Melkizedeq Corner – Opener

Melkizedeq Corner – Opener

Shalom & Welcome to this 1st ever segment of Mlk Crnr

We certainly want to Praise & Honor YHWH the most High for the things He has done. For His Covenant & For sending His Son Yahshua, Who has made us Kings and Priests unto Our Father.

I was introduced as Dr. I do have a TH.D. but unless that backs up the truth of the Torah & the Gospel those ABC’s & Titles don’t mean noth’n and that for anyone

The Levites after the Mlkzdq Cov’t break of Ex.32; from Torah had the mandate &, legal right to their Prsthd – But Unlike them the Rabbi’s are the Captains of Control of the Rabbinic Prsthd of the contrived and cobbled religion of Judaism with no Torah authority or mandate to do so – just like the Catholics are the Captains of Control of the Catholic Prsthd of the contrived and cobbled religion of their brand of Xtianity with no Torah authority or mandate to do so.

1st off let’s define Mlkzdq – King in Hebrew is Melek – & Righteousness is Zedek

2nd of all – Yahshua Messiah is our High Priest after the order of Mlkzdq – If we have a heart to follow this Son of YHWH – the Son of the Most High King/Melek – Shouldn’t we want to know about His Mlkzdq Prsthd that by 1Ptr.2:9 – we have been called into?

I have been asked why is Mlk & the Mlk Prsthd so important to understand – To those that understand that have taken the time to search it out the Mlk Prsthd Biblically speaking is the unknown – it is the ‘Last Frontier’

We have to understand that the Church bye&large for all their efforts nonetheless teach to a certain level of arrested development and there it stops – There is so much more to know on the other hand the Jews be it Orthodox, Judaism, Rabbinic, Messianic, HR, etc. also teach amiss to an alternate conclusion that nonetheless sport a Levitical Mindset.

We have to realize we are to be on the straight&narrow path neither turning to the right or to the left – We must realize that there is a Xtian Church ‘ditch’ on 1 side and a Rabbinic Jewish ‘ditch’ on the other

So why is Mlk & the Mlk Prsthd so important to understand – Most Rabbis, Pastors & Teachers say that it is only mentioned in the Bible 3x’s – Well that’s kinda right – It is mentioned directly initially at Gen.14, Ps.110 & Heb’s – Actually 9x’s in Hebrews – But – there is peripheral evidence that intersect on the Bulls-Eye on that same Mlk target.

Initially YHWH said at

Ex.19:5 Now therefore, “if” — ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: 6 And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.

1St off; “if” (is a proviso/condition)

2nd off ‘my covenant’ YHWH is the Melek & this is His Righteousness – This is a Mlkzdq Cov’t

3rd There are only 2 Prsthd’s in your Bible – ‘a kingdom of priests’ would be a collective or grouping or a Prsthd – Now what Prsthd is this – Hint – There was no Levitical Prsthd at that time – The only Prsthd it could possibly be is YHWH’s Mlk Prsthd.

In the NT by 1Ptr.2:9 we have been called – not just the Levites – Same verbiage as Ex.19:6.

Even tho most Xtians & Messianic can’t count to 1 – Yahshua said at

Mat 6:33 … seek ye first the kingdom of Yah, and his righteousness;…

Again in Hebrew – Kingdom is Malkuth – Yah is the King or Melek – Righteousness is Zedek = Yahshua was IDing that We are talk’n about Melkizedeq and its Prsthd.

Then the Apostle Shaul/Paul laments at

Rom 10:2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. 3 For they being ignorant of Yah’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of YHWH.

Again in Hebrew – Righteousness is Zedek – Yah is the King or Melek = Melkizedeq

And there are very many more places OT/NT that exhibit the same thing

Chiefly and more directly

Heb 7:11 If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it {the Levitical priesthood}the people received the law, {Not the Covenant}) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron? 12 For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.

This is not a ‘change’ to no law – There is no such thing as a Law Vacuum especially in YHWH’s economy – This is not a ‘change’ to no prsthd – This ‘change’ is a ‘reversion’ back to the pre-Ex.32 Covenant break original prsthd&law standards – Back to Yah’s Perfect will that Abraham knew – that was before His gracious Levitical permissive fix.

