We Will Not

We Will Not

Jer 6:16 Thus saith Yahweh, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old (or ancient) paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls…

Isn’t that just so lovely?

The rest of the verse? “…But they said, We will not walk therein”. – – Or – – ‘I doh wanna’

The question is – What was “old” or ancient to Jeremiah? At the time this was written?

Let’s think about this. Noah and 7 family members crossed over from the pre-Flood World to the post-Flood World. What could be more “ancient” than that? How many Jews were present then? None right? So this cannot be a ‘Judaizing’ issue; right? As it is with all the other points of Christian contention – Sabbath, Feastdays, New Moon, Clean Meats, etc. – all created at creation in Genesis. How many Jews were present then? None right?

This also brings us to – How many Levites were present then? None right? So there is not a snow-ball’s chance that there was either a ‘Judaizing’ or a ‘Levitical’ issue at stake/in play at the time up to Noah even going into the time of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob (the man Israel). And even into the time of the 12 brother – sons of Jacob (the man Israel). There were no ‘tribes of’ at that time.

It wasn’t till after the 430yrs of Egyptian captivity were complete with a release from, that we start to know of or think of ‘The 12 Tribes of Israel’ coming into their own.

All of this was under the Melkizedeq Priesthood (Gen.1:1-Ex.24:11)

Then what did these ’12 Tribes of Israel’ ex-Egyptian captives do? They accepted the Melkizedeq Covenant at Sinai – then; they broke it 40days into the program. This severed (Ex.32:10) the Melkizedeq Priesthood offer (Ex.19:5-6) with them being spared but being placed under a ‘Levitical Priesthood’ (Num.3:12/Heb.7:11) “instead” – (a change in/of Torah because – ‘we will not walk therein’).

The “Melkizedeq Priesthood” is the ‘original’ “ancient” part of Jer.6:16. But most Jews, Christians, Messianics and anti-Missionaries reject, deny, teach and defend against the “Melkizedeq Priesthood”. Basically fulfilling what the rest of this verse says – “…We will not walk therein”. – – Or – – ‘I doh wanna’. – Also see Ezk.20:10-25.

They hang on to their ‘Levitically’ charged mindsets and their ‘Levitically’ charged speech, explanations and teachings. Even tho the ‘Levitical Priesthood’ from Torah has been gutted, usurped and replaced by the Rabbis.

And this even tho for the Christians & Messianics (et.al) the ‘Brit haDasha’ ie the New Testament directly ID’s Yahshua as our High Melkizedeq Priest (Ps.110.4/Heb.7:21).

All this while affirming, confirming, confessing & crowing about the revival & reformation of the ‘one new man’ – which is the regurgitation (2Ptr.2:22) of the same ole tired stuff with a new face lift, different terms and phrases. You can’t have a ‘one new man’ congregation, assembly or group without the “Melkizedeq Priesthood” – It is the incongruence of schizophrenia to say ‘new’ while dragging the ‘old’ stuff forward, dressing it up; then insisting/demanding it to be so – all while you cover your own eyes and plug your own ears – to guard your own heart from what? The truth of the “Melkizedeq Priesthood”? The truth of ‘we will not’?

Make no mistake ‘we will not’ is rebellion. It is to go thru the motions, aspirations & attestations to affirm Torah agreement to present to audiences presentations aimed at affirming the same accepting shroud that is actually rebellion couched in a schizophrenic version of selective obedience which is applied non-obedience.

Sin is as what? Transgression! or in other words; Rebellion! Rebellion is Rebellion – whether it is conscious, un-conscious, aggressive, passive, willful or in ignorance (honest, self-inflicted or otherwise).

2Tim.2:15 says to study to show yourself approved to Yah – Acts 17:11 says to scripture search daily to see if these things are so. That involves seeing what is, as valid; then implementing the Truth of the same – while seeing non-truth for what it is, coming out of that non-truth, Levitical-truth (for rebellion), Yesterday’s (before Messiah) Plan ‘B’ was truth to embrace Yah’s here&now original and present Plan ‘A’ Melkizedeq-Truth (1Ptr.2:9/Ex.19:5-6 – Rev.1:6/5:10).

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4 thoughts on “We Will Not

  1. Amen. Thank you Dr.Dave.
    I often feel alone (but ok) in my walk with Yah. Just want you to know that I look forward to your articles, each & every one! You are a blessing to me!

  2. Todah Achi….another tob written article on how we should walk and how most (myself was included at one time, as we all were before being called) reject what is said because it doesn’t fit with our/their current way of life……..(this is where that “Pick what you want buffet” comes in, and its mentality dealing or not with scripture.) Todah Rabah again, I greatly appreciate how Abba has used you for His purposes……Baruch atah HaShem Yahuah Eloheinu B’Shem Yahusha Ha Moshiach le olam va ed…….Amein & Amein HalleluYah

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