How do you respond?

How do you respond?
To someone – a friend or family member wishing you a – Merry Christmas?
I respond with ‘Happy belated Messiah’s birth’
Some won’t even question – But many will ask – and that opens the door to share what the church will never tell them.

3 thoughts on “How do you respond?

  1. After the following Pramble, I refer them to Herbert W. Amstrong’s article: “The Plain Truth about Christmas.”

    – Jude 1:20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up, on your Most Set-Apart Trust;… 23 And rescue others with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.
    – Ez.3:17 Son of man, I have appointed you a watchman unto the House of Yisra’el, and when you shall hear a word at My mouth, you shall give them warning from Me. 18 When I say unto the wicked: You shall surely die: and you give him not warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood will I require at your hand.
    – Ex.32:21 And Moshe said unto Aharon, What did this people unto you, that you have brought a great sin upon them? 22 And Aharon said, Let not the anger of my master wax hot: you know the people; that they are set on evil. 23 So they said unto me: Make us a god, which shall go before us. For as for this Moshe, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we know not what is become of him. 24 And I said unto them, Whosoever has any gold, let them break it off. So they gave it me, and I cast it into the fire, and there came out this calf! 25 And when Moshe saw that the people were broken loose, for Aharon had let them loose for a derision among their enemies, …
    – Lev.10:1 And Nadav and Avihu, the sons of Aharon, took each of them his censer, and put fire therein, and laid incense thereon, and offered strange [foreign] fire before YHWH, which He had not commanded them. 2 And there came forth fire from before YHWH, and devoured them: and they died before YHWH. 3 Then Moshe said unto Aharon, This is it that YHWH spoke, saying: Through them that are near unto Me, I will be sanctified, and before all the people, I will be glorified.
    – Lev.18:3 After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein you dwelt, shall you not do. And after the doings of the land of Kena’an, where I bring you, shall you not do; neither shall you walk in their statutes.

    Plain Truth ….

  2. I like it! I was never quite sure how to respond. Most are quickly in passing, mostly strangers. Those that may send it in emails, acquaintance/vendors, I explain that I do not celebrate the days due to their pagan origin but I do celebrate the Feasts appointed in scripture. Some I can explain in more detail and others simply don’t seem to care.

  3. Only if they ask. I ask them–“so is it his birth or Conception?” Most Catholics I run into will
    pause with an answer of: Conceived. In which I will say-So add around nine month’s and you
    get the Spring-in which makes more sense with Shepard’s lounging in their fields watching over their flocks at night—“right?”…..
    Funny how no one bother’s to stop to look at the verse. It says that Mary was Conceived and Born a son. — as if She conceived and BAMB Born the next day or something in the dead of
    winter some 2,700 feet above sea level- Where there is “plenty of grass growing for the sheep-in the snow maybe too….. It makes them think anyway……
    It’s easy to get all up in arms about the lies we inherited , but remember we were there too.
    Shalom all

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