1Cor 14: 22

1Cor 14: 22

1Cor 14: 22, “tongues are for a sign … to them that believe not.”

JR – I am adding our conversation to TWR – minus your name – This is coming up more & more even in Messianic Circles and must be decisively addressed.

Thankyou for your candour & understanding

I received this PM about 8 days ago

Dear Brother,
I come to you with many questions and a heavy heart. My husband and I attended the church of Nazarene for most of our married life, which has been many years. We left the church about eight years ago. It was like walking away from the only family we had ever known. Every year of the last years we were in church became a burden. We had become outsiders because we were seeing scripture differently. We left and there was no place to go. When we left my sister and brother in law also left for the same reason. I have a sister and brother in law who were pastors in the assembly of God. That made six of us who began a whole new journey. My sister from the assemblies speaks in tongues and that was never an issue with our group. But I had sought the scriptures out for years and have never found that it was a evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit. Our group has since broken off into two groups. My son and daughter in law were saved and her mother and another friend and we have share Shabbat together as there are no other groups to meet with. My son purchased your book and he has purchased and sent some to others. We have been listening to Matthew Nolan teach which has also been a blessing. when Matthew taught this past Torah lesson he spoke of the seventy elders speaking in unknown tongues and it was as though all of the years of dealing with my sister saying this was the evidence of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. came back to accuse me of not being filled with the Spirit. When we came into Hebrew roots we to took upon ourselves a lot of baggage that we are learning to throw off. we are learning to search the scriptures but I am not very learned and am struggling to not depend upon what man says but to trust The Ruach to lead me and teach me. I saw something different in the seventy and wondered if this related to the nations . Also if the two that stayed in the camp could be a picture of the two witnesses in revelations or the two houses. I guess what I am asking of you does this scripture or is this scripture speaking of unknown tongues as was stated in the teaching this week or is there a picture here that is inclusive of the whole house of Israel or the one new man in Yeshua? Sorry if I have rambled but it seems like the adversary is always ready to accuse and discourage.

My Answer ~
I also was raised in and attended the Church of Nazarene into my 30’s. Speaking in Tongues is not practised by the Church of Nazarene. However; Speaking in Tongues as layed out in Acts 2 – Every man heard in his own language – I do not nor have I ever Spoke in Tongues; but the evidence is that of a covenant gift to ‘some’ Covenant Keepers. And that ‘s the problem – To drag the Speak in Tongues forward from the Church that does not keep the Shabbat or the Covenant but assumes that it is the same; then ‘shoe-horn’ the Church Speak in Tongues whether ‘Robbini Sabasini – Yabba Daba Do or Yodel Lady Who’ – into a Melkizedeq One New Man Assembly has inherent & ongoing problems. Satan counterfeits everything – Satan even has Satanic ‘Tongues’. (Admitted by this same Messianic Speak in Tongues ‘Pastor’ see – Incongruent) And seeks to mix, pollute and syncretize. Everything must be filtered thru YHWH’s Covenant 1st! (Mat.6:33) and only then implemented if at all and at that in order.

At 17 I was told that Speaking in Tongues was the Heavenly language that Satan can’t understand – Really? – Satan fell from Heaven with a 1/3 of the angels – what’d they do change the code book?

I reminded this individual that Paul said Speaking in Tongues was the least of all gifts – He retorted ‘yeah if you can’t get that far where are you’ – as if all ‘true’ believers ‘will’ get all gifts – Which itself is un-Biblical.

Yes the 70 Elders do represent the known 70 nations – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Adam spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Abraham spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Moses spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. To pull Church non-Covenant Speak in Tongues forward and demand it be the same is the error of defiant imagination.



Be sure to see – ***>>> http://www.yahweh.house/tongues/<<<***

And – This just in by Henry Thrun


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4 thoughts on “1Cor 14: 22

  1. Great write up David…..this Tongues thing needs to be addressed more in depth in our Assemblies today. I came from a jibberish back ground myself. When YAHWEH revealed to me that it was not Biblical, my walk became more solid. Shalom, Teddy Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 14:40:32 +0000 To: yahweh-613@hotmail.com

  2. Hi everybody! Just joined Torah without Rabbinics! While on the subject re: the Ruach HaKodesh: according to many the gender of the Ruach is feminine. They define it by reason of linguistics! Ruach being a feminine word. On the other hand: Kodesh is a MASCULAR word! Now what? I believe the Ruach HaKodesh / Kadosh to be mascular/ male! Lot of Scripture to prove this: John 14:17+26, 16:7+13-14 etc.
    Mt. 1:20 and Luke 1:35 confirm the Ruach CAN NOT be of “feminine gender”!
    Same with unScriptural: Shekinah Glory! This is a FEMALE deity from the Kabalah! The word: shekinah does NOT appear in Scripture anywhere and does NOT mean the Presence of YHWH! The word SHAKAN does! [Ex.24:16 / 40:35 / Num. 9:17+18 etc. – “abode”]
    His Presence / Abode / Power IS His Ruach HaKadosh!
    Some argue that in the beginning: B’reshiyth – starting with Hebrew letter Bet which means: HOUSE – and in the house was the Father, the Son and therefore there also aught to be a “mother”! They forget that the purpose of the Father and the Son WAS to find a BRIDE! Right from the beginning! The Bet – house – was already PREPARED for the BRIDE!
    And then there was Miryam [Mary] who was the mother of Yahusha Messiah!
    Is there any Scriptural basis whatsoever that teaches that the RUACH is “feminine”!?
    I know we have been deceived and lied to [Jer. 16:19] but I just don’t think the Ruach is feminine!
    Mathew Nolan also mentioned that the Ruach [Sophia – Greek for wisdom] is feminine gender!
    I listen to his Torah portions, but this shocked me!

  3. Marleyna-Ken Carpenter I read a story once about a man who went to a Pentecostal church where people were in the front, speaking in tongues. He moved up closer to listen, and realized that they were cursing YAH in Latin….. Which he did know…..and they didn’t even know it. I also do not speak in “tongues”, but I have had 2 experiences when I was deep in prayer, and clearly heard “gibberish” very strongly in my head, although I did not speak it out loud. I’ve wondered who it was from. It’s pretty simple for me-YaHshua never “spoke in tongues” and He understands and knows my every thought and word, so I’ll stick to English.

    Drdave Perry .
    I have similar stories – 1 of the best is a personal friend once took four guys to a 4Sqr church – and recorded their tongues portion of the service. They took these 5 recordings to a Language Professor at UCLA – It took several weeks – He then asked where they had gotten these recordings – when he learned where he told them to never bring any such to him again – He did tell them that some of it was praising God & the Church – Some was just gibberish – But some was actually as you say cursing God, the people & the Church

    I think we don’t usually ID it – but there is at least a 3way split going on here

    We have out-right Satanic tongues being used by Satanists and other ne’er-do-wells. Then we have non-Covenant Keeping Church-tongues counterfeited by Satan – Then there is the possibility for out-right or wishful gibberish. Then there is biblical speak in tongues in which every man hears in his own language.

    Which would be; ” … a sign … to them that believe not.”

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