Here we go again

Here we go again

Here we go again – another that is supposed to be on our side???

Dabar Yahuah Ministries Rebuttal of ‘Melkizedeq Teaching Error’
Torah without Rabbinic’s (TWR) email dated May 15 2015.

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** DP Answers
Melkizedeq Teaching Error
Posted on May 15, 2015
Blk – In reviewing – It has come to my attention that Dabar Yahuah Ministries is in error in some of its teaching – 1st and foremost the Melkizedeq Feasts including Sabbath do stand and are incumbent on NT/NC Yahshua believers to observe and do.
Blu – Not once have we stated anywhere in any article that we are NOT to observe the seventh day Shabbat, this is an outright lie.
As for the keeping of the feasts, we have presented the reasons from scripture why we believe these cannot be kept whilst in exile.
We do state that we are to remember these feasts that are in scripture please see the statement which explains indepth.
** The point is Melkizedeq Feasts including/along with Sabbath; the Sabbath that you do observe – this is not an ‘outright lie’ but your misinterpretation rush to lashon ha rah judgment. I do acknowledge that you observe Sabbath but without the feasts like SDA, SDB, CoG7, etc. The point you and they miss is the Sabbath of the Covenant is only a Covenant Sabbath with all its other Covenant pieces including Feasts/App’td times (Ex.23/Lev.23) – The question is – Why do you even observe Sabbath since you are as you say “in exile”? What is your justification to observe Sabbath that you fail to extend to the App’td times of the same Covenant (Ex.19:5 thru 24:8)? What Yah in total calls ‘My Feasts’ (Lev.23/Ezk.20:24)!
Why do you even observe Sabbath? If you say it was before Sin, Jews, Hebrews, etc. at Gen.2:3 – then you seriously need to back up to ‘seasons’ @ Gen.1:14 it is the same Heb. word ‘mowed’ translated ‘feast’ @ Lev.23. The same logic applies!
**You speak of ‘outright lies’ – The ‘find’ word search of the document “Statement concerning Shabbats & Feasts” ‘in depth’ or other wise reveals this as NOT so ie a lie as of 5.30.15 – @ “We do state that we are to remember these feasts that are in scripture please see the statement which explains indepth” – as stated this is not there; therefore Not true! – Even if this is just an oversite it still is confusing to others.
Blu – 2Nd Dabar Yahuah Ministries believes that are at least “seventeen (17) different Calenders”, while there may be some abbreviated truth here; it remains that Yah has 1 Calender and that all these others are man’s (Jewish & Gentile) supposition and invention.
This is also a twisted statement what we have said is: Due to the many opinions on calendars and due to the fact that there are at least seventeen different calendars (Please see below) in usage today among Natsarym, Messianic and Jewish congregations and ministries, Dabar Yahuah Ministries believes that due to the at least seventeen (17) different Calenders that there is also at least seventeen (17) different year starts, seventeen (17) different weekly Sabbaths, seventeen (17) different new moon/month’s calculations and celebrations and also seventeen (17) different annual feasts dates throughout the year also.
** You keep pitch’n your rant then try to twist the truth of my statement – Yah does only have 1 Calender and that all these others are man’s (Jewish & Gentile) supposition and invention. You say so yourself “Due to the many opinions on calendars and due to the fact that there are at least seventeen different calendars … Each group believes they are correct while the other sixteen (16) are wrong or incorrect.” The obvious leaving 1 as I have said!
Blu – Each group believes they are correct while the other sixteen (16) are wrong or incorrect.
Please see: Statement on Feasts and Shabbats for a more correct rather than copy and pasted twisted spin that Dave Perry has presented.
Dave Perry states and I quote; it remains that Yah has 1 Calender and that all these others are man’s (Jewish & Gentile) supposition and invention.
We also put this (Dave Perrys) calendar into this statement:
Each group believes they are correct while the other sixteen (16) are wrong or incorrect.
**@“Each group believes they are correct while the other sixteen (16) are wrong or incorrect.” – This is your statement you shoehorn in my mouth; to quote you – “this is an outright lie” in your own rebuttal about outright lies adding to others – That’s rich!
Blu – With all due respect to Dave Perry and his one calendar, fact is there are at least 17 calendars in usage today, whether he or anyone accepts the fact he himself will condemn the other 16 Calenders as we have stated above, just have a look at his website for this.

