To my friend

To my friend

**Please help me to pen this letter to my friend. I’m trying to be understandable but thorough (hitting just the high points)**
To my friend

(Read this once without a Bible – Then again with a Bible while looking up the verses given).

To my friend – Who loves to hunt and fish, that understands little of the Bible, but understands all too well the confusing sometimes opposing rhetoric of the Churches.

The next time (and all the times after that) you are surrounded by the beauty of the forest with it’s combinations of different trees, lakes and brush & and all the animals, fish and birds or even in a desert or meadow in all the different kinds, shapes and colors – Know that Yahweh created it all (Rom.1:20).

Then consider yourself in that forest, desert or meadow. You are a created being; in Yahweh’s image and likeness (Gen.1:26). Meaning that we as humans basically look like Yahweh ‘image’ and in the beginning (before sin – Gen.3:5-7) we responded in the same way ‘likeness’. To explain in the closest for instance I can think of is the relationship of ‘hardware’ (the ‘image’ part) and ‘software’ (how we respond – ‘likeness’) of our modern computers.

After ‘sin’ entered at creation – that ‘software’ response – ‘likeness’ got corrupted – the relationship to Yahweh was severed – We no longer fully obeyed Yahweh or responded fully as He would. *And* the ‘dominion’ Yahweh gave man (Gen.1:26); man gave that control over to Satan by choosing to listen to and obey him instead.

That was the reason for the ‘seed of the woman’ prophesy (Gen.3:15 ) foretelling the coming of Yahshua – Yahweh’s Son (corrupted to ‘Jesus’) as Messiah ‘redeemer’. This was all under the Melkizedeq succession of Priesthood (Yahweh is Melek = King; of Righteousness = Zedeq) before Israel broke the Melkizedeq Covenant (Ex.32:10) and was put under the Levitical Priesthood (Num.3:12) that did not exist before the said breech of Ex.32.

This service under the Levitical Priesthood lasted until the Birth, Life, Death & Resurrection of Yahshua Messiah (Acts 15:10, Mat.11:13, Heb.7:21) returning the possibility back to the Melkizedeq Priesthood (Heb.7:12, 1Ptr.2:9, Rev.1:6) – And the possibility to operate under that much freer way. That is what Yahshua meant saying Mat.11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

The Jews, Messianics and even the Church confuse many values with their own ‘stuff’ (ideas about religion). That is to say these ones mix many values with a Levitical mindset – the Jews & Messianics largely say they keep all the law; the Church on the otherhand rejects all the law claiming no law ‘Grace’. None of these groups ‘rightly divides’ (2Tim.2:15) or understands the difference between the Levitical and the Melkizedeq Priesthood.

Yahweh shows and demonstrates that Melkizedeq Covenant, Priesthood and Law (Gen.1:1 thru Ex.24:8-11) is ‘Grace’; it is that ‘lighter way’. It is the way we all need to understand and enter – it is the way you as my long time friend need to understand, accept and enter; if you will choose life.

I’m sorry but it is the way it is; none of us today have an ownership in it, yet we all have to own what we decide to do with this situation; knowing that deciding not to decide is itself a decision; and in that is the problem – we will either legitimize it or leave. Knowing that there is a ‘mix’ everywhere you go; the recipes are different but its a ‘mix’ nonetheless – This is the confusion part; we also need to understand that we are to be on that straight and narrow path (Mat.7.13-23) neither turning to the right or the left (Dt.5:32); meaning that there is a Christian Church ‘ditch’ on 1 side and a Rabbinic Jewish ‘ditch’ on the other; both must be avoided to find Yahweh’s straight road.

The decision my friend is yours – 1st you must be honest about and confess your sins (1Jn.1:9) and except Yahshua as your Saviour (Rom.10.9-10) and make that ‘about-face’ (2Chron.7:14/John 8:11).

You can come ‘as’ you are – But – you cannot ‘stay’ as you are – you are to be on a journey of Truth, Discovery and Becoming.

You will find it helpful to read your Bible daily (you can read most chapters in 5 mins.); remembering to ‘rightly divide’ (2Tim.2:15) ‘search daily’ (Acts 17:11) ‘exercise your senses’ (Heb.5:13-14) and ‘think on these things’ (Phil..4:8). Knowing that Acts 15:19-21 is the clearest New Testament directive that New Testament believers in Yahshua are to be learning Torah – Gen., Ex., Lev., Num., Deut. – the 1st 5 books written by Moses.

Remember – Psalms111:10 The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: … (1Jn.2:3-6).

His Melkizedeq commandments include Sabbath and the Feastdays, etc. (Ex.23/Lev.23)

The Bible speaks of the separation of the ‘sheep’ and the ‘goats’ (Mat.25:32-33) – The Bible speaks of “My sheep hear My ‘voice'” (Jn.10:27 ). ‘Voice’ speaks of Covenant (Ex.19:5-6/Rev.3:20). Meaning Yahweh’s ‘sheep’ will obey His Word – The ‘goats’ will not.

It is a pity and shame that I cannot in good conscience recommend or direct you to any ole Bible study, Church or Messianic Assembly – What I must do is warn you that if you do go to any of these – Think for yourself – ask questions, search your Bible to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11) – Believe the Truth.

What I can do is point you to Melkizedeq Assemblies – Thankfully they are starting to show up. Good places include;

Torah to the Tribes – FaceBook and .com – Live Stream Sabbath @ 5pm with archives –
Salem Oregon

Remnant of Truth Congregation – FaceBook and .com – Live Stream Sabbath @ 2pm with archives – Whittier Calif.

The Melchizedek Priesthood – FaceBook and .com – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – streaming – Malkitzedek Corner roughly every other week – Craigmont, Idaho

TWR – – /books and FaceBook

A caution even with these – Like you; I can only control me. Again; Think for yourself – don’t be spoon-fed your theology by anyone, ask questions, search your Bible to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11) – Believe the Truth in Yahweh’s Word.

The main thing is to start – take your baby steps, ask your questions – but as you do grow and know that Yahweh will not hide from you (Ps.119:2/Jer.24:7/Mat.7:7)

Yahweh’s Blessing as you accept Salvation; to find and do His Truth (Ezk.36:26-27/Jer.31:31-33/Lk.22:20)


3 thoughts on “To my friend

  1. Very tob Achi, I know you are doing the will of our Abba Yahuah and all Esteem belong to Him alone….I saw and enjoyed your teaching from the Sukkot 2015, as well as the songs. I would that all of Yahuah’s people could be together in one lpace to be able to talk about and discuss His besorah. I heard you were immersed during Sukkot….praise Yah….may He continue to show you favor, give you wisdom, discernment, and understanding in and of His word, to protect and guide you in all things, and your Mishpocha…..blessings and Shalom to you..

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