Paul Nison invited me to an event this Tuesday 6.16.15 – How do YOU keep the Sabbath?


With the sub-post

How do YOU keep the Sabbath? Share your testimonies here.

My answer was currently we watch livestream from Matthew Nolan and/or John Flores – Both are Melkizedeq Messianic Assemblies

I also go to a Sunday Keeper men’s bible study on Shabbat morning 7am – of course they don’t call it that – Yet – – I’m Selling not Buying their schpeal – I go with the expressed purpose of injecting Torah/Gospel of what they would not otherwise consider – It also serves to remind me of my own Sunday Keeper roots and gives me the chance to develop some relationships – that are paying off.

1 guy actually started a beginning HR bible study w/ that Church’s blessings – go figure, there have been a few in attendance from time to time. 1 in particular got it – Keeps Shabbat now and wants to know more of the Torah along with his wife.

He is now disgusted at what he hears there enough to stop going for a while – I had to remind him – if they do not have anything for you; its you that has something for them and that you cannot effect a change by playing keep-away. You have to show up and be involved.

We actually had a group from there go to ‘Remnant of Truth Congregation’ a Melkizedeq Messianic Assembly in Pico Rivera – They are on FB

The main leader of this Sunday Keeper men’s bible study – I have had run ins with – He is staunchly Sunday Keeper and have told me “you’ll never get me to keep the law” – my main focus is the rank&file listening to his party line rants.

Then there is a couple table leaders that want me at there tables expressly because of my OT input – I have made a few friends there and have actually had some after Torah Time every so often .

As you can expect there are some there who don’t like the fact they cannot adequately defend what they are saying or doing – but that does not stop them from being defensive & adversarial

Please pray for me, Russ, Ron, Jesse and Daniel – Thankyou

Yah is good – Shalom


2 thoughts on “Event

  1. I think you right on. This is a big piece missing…..Huge one! Three years prep for Paul. But He knew Torah. Us? A little more time maybe? lol
    I Think the Great Sending out, is yet to happen…..

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