About That Relationship

About That Relationship

There is a difference set between being ‘related’, having a ‘relation’ and a ‘relationship’. You can be ‘related’ by having an in-common ancestor or even an by marriage ‘relation’. But that does not mean or insure that you even in your own or extended family have a ‘relationship’ with any of them – let alone those not of your own family.

About that ‘personal relationship’ with ‘Jesus Christ’. A ‘personal relationship’ is a ‘sameness’, it involves a ‘blending’ to become. A marriage is the two becoming as one, it is then only after being married that you find out which one. A ‘relationship’ is normally a coalescing – a coming along side, the process of becoming same – humanly speaking.

2Cor.6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Interestingly we don’t usually think much of the words we use like ‘communion’ it actually is the ‘conjunction’ a ‘with’ ‘joining’ to become or merge as one. In this case ‘communion’ is the merging of common – union which itself speaks of a ‘sameness’ becoming one.

The ‘common – union’ of ‘relationship’ involves a ‘sameness’ of thought’s, actions, desires, dreams, purpose, origin, goals, ideals, values, gifts, abilities, interests, intents, etc. and many times multiples of the forgoing.

In interpersonal relationships among the 1st things you would want to know is the name of your ‘friend’. We’ve been taught that the ‘name’ of our personal ‘Saviour’ is Jesus. But our personal ‘Saviour’ is a Hebrew Israelite. There has never been a ‘J’ in the Hebrew language, There has never been a ‘J’ in the Greek language, There was never a ‘J’ in even the English language till the 1600’s. So my ‘friend’ the one we in error called Jesus who lived 2000yrs ago; the supposed ‘name above all names’ is impossible.

His name is ‘Yahshua’ the sinless Son of Yahweh; and that’s the point He is sinless, we are not. We have not been ‘sinless’ but we can repent to agree and endeavor to sin ‘less’ with the goal of not sinning. But to do that we must know what obedience to righteousness is and almost more importantly what it is not. For we already know ‘which one’ we will become; we are to be like Him. He is never going to be like sinful wayward prone us.

1-2-3-4-5&6 – 1Jn 2:3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. :4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a **liar**, and the truth is not in him. :5 But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of Yah perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. :6 He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

“as he walked” ie ‘the same’ the very definition of ‘relationship’ – That is to put on the very mind of a Torah/Shabbat/Com’dt Keeping Hebrew Israelite Melkizedeq High Priest Messiah.

Act 15:19 Wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them, which from among the Gentiles are turned to Yah: :20 But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood. :21 For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every sabbath day.

Heb 4:2 For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: …

There it is again – these verses speak of ‘sameness’. So how is it that we ignore what the Israelites did – Sabbath, Feastdays, Clean Meats, etc. and do what the Israelites never did – Sunday, Christmas, Eastre, Pork, etc. This clearly is Not the ‘same’, it is Not the ‘same’ Gospel.

We are to;

Act 17:11 … [search] the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Mat 6:33 … seek ye first the kingdom of Yah, and his righteousness;…

A likeness; a ‘sameness’ that we would do well to compare to & investigate everything we have been presented & have already accepted.

He is coming – Choose Wisely

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Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron

Prv.27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

‘Iron sharpens iron’ is a curious statement; 1 we gloss over all too often to our own detriment and would do well to unpack. For we juxtapose (to place together) different values as being the same or equivalent when many are not and at that not all the time.

This verse does give a clue as to the correct usage and direction of it; in adding ‘sharpeneth the countenance of his friend’. Which presupposes this ‘friend’ is made of the same ‘metal’ (iron) that you are. Which also presupposes this ‘friend’ is as interested in ascertaining the full biblical truth of an issue or question as you are. Which also presupposes that you love the Truth. And at that honest enough to be true the truth, which necessarily means being honest enough to be changed by that truth to that truth.

If he (this person) or you is not; he or you are not a ‘friend’ but an adversary to the Truth. Certainly not made of the same metal and will be cut not sharpened. At the time this was written there was nothing better or stronger than iron. Iron cuts any lesser metal. This verse is about ‘sameness’, the equality of ‘sameness’. This verse is also about ‘relationship’; which is also based on the common ground of ‘sameness’ – biblical truth ‘sameness’.

Consider that; Mahatma Gandhi once said Quote
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” & “If you Christians acted more like your Christ, the world would be a better place.” – (See; Mt.7.13-23) http://refspace.com/quotes/Mahatma_Gandhi

And that’s the point – Mahatma Gandhi (an “outsider”) nonetheless makes this scathing but accurate assessment. Even Rabbi Maimonides once said; ‘Truth must be accepted wherever it is found’.

