiach talked about in MattitYahu 7:13,14, where you have Torah, Torah, Torah Rabbinical/Levitical/Aharonic hierarchy on one side, and greasy grace, license to do whatever they want/immorality paganism on the other side….both of which throwing slimy grapes at one another, with the narrow path down the middle that leads to chayim/life…..few are finding it, even though it’s right there in front of them.

    I too, was in the “Church”/Circus, being entertained by the clown, but you know, that stuff we experience then, makes us what we are today, Yahuah takes that and uses it for His Esteem. Those of us who have been chosen, pulled out of Mitsrayim if you will, have been given the same opportunity(ies) that were given to the children of Yisra’el in the wilderness….not many are going to be given that same opportunity, to have their eyes opened, their ears unstopped, and the stony lev/heart removed for the fleshly one, to have Yahuah’s Torrot written on it.

    I know and understand the frustration(s) of planting seed in hopes that it will grow, but it’s up to the individual to accept it and take it to lev/heart, learn from it, live by it. None of us is ever going to have it all down pat, none of us is perfect, our journey is just that, a journey of Biblical Exploration and learning, it’s continual until we all (as many as have been chosen) come into the “New Yerushalayim” and into our permanent inheritance, but while we’re here, we need to exercise patients with one another, helping one another to better understand what His perfect will is for us in all Zadika, and Mishpotim….

    Blessings and Shalom to your Mishpocha and bayit…

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