NT Passover or Not

NT Passover or Not
Rebekah Garvin – @The scriptures make it clear that the bread Yahshua blessed and broke that night was LEAVENED bread. There is no way they would have been eating leavened bread if this was the actual Seder.

DrDave @The scriptures make it clear that the bread Yahshua blessed and broke that night was LEAVENED bread. – This is your own fabrication –

@There is no way they would have been eating leavened bread if this was the actual Seder. –
This part is correct – For it was Un-leavened!

▪ @That the meal did take place on Passover, but at the START of Passover (Erev Pesach) not the end of Passover (which changes things drastically).
What? !!! – @”That the meal did take place on Passover”, – So now you agree?

@”but at the START of Passover (Erev Pesach)”
– Which would be before Midnight as per Ex.12 not the end of Passover – Which would be after Midnight as per Ex.12 (which changes things drastically) Yes your 1st born would have been dead.

▪ That Yahshua removed the ‘leaven’ (Judas) from his fellowship during that meal (just as it says to do in the Torah on Passover and how S’haul tells us to celebrate this Feast). If this was the Passover Seder he would have needed to have done that before this meal.
– This is a song&dance double speak; 1st you say “Yahshua removed the ‘leaven’ (Judas)” but then you say @the bread Yahshua blessed and broke that night was LEAVENED bread
Representing Himself? the Sinless 1?
This double speak is beyond reason
@▪ That evening Yahshua tells his disciples to go sell something and purchase a sword. He would never have told them to do this on a High Shabbat (as the Seder is always eaten at the end of the 14th day and into the 15th day (the first day of Unleavened Bread, a High Shabbat).
And you err even in this “the first day of Unleavened Bread, a High Shabbat” – This is Correct – But Passover is not the first day of (the 7 days of) Unleavened Bread – Read & Agree with Lev.23:5-6
@▪ That it actually says in the text that the religious leaders didn’t go into the Judgement Hall with Yahshua because they didn’t want to be defiled for Passover. The Passover hadn’t happened yet as Yahshua was being tried at this point. He couldn’t have eaten the Passover and been the Passover at the same time!

@The Passover hadn’t happened yet – ???
– This is wayward Jews/Pharisees that were not following Torah – and this is where you take your lead?

@He couldn’t have eaten the Passover and been the Passover at the same time! – Yes He could AND did just that on the SAME Passover day! – Yahshua did say “This is my body/This is my blood” during that Passover beginning evening meal. And you dare say Yahshua represented his sinless body with ‘Leavened Bread’???
▪ The text actually states that it was Preparation Day [for the High Shabbat of ULB) and the criminals couldn’t be left on the cross over the High Shabbat!
Now you finally said something correct – Passover is the Preparation Day for the High Shabbat of ULB – But it is NOT part of the 7 days of ULB – Read & Agree with Lev.23:5-6
@And there’s more Scriptural evidence…. 🙂
Yes there is; That doesn’t support you
Besides all this – This was to remain private – You have chosen to splash campaign this all over with out discussion.
AND you have chosen not to timeline Ex.12 (the original request) which would have put this whole thing to bed – BUT you have chosen poorly.
@We hope this complete study clears this up for many people who are willing to look at the Scriptural evidence.
This absolutely is Not the truth – does Not agree with Torah (Ex.12 or Lev.23) or Mat 26, Mk 14 or Lk 22 or even Jn.13 and misrepresents Jn.19 for that matter.

9 thoughts on “NT Passover or Not

  1. You never read my study, David! You admitted so. If you had of you would have seen that I started with the Ex.12 Passover as you requested! I proved everything via the Scriptures as a good Beren does (as you tell everyone to do) and the correct translation of the text! You are unbelievable! You are breaking the second commandment that Yahshua said was MOST important, “Love your neighbor as yourself!” No Melchizedek priest will treat anyone with such venom — even if they had differing views. Yahshua is not pleased with your self-righteousness, meanness and carelessness to this friendship, David. You have not treated Isaac and I with respect or love. Instead of sitting down for 45 minutes with my study all you are doing is flooding the internet with a counter link to support your view on all the places I have posted our study, without being the Beren yourself and going through our study yourself, out of sheer respect. Instead, you demand that I put it into a form that is good for you instead of a nice Prezi format (of which I learned how to do at the University and which took me 2 weeks to make!). And I do not have to have your permission to make a study we do public! I get my orders from Yahshua. May he judge between you and me! You have hurt me in more ways than anyone but Elohim knows!

    Your site should be called “Torah Without Love” because your words are poison and you deeply wound with them. A royal priest will bring life with their words! Yours has the opposite effect. I warm you, David. You had better take into account your motivation and your words or Yahshua will find you wanting. As Yahshua said, you may have all truth (which you don’t), but if you have not love you are a clanging symbol. And that you have proven!

  2. That ‘s the point Rebekah you need to ‘love’ me enough to give me a doc or pdf that can be studied ie ‘searched’ not some finished toy format you want others to be wowed by & play with – Something that can be searched and studied – Love??? you need to ‘love’ me enough to supply this reasonable minimum.

    You needed to ‘love’ me enough to pursue this with me 1 on 1 to find the truth not post it all over as if it were ‘the tested truth’.

    We can still do this – Please release your pride and arrogance against me and supply this reasonable minimum.

    Otherwise you show how much you are ‘in love’ with your own conclusions – And that’s the point you have chosen to broadcast your theories as if they had been tested out; by who? – You?