For what most Christians are taught & learn is another Gospel. 1 that stresses a ‘personal relationship’ with ‘Jesus Christ’. They learn the iniquity/inequity of a grace only lawless Gospel. Basically saying ‘my sweet Jesus did it all ~ So I don’t have to’ ??? – But – They don’t do what a relationship requires – a coalescing sameness of thot and actions. Which is to put on the mind of a Torah Keeping Hebrew Messiah (1Cor 2:16 – Phl 2:5 ).

And that’s the point – To claim a ‘relationship’ with Yahshua while clinging to a latin-greek hybrid name, He never had; then not do what He did or what He said or said to do; including Sabbath and Feastdays, etc. (Acts 17:11/Heb.4:2), or validate His Melkizedeq office or Priesthood offer to us (1Ptr.2:9) – it is just plain blatant un-varnished self-deception (1Cor.10:12). It is ‘Religious Schizophrenia’.

Which is a variation of the ‘non-sameness’ of ‘replacement theology’. Of course the Jews (Orthodox to Rabbinic) with their denials, add tos and subtracting constructs in violation of Dt.4:2 have their own version of ‘replacement theology’ (Mk.7:9) that also is the same ‘Religious Schizophrenia’. Which is not faith, but is the same rebellion.






If a Christian (all variants) is a Christ follower and a Messianic (all variants) is a Messiah follower; how come both groups (respectively) exercise the incongruence of being a follower that does not follow or in that completely?

1st off the Christian’s say they follow ‘Jesus’ who is the Hebrew Messiah – tho they do not call him that but rarely if at all. They do not factor that this Hebrew Messiah would have had a Hebrew name – That ‘J’ in Hebrew is impossible; let alone Greek ever, or even English till the 1600’s. Therefore the Name above all names is Yahshua; which means ‘the rich salvation of Yah’ – while the Latin/Greek hybrid name ‘Jesus’ means nothing.

That said; then there is the issue of what He did, said & said to do. Honestly – Simply Yahshua kept His Father’s Comm’dts (Jn.7:16). Yahshua kept the Sabbath & Feastdays (Acts 15:19-21/Heb.4:2). Yahshua said to;

Mat 6:33 … seek ye first the kingdom of Yah, and his righteousness;…

We are to be on a straight & narrow path – Neither turning to the right or the left – We must be aware that there is a Christian Church ditch on one side and a Rabbinic Jewish ditch on the other.

Most Christians do not put 1oz. of effort into understanding or comparing what YHWH’s righteousness is. They go along to get along questioning very little that is presented to them by their ‘anointed’ “radically saved” hirelings & teachers. They are not even aware that we have been born into an already ongoing deception program. And are taught to disregard what is plainly there. (I can say ‘we’ as an ex-Sunday keeper myself).

Then there are the Messianic (et.al / all variants) that say they keep Torah that have come from the Christian church that have not learned their ex- church lesson very well. That still do not fully grasp, understand or compare what YHWH’s righteousness fully is. For they can & do bring their ex-church baggage forward (Messianic Pastors / Teachers / Leaders included) and if that is not enough they compromize their own selves and that at both ends. For they also accept without much investigation the Othodox-Rabbinics of the Rabbis.

Learning such things as ‘Adonai’ and using LORD & God in place of YHWH. Employing the 613 lores that add to, subtract from, twist & alter even the Torah verses they say they are from (Dt.4:2). Equating Talmud, etc. to Torah that is at best commentary of Scripture. Accepting the imagination of ‘Oral Torah’ inspite of Torah evidence & verses such as Dt.31:24. Accepting the construct of ‘Noahide Law’ ignoring the 1 law edict from Torah (Ex.12:49), Validating the Levitical Priesthood we no longer have in favor of the Rabbis that have usurped and taken the Levites rightful place (Num.3:12) from Torah, ETC.

Some do all of this while dragging eclectic speech/speak in tongues, slay in the spirit, holy laughter, the kundalini spirit, doctrine winds, dogmas, etc. forward from the Covenant Sabbaths ignoring Church that demands it to be so inspite of the glaring passive rebellion.

Then there is an aspect neither the Church nor the Messianic consider to even acknowledge let alone validate. That is staring them right in the face. That some more aware will actually defend against. It is Yahshua’s Melkizedeq Priesthood that Yahshua is the Melkizedeq High Priest of (Ps.110:4/Heb.7:21/1Ptr.2:9/Rev.5:10).

