Still another Melkizedeq Assault

Still another Melkizedeq Assault…/

J. Snyder’s bizzaro reasoning is all over the place – He says he has challenged but ‘these guy’s’ won’t respond – He has not challenged me! – I will run to his confused roar and challenge him 1st.

Let’s see if he responds? March 14 2016


10 thoughts on “Still another Melkizedeq Assault

  1. This man is a jo-oke, I’m sorry I could not hear him all the way. My spirit shut down the first five minutes of listening to him.

  2. Just for the record … this guy begins by defacing the authenticity of Scripture and makes a mess out of our Belief as a whole. He can reach me at any time to discuss the fact that “THE MALKITZEDEK PRIESTHOOD REIGNS FOREVER”. He also may want to restudy his theory about all the supposed Greek being spoken in the surrounding areas of Judea in the first century. ~TW~

      • Sadly the Hebrew Roots leaders are more concerned with winning than learning from a little deeper study.
        They seem to not be able to contemplate a “change” to the Levitical system to a “better” Melchizedek nation of Priests where Immanuel clearly says His kingdom is NoT of this world.
        The Jewish Zionists are setting up the deception, and their ‘savior’ is coming. We need to be decerning people, their savior isn’t our savior Immanuel. Many will run to set up animal sacrifices etc, trampling underfoot our saviors blood and His final work on the tree for our redemption.

  3. He describes himself as a theologian… and sounds like one.
    It may be a good Bible-study exercise to transcribe all his points and then discuss them.

  4. I am Praying for you too Dave. I live 10 miles from Mathews Congregation. I discovered Don’s
    Radio Station almost from it’s inception. About the same time the “wind” started blowing my
    way”. Then I saw Don and Mathew’s Relationship as in good standing. Then a few years
    ago, This Relationship went by the wayside as far as I see it. I noticed that they slowly fazed out Mathews Teaching on the Radio, with an occasional Older Teaching, But nothing Regarding His new understandings and discoveries-or, after Mathew started seeing things more clearly.
    I Can recall about a year ago Mathew Taught at Hebrew Nation’s Congregation, then the responses were like the “Deer in the headlight” syndrome.
    Well, It could be, that as Radio Stations are so public, and Don and the helpers there might feel
    they are in too deep with everything, to make a change? Or, loose most of the Audience? Just speculating. But then, It could be
    that stubbornness is as a wall keeping truth out.
    The very fact that Hebrew Nation Puts a teacher like this on their Radio Station,
    Sends more signals to me, that they are “digging in their heals on their stance”
    It Really looks like a Repeat of what was going on in the 1st Century. All the Factions etc.

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