If a Christian (all variants) is a Christ follower and a Messianic (all variants) is a Messiah follower; how come both groups (respectively) exercise the incongruence of being a follower that does not follow or in that completely?

1st off the Christian’s say they follow ‘Jesus’ who is the Hebrew Messiah – tho they do not call him that but rarely if at all. They do not factor that this Hebrew Messiah would have had a Hebrew name – That ‘J’ in Hebrew is impossible; let alone Greek ever, or even English till the 1600’s. Therefore the Name above all names is Yahshua; which means ‘the rich salvation of Yah’ – while the Latin/Greek hybrid name ‘Jesus’ means nothing.

That said; then there is the issue of what He did, said & said to do. Honestly – Simply Yahshua kept His Father’s Comm’dts (Jn.7:16). Yahshua kept the Sabbath & Feastdays (Acts 15:19-21/Heb.4:2). Yahshua said to;

Mat 6:33 … seek ye first the kingdom of Yah, and his righteousness;…

We are to be on a straight & narrow path – Neither turning to the right or the left – We must be aware that there is a Christian Church ditch on one side and a Rabbinic Jewish ditch on the other.

Most Christians do not put 1oz. of effort into understanding or comparing what YHWH’s righteousness is. They go along to get along questioning very little that is presented to them by their ‘anointed’ “radically saved” hirelings & teachers. They are not even aware that we have been born into an already ongoing deception program. And are taught to disregard what is plainly there. (I can say ‘we’ as an ex-Sunday keeper myself).

Then there are the Messianic ( / all variants) that say they keep Torah that have come from the Christian church that have not learned their ex- church lesson very well. That still do not fully grasp, understand or compare what YHWH’s righteousness fully is. For they can & do bring their ex-church baggage forward (Messianic Pastors / Teachers / Leaders included) and if that is not enough they compromize their own selves and that at both ends. For they also accept without much investigation the Othodox-Rabbinics of the Rabbis.

Learning such things as ‘Adonai’ and using LORD & God in place of YHWH. Employing the 613 lores that add to, subtract from, twist & alter even the Torah verses they say they are from (Dt.4:2). Equating Talmud, etc. to Torah that is at best commentary of Scripture. Accepting the imagination of ‘Oral Torah’ inspite of Torah evidence & verses such as Dt.31:24. Accepting the construct of ‘Noahide Law’ ignoring the 1 law edict from Torah (Ex.12:49), Validating the Levitical Priesthood we no longer have in favor of the Rabbis that have usurped and taken the Levites rightful place (Num.3:12) from Torah, ETC.

Some do all of this while dragging eclectic speech/speak in tongues, slay in the spirit, holy laughter, the kundalini spirit, doctrine winds, dogmas, etc. forward from the Covenant Sabbaths ignoring Church that demands it to be so inspite of the glaring passive rebellion.

Then there is an aspect neither the Church nor the Messianic consider to even acknowledge let alone validate. That is staring them right in the face. That some more aware will actually defend against. It is Yahshua’s Melkizedeq Priesthood that Yahshua is the Melkizedeq High Priest of (Ps.110:4/Heb.7:21/1Ptr.2:9/Rev.5:10).

We must test everything that is YHWH’s Melkizedeq Kingdom; which is based on His Authorship, His Authority and His Jurisdiction. We must test everything that is presented by any other or that we have already accepted against this absolute.

(As K. Martella says) “Yes; You can come as you are – BUT- You cannot stay as you are” – So; I will ask you again – Follow?

If you do not ‘Follow’ and are not changed by His Comm’dts, Sabbaths & Feastdays, Clean Meats ie His Righteousness, BUT you give reasons, excuses and persist in your own religious code or ‘mix’ thereof; you are still in rebellion – be it no holds barred aggressive or hearts & flowers passive rebellion.

This is what your Bible says – 1 Samuel 15:23 – Choose Wisely



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