Melkizedeq Hook-up

Melkizedeq hook-up

Just got done speaking (PM) with a TWR sister that just lost her husband – her family will not listen to her – I feel her isolation – her wanting to connect/belong – fellowship. I can relate for my family and many of my *friends* including Messianic *friends* will not listen.

I know the technology abounds but I am not a tech – still is there any way or can any of you think of any thing – That a tech dummy like me can get this Melkizedeq message out and/or at least phone or PC hook-up with like believers for a weekly or so conference.

I apologize I have lost data concerning radio including PC streaming so if anyone could help there including radio/TV spots/guest/streaming I would love to hear of it in appreciation.

Yah’s Blessing in advance and always


2 thoughts on “Melkizedeq Hook-up

  1. i think on the google plus there may be some type of either chat room or video conference…. i think maybe Facebook may also have some type of video conference…there is podomatic which is free as well….

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