The 4th Blood Moon

I was on Keller’s Peak just outside Arrowbear looking at the phases of the 4th Blood Moon – Some Christians in the crowd started speaking about the ‘rapture’ – It was then I told them that this is the 4th Blood Moon – All on Feasts of YHWH – That 4 was significant of the door – Aleph, Bet, Gimmel, Dalet – That a door is what? – A transition point – That YHWH does not do anything unless He warns us 1st – That it does not make sense that a Yahweh that warns 1st; that wants all to come to repentance would immediately thrust anything of that magnitude having just made the display – YHWH is still yet giving us a chance to agree with what He agrees with – His Kingdom, His Feasts, His Com’dts, His Judgements, His Covenant, His Son.

That it has yet to be what that transition is, or how it will play out – Yes we can know in part – but there is much that we are just not going to know.


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