Harmony or Discord

Harmony or Discord

7 (v:16) things YHWH hates – Prv 6:19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

The #1 thing I have learned about the Truth – In a sea of errors & lies; Truth is Treason. That holds true whether presenting the Sabbath & the Feastdays to the Sunday & Sabbath only Christian Church or presenting the errors of the Religion of the Jews as held including taught them by the Rabbis to the Levitically minded Messianic (et.al).

I have also learned that; You can lead anyone to evidence – But – You can make no one think, understand or be honest. I realize there is little reasoning with those that defend a position instead of support a position. I have also learned 3 axioms of truth; 1] Repetition will never make a lie a truth, 2] Volume will never make a lie a truth, 3] Ignoring the details of Truth will never make you honest.

All I can do is appeal to the honest, seeking and open minded (Acts 17:11) – To you who will; let’s think about this rationally – Is bringing the Truth sowing discord? After all there is only 1. Yet; those that defend their ½ Truth position do so tooth & nail regardless of actual Truth or the details thereof.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been called ‘divisive’ (especially by the 1’s that have no will to study, compare and be honest) in every religious genre from Sunday, Messianic to Judaism. They would rather protect, defend and spread what they think they know; than to take the time to research, uncover & verify what Scripture reveals of Itself as Scriptural Truth.

It becomes apparent that those that defend errors, even lies in their status-quo message are the the 1’s that are sowing and defending what they have already sown is that Discord that YHWH hates.

Like the Sunday & Sabbath only Christian Church demanding the Appt’d Times of YHWH are replaced by Xmas, Eastre, Halloween, etc. or the Messianic demanding the Levitical statutes still stand because the Jews (and they) will not see it another way – They will not validate what the Messianic should be upholding; that the ‘New Mind’ includes Yahshua as our Melkizedeq High Priest (Heb.7:21) – That we are called to that Melkizedeq Priesthood (1Ptr.2:9) and that the Law of Torah has been ‘changed’ (Heb.7:11-12) back to the original Melkizedeq Law (Rom 4:12; 16, Gen.26:5).

And that Torah (1st 5 Books) has change already prepackaged and demonstrated within its very pages – Gen.3:15, Gen.49:10, Ex.32:10, Num.3:12 even Jos.5:5 demonstrates a change of Torah not mentioned in Torah – hinted at Prv.25:2. Demonstrated at Ezk.20:10-25.

There is so much that needs to be explained; If you are honest and willing – Please view;



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5 thoughts on “Harmony or Discord

  1. Docof TheRock (FB) – Dr. Dave, Drdave Perry, because I too was pondering the 6th Proverb early yesterday morning — you and I are in agreement about practically every one of your extremely salient points. And we are absolutely in agreement concerning the abomination of causing division among our brethren.

    It has been my experience, that almost everyone I know has their own “Golden Calf” obscuring, or clouding their understanding of Scripture. Whether its one of my friends who has been repeatedly taught the half-truths of Rabbinic Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, or, sadly, even many in the Hebrew Roots movement — seems to make no difference.

    The Adversary, ha-Satan, apparently has every home-base covered. Why? Because, in my understanding of both covenants of Scripture, he was created for the purpose of separating the sheep — from the goats. And obviously, he very capable and successful at his job of misleading and/or deceiving people! Unfortunately, for most.

    Thanks Dr. Dave for sharing Scripture(s), in context, to support both our mutual observations! That technique alone is quite refreshing.

    Properly used exegesis of Scripture is always preferable to those who will wantonly release an arrow, then after it has reached its final resting place — draw the bull’s eye of the target around it, Thereby, utilizing their chosen, flawed personal preferences, or eisegesis, in an attempt to defend their fallacious argument(s).

    I find that we are in agreement, once again — indeed, there is much teaching for us to do.

    Shalom,and thanks Dr. Dave! ~Dr. Roger

  2. Hi Dr. Dave Perry. I would like to buy your hard book copy and also the PDF files of your books. Where would I do that at? I did have a few questions for you also regarding some Facebook posts and things like that in the past two or three months that I’ve been reading your posts? This nonsense with k. C.? Is it common for people to automatically go on the attack if they don’t understand something instead of just simply asking for better clarification of the topics at hand? It really bothers me that there’s such a resistance when you simply explain things with great clarification and yet you still get the resistance and the bucking of the system so to speak- to me, The Melchizedek is the purest form of understanding, but yet I see people spitting on it and rebuking every single day like it has nothing to do with Truth… It really does puzzled me that people cannot understand it but then again I also am one that totally understands it and I do scratch my head when others that seem so schooled in the word have no clue and cannot except the Melchizedek priesthood. Sometimes I have deep visions as Matthew Nolan is speaking and teaching your books/ theories in videos and stuff…. I guess I’m just coming up also that more people are not getting it, in the reluctance for pastors to teach it also is really dumbfounded for me I can’t understand that part…to me I think it’s the purest form of expression and freedom to express Yahshua in purity, it eliminates any false teachings.. Thanks Dr. Dave please forward or send me a link where I can purchase so the PDF files and also perhaps a paperback. Thanks , Wade


  3. Oh, they get it alright…. but what puzzles me – is that you are puzzled in the “reluctance” of the “pastors” to teach… that those who “seem to be schooled in the Word” – and obviously have no clue… cannot accept the Melchizedek Priesthood…. it being the purest form of understanding, yet they spit on it and rebuke it and pretend it has absolutely nothing to do with Truth…. (as you so beautifully put it)…
    and then you hit the nail on the head: “It expresses Yahshua in purity… and: eliminates any false teachings”…. therefore: It would eliminate THEM…. the middleman…. there would be no more need for THEM…. and right there and then they had to make a decision…. YAHSHUA, YAHWEH…. or: MAMMON
    and I guess it was MAMMON for them….

  4. but what puzzles me – is that you are puzzled in the “reluctance” of the “pastors” to teach

    There are many factors – They are to Search the Word, Study the Word, Understand the Word, Teach the Word, understand what they Teach while making it understandable to others.

    But don’t while missing it themselves

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