New Cook Book

New Cook Book
“The Mastery of Matzah” – Has been published just in time for Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread! The Paperback through Amazon is $15.95 and The PDF Download available through Teshuvah Ministries for $12. Thank-you!


During a Passover season many years ago while living in a tipi in the mountains of North Idaho, Rebekah learned how to make matzah. Since then, she has become a matzah master. She has leaned on creativity and resourcefulness in order to make matzah in the variety of situations she and her family have endured. She has perfected the art of making this ancient flatbread and how to serve it to others. Now her tradition can be yours.

In this, her first cookbook learn the tips and tricks to making amazing matzah. Included are 3 Master Recipes and 21 ways to eat this ancient flatbread for an incredible Biblical Spring feast season!

Learn what unleavened bread represents, the spiritual mystery embedded in it and why Israel is commanded to eat this ancient bread called Matzah.

70 pages, full color, beautiful photography, 8.5 x 8.5 recipe book.

$12 for the PDF Download
$15.95 + shipping for the Paperback

Sir Isaac and Lady Rebekah


One thought on “New Cook Book

  1. Thank you, David! 🙂 Your readers who want the Melchizedek-mindset will like this cookbook as it also has the Melchizedek influence — it’s in all that I do and write. 🙂 Shalom!

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