Blu – 3Rd A Genesis Creation 24hr. Day is Evening to Evening – Not Morning to Morning or Morning only or ??? – Simply ask yourself – Which came 1st?; Dark or Light? – Hint Gen.1:2.
** You make an all inclusive absolute statement “he himself will condemn the other 16 Calenders …” as if all others use a Morning to Morning or Morning only or ??? reckoning – This is short sighted and narrow minded – there are many other factors to consider.
Blu – This is an old argument, interesting enough on one hand Dave Perry is condemning Jewish traditions when he himself upholds them. Dave Perry gets his Calendar from Nehemiah Gordon who is a Karaite Jew who does not accept Yahusha as Ha Mashyach nor the New Covenant, let alone any Malak-Tsadyq Priesthood.
Please see a full in-depth presentation on this subject of which answers Dave Perry’s Hint Genesis 1:2 argument: Please click here
**@ ‘This is an old argument’ – Truth does not change! – Further – This is another quote you – “this is an outright lie” – and does not consider the Jews do have some truth – Karaite Jews are more honest – yet I do think for myself and compare any statement including yours to scripture. See TWR –

** On your ‘When Does a Day Begin?’ you jade your comments and postulations to support yourself and your fanciful conclusions – suprize, suprize – Then you ignore what scripture actually evidences – like the #1 Gen. start – You state @“And Aluah saw the light that it was good; and Aluah divided the light from the darkness. Aluah called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. Genesis 1:1-5”

**The same Darkness/Night that was already there “Genesis 1:1-5” – ??? That you conveniently ignore then twist to your own error conclusion.
Blu – 4th “Acts 1:7 And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times (calendars) or seasons (feasts) which the Father has put in His own authority.
We (Dabar Yahuah Ministries) believe as Yahusha Ha Mashyach said that it is NOT for us to know the times i.e. calendars or seasons i.e. annual feasts …”
A text taken out of context is a pretext – The context of Acts 1:7 is the question asked at Act 1:6 about the restoring of “… the kingdom to Israel?”
Blu – Again this is his (Dave Perry’s) opinion the Hebrew word for Seasons is Muadah/Muadym and can mean feast/feasts, the Greek word for ‘time’ is Chronos and can mean ‘Fixed time’
** Hellooo – This is Not my opinion – it is the context of the objective text – And it all has to go back to the Hebrew – The Mow’edim/App’td Time are fixed!
The Torah reveals the App’td Times “the Father has put in His own authority” to do so. So it becomes apparent what YHWH wants us to know and those reserved to Him.
Blu – 5th (quoting TWR) Dabar Yahuah Ministries is in as great of error as the Christian Church to use Hosea 2:11-13, Amos 5:21-27 and Isaiah 1:11-18 to state that “all the feast keeping, all the Sabbath keeping and all the new moons/months celebrations are all in vain.” because ‘your appointed feasts My soul hates’ – to mean YHWH hates His own Feasts???
Blu – We would like to point out that IF (Which there is) at least 17 calendars this includes Dave Perry’s Karaite calendar approximately which one of these at least 17 feasts are correct?
Dave Perry will tell you his one is. However those who observe a Solar only or Lunar only or Solar-Lunar Calendar would believe and state that Dave Perry is in error and has the wrong calendar, this brothers and sisters is a fact.
** “Dave Perry will tell you his one is…” this is your conjectured supposition – Your absurd ‘fact’ is in your own head – I do not even have a calendar; let alone Karaite – I go by scripture.
Dabar Yahuah Ministries as well as the Christian Church including the Jewish assemblies need to realize that as soon as man pollutes any thing of Yahweh’s’s pure undefiled instructions that include His App’td Time Feasts; it becomes ‘YOUR’ pollution and is no longer His (YHWH) perfection.
Blu – We are in full agreement with the part in this statement i.e. the part on pollution and as Dave Perry clearly shows he also has pollution in his calendar theory, or so say the other 16 different calendar observers’
** “or so say the other 16 different calendar observers” including you and your obtuse reasoning – The very same can be said of you. There is only 1 truth – I’m just try’n to agree with what scripture says is Truth.
There may be more that needs to be addressed – if so please bring it to my attention – The teaching of the Melkizedeq Priesthood is mostly unknown and just for that reason resisted for the most part when 1st encountered. The Melkizedeq Priesthood is already accused of being ‘pick&choose’; this is not so. However there are mitigating factors that must be fully understood that include Gen.1:1 thru Ex.24:8-11 being the Melkizedeq portion of ‘royal’ Torah. That include what Yahweh has said is ‘My Feasts’ at Lev.23; which is the extended form of Ex.23. We do not need more error taught by the well intentioned that have yet to fully grasp, understand or factor in Fully-Accounted-For-Truth (Acts 17:11).
Blu – With all due respect Dave Perry does pick and chose’s his own theologies as well, one of the reasons we have come to the conclusions we have is because of Acts 17:11.
**This is a reverse projection – You are the 1 who picks the Sabbath and chooses not to keep the Annual Sabbath Feasts. You do not discern correctly, you jump to not fully correct conclusions and make error assessments and statements not even realizing it while you deny and twist scripture (2Ptr.3:16) while you shoehorn stuff I never said. You are a total package winning piece of work! You are confused – deluded but convinced you are not and so confusing to others. You are still in a state of Spiritual Schizophrenic.
While I do appreciate Dabar Yahuah Ministries having a certain heart for the Melkizedeq Priesthood message – I cannot abide or condone any group taking the occasion of the freedom afforded by the Melkizedeq Priesthood (Heb.7:12 – A reversion back to the Melkizedeq Priesthood Law standard) to teach any message that is error not being fully accounted for.
Blu – We would also like to say while we do appreciate Torah Without Rabbinic’s (Dave Perry) has a tendency to cast judgement on other people and other ministries, only 5 days before he sent this email out he sent an email out endorsing Dabar Yahuah Ministries, please click here to see that email.
** There is a difference btx ‘casting judgement’ and correctly assessing. This within 5 days of your posting the site – You added content – that I only later saw – You did before hand in Private Message ask questions expressing doubt – but when I explained your response was “I see what you mean” – There was no reason to doubt you were on board with all the feasts included – You can not be a ‘one new man/Mlkzdq/Covenant Keeper’ without them.
Blu – Though we appreciate Dave Perry endorsing Dabar Yahuah Ministries, there is no need to, as Dabar Yahuah Ministries has been a blessing to so many throughout the world so really its not required.
**As long as Dabar Yahuah Ministries holds to this church style/non-feast/Torahless – Non-Covenant position they are a conundrum of confusion and a detriment throughout the world. And a hindrance to the from Torah Melkizedeq Priesthood message.
Blu – Please note that we have no intentions of removing any of Dave Perry’s teachings or books off Dabar Yahuah Ministries website.
**Thankyou for that much.
Blu – This rebuttal email is not to attack TWR or Dave Perry but to defend Dabar Yahuah Ministries and the incorrect statements made by TWR and Dave Perry.
**Right back at you
Blu – Shalum and may Yahuah bless you all.
Dabar Yahuah Ministries.
**May Yah’s Word be our Guide


