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 1st Malkitzedik Corner / Live Stream

Please join us for the first of many discussions on the “Order of Malkitzedik”. This monthly program will provide information and answers concerning the differences between the The Order of Malkitzedik verses the temporary Levitical Priesthood which was replaced at Yahshua’s 1st coming. Watch for the link that will be sent out the morning of Sept.1st, 2015. Click on it just before show time and it will take you to the program count down. Teaching on this subject will be David Perry, John Flores, & Teddy Wilson. For more info or any questions please email at . May this program lift up the Name of Yahweh Most High King now and forever more!

Sept. 1, 2015 / 7pm Pacific

Blessings & Shalom!


Messianic LAMB Radio

Messianic LAMB Radio

Is launching a promotion with an array of keynote speakers – All sport a Levitical mindset.

Entitled – “The Vision of our Kinsman Redeemer”

Yet they proudly post

“The vision is within the Torah’s precincts and gives direction and guidelines to those who are faithful to walk in its Torah pathway”
(Excerpt from today’s article…)

Still yet Messianic LAMB Radio rejects the Torah concept of the Melkizedeq Priesthood in favour of their blend of Messianic Levitical mindset couched in Rabbinic Judaism.

Judaism (Rabbinic or otherwise) is a religion unto itself that loosely tracks the Bible/Torah; instead that heavily relies on other works – Talmud, Mishnah, etc. And/Or the confabulation ‘mix’ thereof.

Excuse me But ‘the our Kinsman Redeemer issue’ is squarely a Melkizedeq concept from the Gen.15 Covenant.

(See – Gen.14)

Oh and nice touch barring me from posting & comments on your FB ‘Messianic LAMB Radio’ site. They like sooo many others want to protect & defend what they think they know rather than compare and support what should be known.

Want to know more? (In case that Acts 17:11 capacity is still there) – I’ll share



As the unaware become aware of the importance of the Melkizedeq Priesthood; as it becomes more mainstream – there is a tendency among the audience and among the presenters whether for or against to ‘confabulate’ a reconstitution ‘mix’ of what is thought to be known.

Just as we have had to deal with the pendulum swing stuck in / coming from the ‘no law’ Christian Church now stuck in / coming to the ‘all law’ Messianic/Jewish/Rabbinic view. There are those coming from the Messianic that are becoming aware of a 3rd Law position which is neither ‘no law’ or ‘all law’.

It has to do with understanding the Melkizedeq Priesthood and its Melkizedeq Law this is what;

Heb 7:12 For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.

Is all about – This is not a change to ‘no’ Priesthood nor is it a change to ‘no’ Law – It is a reversion back to the much ‘easier & lighter’ (Mat.11:30/Acts 15:10) original Melkizedeq Covenants & Law in the confines of Melkizedeq issues.

Confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a memory disturbance, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world (including Bible), without the conscious intention to deceive. Confabulation is distinguished from lying as there is no intent to deceive and the person is unaware the information is false (or not fully correct). Although individuals can present blatantly false information, confabulation can also seem to be coherent, internally consistent, and relatively normal. Individuals who confabulate present incorrect memories ranging from “subtle alterations to bizarre fabrications”, and are generally very confident about their recollections, despite contradictory evidence… – (parenthetical inclusions mine )

This ID’s an issue that is increasingly making itself revealed as the Melkizedeq Priesthood is becoming more known & understood or more accurately mis-known & mis-understood by a few that can lead others down a same or divergent error path.

We see the same pendulum action displayed coming to realize/understand the freedom from Levitical law coming back to interim Melkizedeq Law position. The there are those that take the occasion to formulate other factors that may Not be in keeping with Melkizedeq from Torah Law.

We have to realize that these wayward 1’s want, think they have found, something before undiscovered or unconsidered – this would register high on their Ah-Ha meter; and may well on others who also have not considered or have also yet to account for the ‘full’ truth – Yet this would make them ‘special’ nonetheless; the dispensers of the unknown – be it partial truth or fully error.

This would include the errors of; trying to wrench a Melkizedeq legitimacy for the Levite Aaron’s Sons branch of Zadok (Mat.11:11), Ignoring Gen.49:10 as the pre-awareness of ‘change’ (Heb.7:12) in Torah. Reconstituting Gen.49:10 as anything other than a Messianic prophesy. Trying to torture Torah evidence to make Torah confess to a conclusion that Torah does Not support or Not confess to a conclusion that Torah Does support– Like the notion of anything other than a Genesis evening to evening (Beyn Ha’Arbayim = between the evenings) day, Calendar issues, Passover issues, Mow`edim issues, Covenant issues, Law distinctions, Circumcision issues, Levitical Priesthood issues, Name issues, Oneness issues, etc., even Speaking in Tongues issues and it just does not stop there.

The best advise I can offer you is to fully know, fully investigate and fully account for the Word of YHWH. Do not think you know or believe the flubdubbery of any Pastor, Rabbi, Teacher, etc. you happen to like at his word. This is exactly how the ‘elect’ will be fooled (Mat.24:24/2Ths.2:10-12).

