Melkizedeq International

Melkizedeq International

Tho spelling things differently these are TWR articles Samual/Shamual Thompson of Dabar Yahuah Ministries (dabaryahuahministries) has embraced of the Melkizedeq/Malak-Tsadyq teachings and taught [his] first one last Shabbat (March 14) to our congregation in Brisbane, Australia and frequently goes to New Zealand to teach the Malak-Tsadyq message.



4 thoughts on “Melkizedeq International

      • there are ways to state better responses such as ….

        “Dabar has embraced the teachings from my book The Melkizedek priesthood. Here is a link to see the expansion of this ministry of the Melkizedek Priesthood to enrich the body of Yahuwshua.”

  1. “…enrich the body of Yahshua” – thru uncontested errors?

    This demonstrates magnanimous positive toleration that itself is a validation of errors that I cannot be silent about

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