What Faith Isn’t

What Faith Isn’t

I was listening to ‘Pastor’s Perspective’ on KWVE 107.9 about 3:15pm today Wed. 6/17/15. It was a round house discussion between Host Don Stewart, Pastor Greg Laurie & Brian Brodersen (the late Chuck Smith’s son-in-law and now senior pastor of ‘Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’). This was Greg Laurie’s last time as a regular on subsequent Wed’s. – a show he has done for the last year&1/2. I was going to the store and happened to catch this in mid progress. They got to the topic of faith – They said ‘with God [YHWH] we are justified’ – ‘just as if I’d never sinned’ – But with man there ‘must be evidence’. Which goes along with the idea that we all ‘must have vital signs to our faith’. And that Hebrew ‘faith’ is based in what we do not in what we think.

Which agrees with Heb.11:1 – Faith is the confirmation of the fact. – More to the point Faith ie Grk ‘pistis’ & Heb ’emunah’ is Fidelity – Which adds responsibility – Fidelity is the confirmation of the fact.

Going on to say basically that we cannot go our own way & do our own thing while refusing to listen to Yahweh and call that or think that we are faithful or faithfully walking out faith. And that’s a great point they as higher up leaders need to fully heed their own selves (Jms.3:1).

They did say that not doing it ‘God’s’ way is not faith – What they did not say is that ‘we are justified’ IF we turn from sin to agree with what YHWH agrees with. That not doing it ‘Yah’s’ way is still rebellion; it is Schizophrenic religious assumption; But it is not biblical faith.

That – Clinging to Sunday when Yah’s says Sabbath (Ex.31:13) is not faith it is rebellion

That – Clinging to Holidays when Yah’s says Feastdays is not faith it is rebellion

That – Clinging to any meats when Yah’s says Clean Meats is not faith it is rebellion

That – Clinging to ‘no law grace’ when Yah’s says Cov’t Law is grace is not faith it is rebellion

That – Demanding it to be so will never make it so; it is not faith it is rebellion

For they in essence teach another Gospel. 1 that stresses a ‘personal relationship’ with ‘Jesus Christ’. Basically saying ‘my sweet Jesus did it all ~ So I don’t have to’ ??? – But – They don’t do what a relationship requires – a coalescing sameness of thot and actions. Which is to put on the mind of Messiah (1 Cor 2:16 – Phl 2:5 ). And that’s the point – To claim a ‘relationship’ with Yahshua while clinging to a latin-greek hybrid name, He never had; then not do what He did or what He said or said to do; or validate His Melkizedeq office or Priesthood offer to us (1Ptr.2:9) – is just blatant un-varnished self deception (1Cor.10:12). It is ‘Religious Schizophrenia’.

Of course the Jews (Orthodox to Rabbinic) with their denials, add tos and subtracting constructs in violation of Dt.4:2 have their own version of ‘replacement theology’ (Mk.7:9) that is ‘Religious Schizophrenia’. Which is not faith, but is rebellion.




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