The Winds at the Top

The Winds at the Top
Its getting to the point; that Yah’s absolute Truth is absolute Treason
It is confusing & disheartening that sooo many of these guys (Top Messianic/HR/Jewish/Israel presenters) and a growing list of others (including those we thot were our own – Prv.27:17) will not be honest, will not be honest to Scripture or will not seek or weigh Scriptural Truth and just will flat Not engage (which serves no other purpose but to protect your version of ‘The Truth’).
This is highly odd & very strange – But Not unexpected (2Tm.3). There is only 1 Truth – Acts 17:11 / 2Tm.2:15 is so simple – But I can only control myself – I cannot control anyone else – But I can agree with those that will agree to seek Biblical Truth.
The winds of doctrine will increasingly grow more fierce at the Top – Yah’s Word is still and will remain True
May Yah bring us together!

2 thoughts on “The Winds at the Top

  1. Abba’s Word will always remain true, it will never disappear, it will always accomplish that which it was sent forth to do…..

    I really try to stay true to scripture, to quote it as it is presented….tob article Ach…Shalom and blessings

  2. As soon as money (Mammon) becomes an issue, movements turn increasingly into garbage dumps (hence “lord of the flies”). And a Truth Seeker has to dig deep, suffering stench and the risk of becoming polluted to find any silver or gold.
    At a certain point, the gain is not worth the effort any more.

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