    I’m sorry that is plainly self-serving and Not valid

    • If She provides it to you Dave, all you will do is Rebut the whole thing. Everyone but you is wrong, right? There are 2 nights to account for between Jn. Ch. 13 & 19. YAHSHUA in no way was able to have a Passover meal. Sorry Bro!

      • @If She (or you) provides it to you Dave, all you will do is Rebut the whole thing.

        That’s were your wrong – Not if it was correct

        @There are 2 nights to account for between Jn. Ch. 13 & 19

        How many 24hr Abib 14th Passover days are there?

        See the whole point of doing the timeline is to correct yourself by agreeing with Torah.

        @YAHSHUA in no way was able to have a Passover meal


        Even you have to admit the truth that you directly contradict direct verbiage from Mt, Mk, Lk, Jn.13, 1Cor. ie ate/eat “Passover” – by wrenching the Jn.19 account reporting Jewish non performance of Torah – To wrench Torah to a conclusion that Torah in no way supports.

        And are more than willing to do just that – Turn Torah on a dime’s worth of confused, tortured & less than correctly accounted for ‘evidence’ – Along with a host of others including Rebekah that you accused (along with others) of having a ‘Jezebel’ spirit.

        You too are so wrong on this and need to do your own time line agreeing with Torah as well – But like her refuse to do this bare minimum (Jn.7:16) – To see if these things are so (Acts 17:11) You have found common ground in this ‘Jezebel’ spirit like-minded error that you both cling to & defend – But will not support by Torah. – Not even agreeing with the accounts of the NT that testify to Passover & the waywardness of the Jews not following Law or Torah in the 1st or last place- Wrongly calling for His wrongful death – that is a breach of Torah Law all by itself – And you, she and a host of others this is what you cling to? Validate, Uphold and TEACH???

        You (both) bring shame on this Melkizedeq Passover Covenant Confirming meal – While claiming to uphold the Melkizedeq Priesthood? At least the others MRood, ABailey, JDumond, etc. deny the Melkizedeq Priesthood as well.

        All I can say to both of you (and anyone else) is be honest – Do the time-line [Torah & NT] – in a normal searchable format (Isa.1:18/Acts 17:11) – Let’s search it out and weigh it. You already have mine – TWR search ‘Passover’

  3. The first 3 Gospels are terribly mistranslated if you do the research of the Greek there, and remove the added words while you are at it. The only account that is properly translated is Johns. This is no hidden fact. Even in my studies for prep for a B.D. they taught us that. I guess they missed that at the top of the T.H.D.? That word in the other 3 accounts that they translate as ‘First’ actually mans ‘Before’ as you will read properly in (Jn.13:1). That IS THE TRUTH of the situation weather you wish to accept it or not. Really makes no difference to me. Believe what you wish Brother. May YAHWEH bless your home with His Shalom…..TW.

  4. Oh, and just for the record….I “NEVER” said Rebekah had a Jezebel spirit. That is an out right lie. I said she was out of line, controlling, and a slanderer. This was also confirmed by another Brother who she attacked in someone elses home not long ago and you know very well who it was. So, please stop your lies Brother. I will bow out from conversing any longer here or with you in the future at all. You are the only one in your own mind that will ever be right, or only your view of Scripture is valid. Its useless to go on any longer with you about anything Dave. Goodbye…..TW.

    • Teddy – Subvert, Subvert, Subvert – Detract, Detract, Detract – Deny, Deny, Deny – Delay, Delay, Delay – is that all you can or will do?

      @”I never said” ??? … Have you been checked for Alzheimer’s or ??? Oh how I wish I had a cosmic recorder – Oh snap! – Wait a minute; somebody does – Just that we’ll have to wait till after the smoke clears – This ploy only serves 1 purpose that you (like the others) never wanted to do or will do your own timeline by your own admission.

      So by your own thot the record of the NT is not valid – Except; Only the part you like? (does anyone else see the loop in that logic?). And therefore the record of the Torah is as just not valid? – to just be disregarded or reinterpreted? – How you see fit?; blessed be you?

      I will Never accept that! No thinking man would!!!

      I, you, we are only correct ‘if’ we agree with Torah and the rest of biblical evidence or extra biblical evidence that agrees with Torah –

      This is the safeguard

      The only other choice is Isa.8:20 & 2Ths.2:10-12

      The 1 thing you said that is true is “Scripture is valid” – So put up or shut up (But then you already made your choice, didn’t you?).

      But as long as you are alive you can repent and do valid research and compare

      All I can say to both of you (and anyone else) is be honest – Do the time-line [Torah & NT] – in a normal searchable format (Isa.1:18/Acts 17:11) – Let’s search it out and weigh it. You already have mine – TWR search ‘Passover’

      Agree with Acts 17:11

  5. David….I feel sorry for you Bro. It is so sad that all who ever get to know you walk away with seeing what you really are. Anyway, ive unsubscribed from this madness that you have created. I will not respond to anything connected to you in any way shape or form. This will be the last time we ever correspond.

    • Teddy – You have proven you will interpret however you wish regardless of the Facts & Truth of the matter – And you avert from the evidence of scripture – and will Not do Acts 17:11 – Your own timeline reasoning together (Isa.1:18) to protect your own view – much as most already do – X-tain & MessyAntics – This is exactly what you do and have consistently chosen to do – And I do not understand why – But am powerless to get you to engage in any meaningful beneficial exchange.

      Enjoy your reward – 2Ths.2:10-12

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