Choose Wisely

Evidencing Torah

Evidencing Torah

Coming from a Sunday Church background I have seen how we all have been taught to disregard what is plainly there about the Sabbath, Feastdays, Clean Meats, Learning Torah, Learning about the Covenants, Learning about the Priesthoods, Learning about Law differences, etc. Yet on the otherhand those that have accepted the Messianic view largely have nonetheless also accepted a Jewish/Rabbinic – Levitical mindset genre concept that also disregards the plain meaning of Bible defining Bible text; manufacturing Jewish/Rabbinic replacements accepted as if it were actually Bible.

We are to be on a straight & narrow path – Neither turning to the right or the left – We must be aware that there is a Christian Church ditch on one side and a Rabbinic Jewish ditch on the other.

Coming from the ‘no law’ lawless Christian Church most Messianic now staunchly defend what they have been presented and now see as the ‘Law’. Yet there is more to consider; both the ‘no law’ and the ‘all law’ stance are flawed; there is very much more to account for.

Most do not realize that there are at least 19 categories of ‘Law’ ID’d in the NT alone. Yet bash the Christian Church and it’s claim that ‘we are not under the law’ – even so specifically correct this blanket all inclusive statement lacks reason and therefore is itself flawed leading down a path of error. That part the Messianic’s are right about.

The part the Messianic’s are Not right about is also found in the non-distinguishing of the same 19 categories of ‘Law’ in the NT. The part neither group considers is the ‘rightly dividing’ of ‘truth’ (2Tim.2:15); in the realization of the difference between the Melkizedeq and the Levitical Priesthood and their respective ‘Laws’ represented. Both are absolutely truth yet not the same.

Heb 7:12 For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.

This is not a change to ‘no’ law – This is not a change to ‘no’ priesthood; this is a reversion back to the original Melkizedeq Priesthood standard & its Law.

Mat.11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Make no mistake there still is a ‘yoke’ and there still is a ‘burden’ but as Yahshua said it is much lighter – The Melkizedeq is much lighter & much more unencumbered than the Levitical (Acts 15:10).

Some Messianic incensed by Hebrews and by Paul’s accurate description of the Melkizedeq vs. the Levitical Priesthood feel justified in summarily rejecting what ever part does not suit them including the obvious.

Heb 7:11 If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people received the law,) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron?

The Sinai Book of the Covenant (Ex.19:5-24:8) Marriage Katubah and its Laws came under the Melkizedeq Priesthood NOT the yet non-existent Levitical (Ex.32:10/Num.3:12).

Most Messianic along with Rabbinic, Jews, etc. and Anti-Missionaries insist that the ‘Torah’ ie ‘the Law’ cannot be divided or changed. Yet routinely divvy and reconstitute portions of Torah to affirm their imaginary constructs. All this confirmed by Messianics while ignoring the plain directive of Dt.4:2. Dt.4:2 would uphold the text of Torah (the 1st 5 books) including the evidence of division and change – and – the reasons why.

Which includes but not limited to – Gen.3:6, 3:15, 6:13, 9:1, 15:9-14, 17:9-10, 22:8, 48:19, 49:10, Ex.19:5-6, 32:10, 32:34, 33:6, Num.3:12 even Jos.5:2 & :5 which evidences a change of Torah not mentioned but nonetheless evidenced in Torah (Prv.25:2).

Or the pre-awareness of change which includes but not limited to – Gen.49:10, Ex.19:5-6, 1Kgs.9:5-9, Hosea 4:6

Why should anyone among us be surprized by, let alone resist Mt.11:11, Lk.13:35, 2Cor.3:11-16, Heb 7:11, :12, Gal.3:17-19, 1Ptr.2:9, etc.

Those that errantly banner Rah, Rah King David shall not lack a man on the Throne or Rah, Rah Levi (Aaron thru Zadok) shall not lack a man ministering to Yah – Claiming ‘olam’ forever. Well excuse me but ‘forever’ means without end – if that is so; where are they? Any of them? From Torah? And at that for at least the last 2500+yrs.?

Let me be clear – Gen.49:10 un-mistakingly inextricably links the Ruler/King with the Lawgiver – Lk.13:35 Yahshua Himself says ‘Your House is left to you desolate’ meaning No King (1Kgs.9:5-9/Ex.19:5-6) and No Priest/Lawgiver between the feet of this non-King in this non-Kingdom. (By 1Kgs.9:5-9 only a Kingdom has a King a House does not.)

This situation is to last until they believe on & accept the one whom they currently still reject – saying ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of Yahweh’ the King/Melek – Our Melkizedeq High Priest; Yahshua ie Shiloh; who did, has and will come in that Name.

This includes the Messianic ( that outright reject, aggressively attack, passively ignore, skirt around, defend against, teach against, creatively reason protecting their ‘Levitical Mindset’ charged bannered postulations that in any way resists, derails or reassigns the Melkizedeq standing of Yahshua or that Priesthood to which we are now called to (1Ptr.2:9/Ex.19:5-6/Rev.5:10).