We must test everything that is YHWH’s Melkizedeq Kingdom; which is based on His Authorship, His Authority and His Jurisdiction. We must test everything that is presented by any other or that we have already accepted against this absolute.

(As K. Martella says) “Yes; You can come as you are – BUT- You cannot stay as you are” – So; I will ask you again – Follow?

If you do not ‘Follow’ and are not changed by His Comm’dts, Sabbaths & Feastdays, Clean Meats ie His Righteousness, BUT you give reasons, excuses and persist in your own religious code or ‘mix’ thereof; you are still in rebellion – be it no holds barred aggressive or hearts & flowers passive rebellion.

This is what your Bible says – 1 Samuel 15:23 – Choose Wisely





What Faith Isn’t

What Faith Isn’t

I was listening to ‘Pastor’s Perspective’ on KWVE 107.9 about 3:15pm today Wed. 6/17/15. It was a round house discussion between Host Don Stewart, Pastor Greg Laurie & Brian Brodersen (the late Chuck Smith’s son-in-law and now senior pastor of ‘Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’). This was Greg Laurie’s last time as a regular on subsequent Wed’s. – a show he has done for the last year&1/2. I was going to the store and happened to catch this in mid progress. They got to the topic of faith – They said ‘with God [YHWH] we are justified’ – ‘just as if I’d never sinned’ – But with man there ‘must be evidence’. Which goes along with the idea that we all ‘must have vital signs to our faith’. And that Hebrew ‘faith’ is based in what we do not in what we think.

Which agrees with Heb.11:1 – Faith is the confirmation of the fact. – More to the point Faith ie Grk ‘pistis’ & Heb ’emunah’ is Fidelity – Which adds responsibility – Fidelity is the confirmation of the fact.

Going on to say basically that we cannot go our own way & do our own thing while refusing to listen to Yahweh and call that or think that we are faithful or faithfully walking out faith. And that’s a great point they as higher up leaders need to fully heed their own selves (Jms.3:1).

They did say that not doing it ‘God’s’ way is not faith – What they did not say is that ‘we are justified’ IF we turn from sin to agree with what YHWH agrees with. That not doing it ‘Yah’s’ way is still rebellion; it is Schizophrenic religious assumption; But it is not biblical faith.

That – Clinging to Sunday when Yah’s says Sabbath (Ex.31:13) is not faith it is rebellion

That – Clinging to Holidays when Yah’s says Feastdays is not faith it is rebellion

That – Clinging to any meats when Yah’s says Clean Meats is not faith it is rebellion

That – Clinging to ‘no law grace’ when Yah’s says Cov’t Law is grace is not faith it is rebellion

That – Demanding it to be so will never make it so; it is not faith it is rebellion

For they in essence teach another Gospel. 1 that stresses a ‘personal relationship’ with ‘Jesus Christ’. Basically saying ‘my sweet Jesus did it all ~ So I don’t have to’ ??? – But – They don’t do what a relationship requires – a coalescing sameness of thot and actions. Which is to put on the mind of Messiah (1 Cor 2:16 – Phl 2:5 ). And that’s the point – To claim a ‘relationship’ with Yahshua while clinging to a latin-greek hybrid name, He never had; then not do what He did or what He said or said to do; or validate His Melkizedeq office or Priesthood offer to us (1Ptr.2:9) – is just blatant un-varnished self deception (1Cor.10:12). It is ‘Religious Schizophrenia’.

Of course the Jews (Orthodox to Rabbinic) with their denials, add tos and subtracting constructs in violation of Dt.4:2 have their own version of ‘replacement theology’ (Mk.7:9) that is ‘Religious Schizophrenia’. Which is not faith, but is rebellion.



Is There More

Is There MORE To “Lunar Sabbath” Teaching Than First Meets The Eye?

Article by Ron Buhler – www.truthdepot.net

(This article uses alternate Names for Yahweh & Yahshua)

1) The Messiah was/is/will always be the Word of Torah made flesh, and He kept the same Shabbat day as the Jews when He arrived in their midst 2000 years ago at His first advent, which is proven by the complete absence of any criticism from the Jewish leadership regarding the day He observed, but much criticism of Him regarding how He observed the day.
2) All branches of Judaism (Orthodox, ultra-Orthodox, Reform, Karaite, Messianic, etc.) are in complete harmony regarding the day to be observed as Shabbat, the seventh day according to the commandment in unbroken sequence since creation, although they differ and are in contention amongst themselves on practically every other issue under the sun.