Oh – Yes Yah’s Levitical permissive fix for complete Mlkzdq Covenant breach was gracious and glorious – It most certainly was – It was certainly much better than complete and utter annihilation (Ex.32:10). That included Aaron & his sons!

But there were consequences – That’s what Ezk.20:10-25 tells us; confirmed by Acts 15:10.

But then the Israelites could not/would not/did not operate in these Levitical consequences – That’s why Israel was split; 1st split into the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel only to be taken captive to Assyria in 743bc and the Southern split Tribes of Judah – only to be taken captive to Babylon in 586bc.

The House of Israel never came back; The House of Judah did come back but they brought back many loses and added pollutions with them including the Loss of the Levitical Prsthd – That’s Aaron, Zadok, Phinehas included – replaced instead by the fledgling Pharisee/Sadducee system destine to become the Rabbinic so-called Priests and their accumulative continual added to pollutions that prevail to this day.

So to simplify an involved retelling – There are 3 main categories of Law – 2 are from Torah the other claims to be from Torah – They are the Mlkzdq for obedience and the Levitical for Cov’t breach – the other Oral Torah or Law of the Fathers claims to be from Torah but Dt.31:24 and others reveal that as an impossibility.

Some say Torah cannot be divided – But look at the evidence – Gen.49:10 until Shiloh/Messiah comes – ‘until’ an awareness of prepackaged impending ‘change’ – Ex.19:5 – ‘if’ you keep my Cov’t; another awareness warning of prepackaged impending ‘change’ for Cov’t disobedience – We know they dis-obeyed; that brings us to the Ex.32:10 annihilation that YHWH relented on and did not do; a fundamental course altering ‘change’ in favor of the Cov’t breaking Israelites which of course itself a is ‘change’ – Then enter the Levitical Prsthd – Num.3:12 ‘instead’ of the 1st born – This is all in Torah – surely you can recognize that as a ‘change’ and you gotta love this by Prv.25:2 – The good pleasure of Yah to hide a matter – there is a hidden change of Torah Not mentioned in Torah but evidenced by Jos.5:5 – Didn’t see that com’n now did ya?

We can speculate an understanding about the Jews that nonetheless should know this – But ; Why won’t the Messianic Jews (all stripes) Messianic Israel, HR, Netzrim Israel, or the former MIA now the Alliance of Redeemed Israel, Even Sabbath only Bible Churches that claim Yahshua of the NC/NT; Why won’t they teach this?; what can be known and verified?

There is a fundament difference btx being a from all Families from all 12 Tribes including Mixed Multitude 1st Born ‘Nation of Priests’ and becoming a ‘Nation with Priests’ from 1 Levitical tribe for disobedience.

And Gen.49:10 all by itself evidences that it is not a change of Torah to enact the change in Torah that has always been in Torah and this confirmed by Dt.4:2 no +/- and Yahshua at.

Mat 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law [Torah], or *the prophets*: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

Ask yourself; Would Mat 5:17 include Dt.4:2 ‘&’ Gen.49:10? – Of course it would

Yahshua Son of the most High is certainly insightful & astute enough to be able to state the whole truth of the matter truthfully but yet know the in-perception for He also said – Having eyes they do not see and having ears they do not hear ‘or’ understand & such is it still today.

Moving right along I’ll now turn it over to the others – Teddy?


One thought on “Melkizedeq Corner – Opener

  1. YES!!!! I’m sooooo glad to see…. that you see it too…… yes…. two ditches….. and yeah.. probably because of the calendar debacle…..

    did u ever read in Jubilees 6:38 yet?? it says solar reckoning and 364 days only…. not…..

    354……. making the moon come 10 days before……. as it does…… and therefore.. coming too early on the feast days….. and both ditches….missing the sabbath…. because…….. adding one extra day to the Gregorian calendar…. this being the other ditch…… causes that roulette wheel effect………. pushing off the days of the week names onto other numbers………

    so.. me and a few of my fb… friends have been sky ping….. and we think.. or I should say.. I think…… that because big brother yahuwdah.. is 10 days early… their reckoning of holy days……… that perhaps we….. if we want to get it correct on YHWH’s calendar.. should follow 10 paces/days behind them……

    what are your thoughts /dr. Perry? Jessica Evrist.. aka “chayah shalom” on fb..( living soul… .to destroy the authority attached to chaos..)

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