Sukkot Melkizedeq Mikvah

It was a joy and a blessing to experience true Messianic Melkizedeq harmony and fellowship – Matthew was right; I usually am the outsider. I thank Yahweh both for John Flores and Remnant of Truth Congregation at OPA (Old Paths Assembly) in Lucerne Ca. and Matthew Nolan and Torah to the Tribes at Rivers Bend in Foster Or.
I had been 1st baptized in 1996 in a 7th Baptist Church at the beginning of my return – certainly before my research that has lead to the 2 books and multitude of articles – I did become aware that I should rebaptize in to the Melkizedeq Priesthood but knew of no one that had that knowledge – I spoke to Matthew Nolan some time after his video with Jim Staley. Matthew Nolan was enthusiastic when we could get together – I am grateful to him & T2T for this opportunity – to baptize with so many others that seek to understand the Melkizedeq Priesthood.
My wife picked out a stone and gave it to me as a memorial of that day – Sabbath 10-3-15 2:30ish
I passed by several at different points that were speaking amongst themselves saying basically the similar – That it was very freeing to understand the Melkizedeq Priesthood.
The Melkizedeq Priesthood is that eazy & lite burden; certainly not the hard & heavy (Acts 15:10) ‘anchor drag’ of the Levitical Priesthood mind-set or or worse the unbiblical regime of Rabbinics
Thanx 1ce again – I pray that your Sukkot was as Blessed and Joyful (even to the more) as ours was
Yah’s Blessing & Esteem

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