3) The last 2000 years of AD/common era history are recorded in detail in the works of many secular and Jewish historians, and there is absolutely NO record of any change in how the sequence of weeks is calculated.

In case you’re not aware, some individuals and ministries in recent years have been teaching an alternative way to locate the weekly cycle in time, which in turn calls for the observance of the “weekly” Sabbath on days other than the seventh day Sabbath as has been observed by the Jews for thousands of years. This so-called “lunar sabbath” teaching contends that the weekly cycle begins anew at the beginning of every new month, and, since there are 29 ½ days (29.53059 days, to be exact) in every lunar cycle or month (literally “moon-th”), this teaching results in the observance of their “weekly” sabbath on different days each month, for example, on “Sundays” this month, “Mondays” next month, “Wednesdays” the month after that, and so on. Needless to say, advocates of this view fall completely out of harmony and fellowship with seventh day Sabbath observers, and thus are forced to present their understanding as some kind of cutting edge, final, testing truth, “God’s Last Call” to fallen mortals, if you please.

The purpose of this study is to address two questions around this teaching – is it correct, and if it is not correct, what could be the motivation of those who invented it? In the evaluation of any understanding of Holy Day timing, it is imperative to remember that only the Divine Author of the Holy Days, our Heavenly Father Yahuah, has legitimate author-ity to define their timing. Regarding the timing of the weekly Sabbath, He has given the following instruction in Exodus 20:8-11:

-six days are provided for man to labour and do ALL his work, corresponding to the six days of creation during which our Creator did all His work at the beginning.

-the seventh day is set apart as the weekly Sabbath of rest, corresponding to the original seventh day upon which our Creator rested after His work of creation was finished at the beginning. Please note that the seventh day Sabbath exists only because it follows six days for labour; any different number of days for labour would cause the seventh day Sabbath to cease to exist.

As defined by our Creator, then, one week consists of six days to work followed by one day to rest, for a total of seven days. No exceptions of any kind to this rule are included in the Creator’s instructions.

Since four weeks occupy only twenty-eight days, there remain approximately one and a half days in each month that have to be used up in some fashion. What happens in practice on the “lunar sabbath” program is that the last “week” in each month will have seven or eight days to work between the last “lunar sabbath” of one month and the first “lunar sabbath” of the next month, a positive violation of the Creator’s instructions which categorically specify six days to work between Sabbaths, never one or two days more or less. Some will try to obscure this violation by claiming that the new moon day which begins each month is a no work day, but it is never defined as such in the Torah, so this contention must be rejected. In addition, every second month will have a second extra day in its final week, which makes it absolutely clear that there is no way to reconcile “lunar sabbath” teaching with the Torah definition of a week. It is a false teaching that should be unequivocally rejected by every True Worshipper.

What, then, could be the motivation of those who developed this doctrine? The following thinking includes reasoning based on personally observed evidence, not hearsay, and I suggest that you give it serious consideration. Those of us who observe the Sabbath on a continuous seven day per week cycle have a legitimate question to answer as we give a reason for our faith, and the answer to this question may help to explain the motivation of many of those who contend for “lunar sabbath” teaching. The question is, How do we know that the day we observe as the Sabbath is actually THE seventh day, in continuity with all seventh days in past history going back to the original seventh day that concluded creation week? …. and the answer is, There is only one way to know, and that is by watching which day is observed as the Sabbath by the Jewish people. As Michael Rood has pointed out, written Torah is good as far as it goes, but for the blessing and life of Torah to be actually received and experienced, there must also be a “living Torah” that mediates or channels Heaven’s power into the human condition. This is illustrated by Torah history and instructions relating to Pesach/“Passover”. Without a “living Torah” in the form of the Jewish people observing the festival of Pesach in the Land of Israel, and the Messiah (the Word of Torah made flesh) Who would lay down His life for the sin of the world in conjunction with the Jewish people’s observance of Pesach, the actual blessing portrayed by the Pesach service would not have been made available to mankind. Likewise with reference to the blessings of Sabbath rest; without the witness of the living Torah, i.e. the Jewish people, who have preserved the divinely authored and confirmed seventh day Sabbath for thousands of years, we would not be able to know which literal day to observe to be in compliance with the Torah commandment and to receive Heaven`s special blessing. Please keep this point in mind as you ponder the following observation.

