For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration



3 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. I skimmed the article and forwarded it to Ryan Waldrop since he has quite a revelation from Yahuwah on the calendar and the latest information from Professor Rachel Elior on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the book of Jubilees. I have taken a few astronomy classes from the secular colleges that do teach heliocentricity and have found that teaching of heliocentricity in the school wanting. I believe the opposite of geo centricity.

    This article seemed to have some great insight in the Hebrew mindset regarding seasons/ moeds and that too was my understanding after asking my professors about the seasons… They of course retorted back that the reason for the actual four seasons.. which I had originally thought a few years ago meant that too……. but their answer was interesting and non biblical regarding the four seasons to say that the earth is tilted on an axis of about twenty three degrees… Since understanding Tycho Brahe’s math of geo centricity, I have understanding that it is the same math that was switched by Johannes Kepler for promoting heliocentricity.

    We know that the bible does have some things to say about the earth. Eretz meaning land, level and it not meaning sea nor sky. The sun having an ecliptic and the moon also both run that twenty three degree ecliptic that the scientists say the earth is tilted on but that makes no sense to have a tilted world let alone a tilted land mass with our own eyes proving that the horizon is level and we do not spin nor do we rotate around the sun.

    Nevertheless, we do need to understand that although we hold onto views from our ancestors and traditions of men it is time that we wake up to the understanding that our Gregorian calendar does cause and I quote Ryan Waldrop, ” a roulette effect” floating the Sabbath and all of the days like it does state in the book of Jubillees chapter six verse thirty eight.

    to find out more information about these things one can friend Ryan Waldrop on Facebook and also look into what Professor Rachel Elior says about the Jews following the moon versus what the instructions are in the book of Jubillees to have a solar calendar and how Noach noted the moon as everything was under water for these memorials when the flood stopped and receded.

    Each of us in the body have a part. Let us work together as a fully functioning body and move to the place where we can be blessed as new evidence is being brought to the table. Time to eat! Tuesday is the new Seventh day for 2015 until the next vernal equinox, if we are in the correct time zone , I residing in California, Ryan and his wife Haylie residing in Nevada. Although we live in this “world” we too need to know what “season” it is and go back to the ancient paths. The Zadok calendar is what we need to cling to at these signs of this season and study to show ourselves approved rather than kicking against the goads.

  2. thank you brother..

    i do believe in Geocentricity that the earth is in the center of the Universe and that all things revolve around us..rather than heliocentricity.. the belief that the sun is the central player…

    this article is a year old almost. since we have the new info from Professor Rachel Elior validating the Zadok scrolls from the Qumran caves this article will need some tweaking…. also the heliocentricity needs to be changed to validate the Geocentricity that scripture speaks of.

    the earth is set and it’s foundation is immovable. we do not revolve around the sun… if that were the case, it would be difficult to land on the plane if the earth was moving around…

    look into flat earth as Eretz is land. level… and is not considered sea nor sky.. Adam was made from the dust of the earth. not the dust of the sky nor ocean. something to make u say hmmmm????

    blessings to you.. and do friend Ryan Waldrop and check out the book of Jubilllees chapter six..

    chayah shalom…

  3. @Tuesday is the new Seventh day for 2015 until the next vernal equinox


    1st off find vernal equinox in Torah, TaNaK or NT – and don’t even try that years end baloney

    There has been No change of the 1 thru 7 genesis week – Yahshua is interim proof of that – The Jewish People for the balance to the present

    Besides the primacy of Aaronic/Zadok Levitical Priests was long over as Lk.13:35 states – ‘Your House is *Left* to you desolate’ – Meaning No King & No Priesthood

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