Orificing Rainbows

Orificing Rainbows

Fri. 6/26/15 An Un-Just ruling by a swing vote 5 to 4 show-casing the Constitutional un-Justice of the misnomer “Justice System” over stepping it bounds to force-plunge America down a real wrong road.

Accurate truthful History does not lie;

1973 Roe Vs Wade – Abortion

& – Up until 1975 Homo Sex was a mental disease


1975 to 2015 is 40yrs – 40 where have we heard that before?

4 is the door or a transition

40 is Judgement

I can’t set dates; But –

It just so happens we have had an alignment (Mid June into July 2015) of Regulus, Venus & Jupiter which some say has not happened since 3 AD/CE or the Birth of Yahshua.

Regulus (Leo, Leonis, Alpha Leonis) or King star – aligned with Venus – The ‘Bright and Morning’ star (Yahshua – Rev.22:16), also aligned with Jupiter whose ancient name was Zedek – Judgement or Righteousness.

Put this all together; we have – King or Melek with Zedek – Judgement or Righteousness – OR – Melkizedeq – in the coming of Yahshua.

There will be; We are headed for Judgement – which will start with the House of YHWH (1 Peter 4:1)

Thot you might not but would like to know

It’s Fourth of July and America’s Pissing Rainbows


3 thoughts on “Orificing Rainbows

  1. According to Romans 1:16-32, the ‘gay lifestyle/agenda’ in this country IS our judgment – for forsaking the Gospel, for being ungodly (no fear of YHWH) and unrighteous (law breaking), this is the result.

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