As I have read numerous articles and correspondence produced over the last several years by individuals and ministries that promulgate “lunar sabbath” teaching, I have noticed that many of them seem to have an attitude of overt hostility towards the Jewish people. They are loath to acknowledge that these Jewish people remain the Chosen People of Almighty Yahuah, called by Him with an irrevocable (never to be removed) call (Romans 11:28,29) to be His special representatives on Planet Earth. Some of them are even loath to acknowledge that the Jewish people are Jews, insisting rather that they are Edomites, Khazars, Ashkenazis, or some other brand of impostor …. in spite of the fact that these Jewish people are the same ones who preserved for us a knowledge of the true seventh day Sabbath.

“Lunar sabbath” teaching, then, when viewed against this backdrop of hostility against the Jewish people manifested by many of those who promote it, becomes yet another way for these replacement theology “spiritual” anti-Semites to express their hostility and arrogance. They do an end run around the very people who have conveyed a knowledge of the true seventh day Sabbath down to our day, claiming to observe the “real” sabbath which they have determined without using or needing the witness of the Jewish people, and then disparaging the Jews by asserting that their Sabbath observance is based on misguided human tradition rather than divine revelation. This is precisely the “boasting against” the natural branches of the olive tree which Shaul/Paul warned against in Romans 11:17,18, and if not repented of and forsaken, will result in the permanent breaking off of those wild branches who are doing the boasting (v.19-24).

And one important final point – not everyone associated with “lunar Sabbath” teaching harbours hostility against Jewish people as discussed in this study. Some souls simply have an affinity for new and different teachings, and when they hear “lunar sabbath” teaching presented by a confident teacher, they pick it up and zealously run with it, without carefully considering the implications of the teaching. These poor souls are the spiritual equivalent of Lenin’s “useful idiots”, used by the leaders to generate enthusiasm for the time being, but slated for ejection and removal from the movement further down the road, unless they sell their souls to the devil and imbibe deeply of the leaders’ hatred of the Jewish people and things Jewish. If you are in this category of “lunar sabbath” believer, please consider this study to be your wake up call, and RUN, don’t walk, away from “lunar sabbath” association and teaching. Repent of your flagrant violation of Yahuah’s 4th Commandment, and of your rotten stewardship of the talent of influence. Plead with the Almighty for mercy, before He deals with you the way He did with Uzzah, who also put his hand on the Ark of the Covenant containing the Ten Words and the Torah Scrolls.

For further detailed coverage of this issue from several sources, go to my website www.truthdepot.net and click on the “Lunar sabbaths, false teaching of refuted” topic. Lew White, the author of “Fossilized Customs”, has included in-depth refutation of the “lunar sabbath” error in recent editions of his book, and has also posted on YouTube an excellent video in which he shows clearly that this teaching is an abomination of desolation – click on the link below to watch:


Ron Buhler – Two-House Messianic Israelite, scribe of the Kingdom of Heaven, Bible student, pilgrim, and stranger

phone: 905-729-1022 email: contact@truthdepot.net

“Salvation is of the Yahudim (Jews)….we know what we worship.”

Yahuahshua ha Mashiach (Yahuchanan/John 4:22)

lunar sabbath refutation.doc – http://www.truthdepot.net/

Also See;


1Cor 14: 22

1Cor 14: 22

1Cor 14: 22, “tongues are for a sign … to them that believe not.”

JR – I am adding our conversation to TWR – minus your name – This is coming up more & more even in Messianic Circles and must be decisively addressed.

Thankyou for your candour & understanding

I received this PM about 8 days ago

Dear Brother,
I come to you with many questions and a heavy heart. My husband and I attended the church of Nazarene for most of our married life, which has been many years. We left the church about eight years ago. It was like walking away from the only family we had ever known. Every year of the last years we were in church became a burden. We had become outsiders because we were seeing scripture differently. We left and there was no place to go. When we left my sister and brother in law also left for the same reason. I have a sister and brother in law who were pastors in the assembly of God. That made six of us who began a whole new journey. My sister from the assemblies speaks in tongues and that was never an issue with our group. But I had sought the scriptures out for years and have never found that it was a evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit. Our group has since broken off into two groups. My son and daughter in law were saved and her mother and another friend and we have share Shabbat together as there are no other groups to meet with. My son purchased your book and he has purchased and sent some to others. We have been listening to Matthew Nolan teach which has also been a blessing. when Matthew taught this past Torah lesson he spoke of the seventy elders speaking in unknown tongues and it was as though all of the years of dealing with my sister saying this was the evidence of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. came back to accuse me of not being filled with the Spirit. When we came into Hebrew roots we to took upon ourselves a lot of baggage that we are learning to throw off. we are learning to search the scriptures but I am not very learned and am struggling to not depend upon what man says but to trust The Ruach to lead me and teach me. I saw something different in the seventy and wondered if this related to the nations . Also if the two that stayed in the camp could be a picture of the two witnesses in revelations or the two houses. I guess what I am asking of you does this scripture or is this scripture speaking of unknown tongues as was stated in the teaching this week or is there a picture here that is inclusive of the whole house of Israel or the one new man in Yeshua? Sorry if I have rambled but it seems like the adversary is always ready to accuse and discourage.

