Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron

Prv.27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

‘Iron sharpens iron’ is a curious statement; 1 we gloss over all too often to our own detriment and would do well to unpack. For we juxtapose (to place together) different values as being the same or equivalent when many are not and at that not all the time.

This verse does give a clue as to the correct usage and direction of it; in adding ‘sharpeneth the countenance of his friend’. Which presupposes this ‘friend’ is made of the same ‘metal’ (iron) that you are. Which also presupposes this ‘friend’ is as interested in ascertaining the full biblical truth of an issue or question as you are. Which also presupposes that you love the Truth. And at that honest enough to be true the truth, which necessarily means being honest enough to be changed by that truth to that truth.

If he (this person) or you is not; he or you are not a ‘friend’ but an adversary to the Truth. Certainly not made of the same metal and will be cut not sharpened. At the time this was written there was nothing better or stronger than iron. Iron cuts any lesser metal. This verse is about ‘sameness’, the equality of ‘sameness’. This verse is also about ‘relationship’; which is also based on the common ground of ‘sameness’ – biblical truth ‘sameness’.

Consider that; Mahatma Gandhi once said Quote
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” & “If you Christians acted more like your Christ, the world would be a better place.” – (See; Mt.7.13-23)

And that’s the point – Mahatma Gandhi (an “outsider”) nonetheless makes this scathing but accurate assessment. Even Rabbi Maimonides once said; ‘Truth must be accepted wherever it is found’.

For what most Christians are taught & learn is another Gospel. 1 that stresses a ‘personal relationship’ with ‘Jesus Christ’. They learn the iniquity/inequity of a grace only lawless Gospel. Basically saying ‘my sweet Jesus did it all ~ So I don’t have to’ ??? – But – They don’t do what a relationship requires – a coalescing sameness of thot and actions. Which is to put on the mind of a Torah Keeping Hebrew Messiah (1Cor 2:16 – Phl 2:5 ).

And that’s the point – To claim a ‘relationship’ with Yahshua while clinging to a latin-greek hybrid name, He never had; then not do what He did or what He said or said to do; including Sabbath and Feastdays, etc. (Acts 17:11/Heb.4:2), or validate His Melkizedeq office or Priesthood offer to us (1Ptr.2:9) – it is just plain blatant un-varnished self-deception (1Cor.10:12). It is ‘Religious Schizophrenia’.

Which is a variation of the ‘non-sameness’ of ‘replacement theology’. Of course the Jews (Orthodox to Rabbinic) with their denials, add tos and subtracting constructs in violation of Dt.4:2 have their own version of ‘replacement theology’ (Mk.7:9) that also is the same ‘Religious Schizophrenia’. Which is not faith, but is the same rebellion.



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