Messianic LAMB Radio

Messianic LAMB Radio

Is launching a promotion with an array of keynote speakers – All sport a Levitical mindset.

Entitled – “The Vision of our Kinsman Redeemer”

Yet they proudly post

“The vision is within the Torah’s precincts and gives direction and guidelines to those who are faithful to walk in its Torah pathway”
(Excerpt from today’s article…)

Still yet Messianic LAMB Radio rejects the Torah concept of the Melkizedeq Priesthood in favour of their blend of Messianic Levitical mindset couched in Rabbinic Judaism.

Judaism (Rabbinic or otherwise) is a religion unto itself that loosely tracks the Bible/Torah; instead that heavily relies on other works – Talmud, Mishnah, etc. And/Or the confabulation ‘mix’ thereof.

Excuse me But ‘the our Kinsman Redeemer issue’ is squarely a Melkizedeq concept from the Gen.15 Covenant.

(See – Gen.14)

Oh and nice touch barring me from posting & comments on your FB ‘Messianic LAMB Radio’ site. They like sooo many others want to protect & defend what they think they know rather than compare and support what should be known.

Want to know more? (In case that Acts 17:11 capacity is still there) – I’ll share


4 thoughts on “Messianic LAMB Radio

  1. This is so frustrating. Unless YHVH gives people the light and reveals the truth about the Melkizedeq Covenant, we can only plant the seeds. Praise YHVH for revealing this truth at a sod level.

      • Just shut you out of their little click–this is exactly what the Papal in the denominations as a whole do. Pride shuts out the kingdom of circomcised understanding.

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