My Answer ~
I also was raised in and attended the Church of Nazarene into my 30’s. Speaking in Tongues is not practised by the Church of Nazarene. However; Speaking in Tongues as layed out in Acts 2 – Every man heard in his own language – I do not nor have I ever Spoke in Tongues; but the evidence is that of a covenant gift to ‘some’ Covenant Keepers. And that ‘s the problem – To drag the Speak in Tongues forward from the Church that does not keep the Shabbat or the Covenant but assumes that it is the same; then ‘shoe-horn’ the Church Speak in Tongues whether ‘Robbini Sabasini – Yabba Daba Do or Yodel Lady Who’ – into a Melkizedeq One New Man Assembly has inherent & ongoing problems. Satan counterfeits everything – Satan even has Satanic ‘Tongues’. (Admitted by this same Messianic Speak in Tongues ‘Pastor’ see – Incongruent) And seeks to mix, pollute and syncretize. Everything must be filtered thru YHWH’s Covenant 1st! (Mat.6:33) and only then implemented if at all and at that in order.

At 17 I was told that Speaking in Tongues was the Heavenly language that Satan can’t understand – Really? – Satan fell from Heaven with a 1/3 of the angels – what’d they do change the code book?

I reminded this individual that Paul said Speaking in Tongues was the least of all gifts – He retorted ‘yeah if you can’t get that far where are you’ – as if all ‘true’ believers ‘will’ get all gifts – Which itself is un-Biblical.

Yes the 70 Elders do represent the known 70 nations – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Adam spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Abraham spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Moses spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. To pull Church non-Covenant Speak in Tongues forward and demand it be the same is the error of defiant imagination.



Be sure to see – ***>>> http://www.yahweh.house/tongues/<<<***

And – This just in by Henry Thrun


Tongues, Kundalini, Slay in Spirit, Catchers, Holy Laughter, Eclectic Language Continue reading



Paul Nison invited me to an event this Tuesday 6.16.15 – How do YOU keep the Sabbath?


With the sub-post

How do YOU keep the Sabbath? Share your testimonies here.

My answer was currently we watch livestream from Matthew Nolan and/or John Flores – Both are Melkizedeq Messianic Assemblies

I also go to a Sunday Keeper men’s bible study on Shabbat morning 7am – of course they don’t call it that – Yet – – I’m Selling not Buying their schpeal – I go with the expressed purpose of injecting Torah/Gospel of what they would not otherwise consider – It also serves to remind me of my own Sunday Keeper roots and gives me the chance to develop some relationships – that are paying off.

1 guy actually started a beginning HR bible study w/ that Church’s blessings – go figure, there have been a few in attendance from time to time. 1 in particular got it – Keeps Shabbat now and wants to know more of the Torah along with his wife.

He is now disgusted at what he hears there enough to stop going for a while – I had to remind him – if they do not have anything for you; its you that has something for them and that you cannot effect a change by playing keep-away. You have to show up and be involved.

We actually had a group from there go to ‘Remnant of Truth Congregation’ a Melkizedeq Messianic Assembly in Pico Rivera – They are on FB

The main leader of this Sunday Keeper men’s bible study – I have had run ins with – He is staunchly Sunday Keeper and have told me “you’ll never get me to keep the law” – my main focus is the rank&file listening to his party line rants.

Then there is a couple table leaders that want me at there tables expressly because of my OT input – I have made a few friends there and have actually had some after Torah Time every so often .

As you can expect there are some there who don’t like the fact they cannot adequately defend what they are saying or doing – but that does not stop them from being defensive & adversarial

Please pray for me, Russ, Ron, Jesse and Daniel – Thankyou

Yah is good – Shalom