Day is When?

Day is When?

We continue to have a continual assault on the Gen. Evening to Evening / Sunset to Sunset Day (24hrs)

It is obvious by Gen.1:1 that dark was first then came light

It is a mistake to abandon the Gen. evening & morning account

This creates so many problems!

The #1- that is insurmountable to this morning to morning idea is Beyn-haArbayim – between the ??? evenings!

It is also obvious – You cannot have ‘between the evenings’ in a morning to morning reckoning

This all by itself renders Beyn-haArbayim – between the evenings a moot pointless point of no value.

This is that taking away / subtraction from Torah – Dt.4:2

This is that disregard of Torah direction

See –

The Rightly Dividing Point

“This week I have something that is going once again stretch your mind in order to understand it. I have spoken with Dr. Dave Perry over the past few years about this subject and I never always understood what he was trying to explain.

Dave Perry is a brilliant scholar and has come to understand things that Paul was explaining which most of the world today screws up. Christians use Paul to do away with the Torah. Some Messianic who have believed the Christians now will not have anything to do with Pauls writings. As our title says, Quoting from 2 Peter speaking things hard to understand, which they that are unlearned and unstable twist to their own destruction

Dr. Dave Perry goes right to the heart of the matter and once you can grasp this, and it may take more than one reading, but once you grasp this you will then know how brilliant Paul was and how much more you and I both need to study and learn.

It is with great pleasure I share with you The Rightly Dividing Point – by Dr. David L. Perry Th.D. © 11/ 11/ 2011”

As told then Dec. 3, 2011 by Joseph Dumond


The Rightly Dividing Point – by Dr. David L. Perry Th.D. © 11/ 11/ 2011

Most of us have had our time of running around in the world. When we come to faith we are told of or automatically lose some, if not most of what we were doing before the Bible became important enough to study and actually follow. Many things come at us from others; Pastors, Teachers, family, other believers. Then if you find the Hebrew Roots – Watch out! Rabbi’s, Sages, Writings – Many more things; some are overwhelming – some we never heard of before. Some issues keep re-emerging and can drive you to the point of crazy making; especially if you don’t have a tool – something you can measure any issue by that comes your way. That’s the ‘point’ of identifying ‘The Rightly Dividing Point’. You are to be that diligent workman, not just the Pastor or Rabbi. Your sword is about to get longer and sharper!

2Tim.2:15 instructs us to; “Study to shew thyself approved unto (Yahweh), a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

This is a curious statement, one that we would do well to take a closer look at. This verse does not tell us to rightly divide errors from truth, it does not even tell us to rightly divide lies from truth. What 2 Tim. 2:15 does tell us is to ‘rightly divide truth’. The problem now being formed is; have we ever been taught what that ‘rightly dividing’ point is? I have been to many different Sunday keeping Churches, to many different Sabbath keeping Churches, to many different Messianic / Hebrew Roots Assemblies; that ‘rightly dividing’ point has never been taught in a biblically accurate, fully accounted for way. This ‘rightly dividing’ point certainly escapes the various factions of Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Judaism as well.

As stated I have been ‘around the block’ of the various religious venues. I wanted to know who was believing what and why. What I have found is that there is a ‘mix’ everywhere you go. This ‘mix’ is the blending of errors, out right lies and ‘truisms’ in some cases mixed with actual truth. A ‘truism’ being defined as part of the truth, but not the fully disclosed – fully accounted for truth. What I have found and have identified by personal experience; is that there is a ‘mix’ everywhere you go – the ‘recipes’ are different but it’s a ‘mix’ nonetheless. These groups all talk past and around the ‘point’. It is like the elephant in the room that is never identified fully in any meaningful decisive way.

Satan is crafty, he’s got many believing that he doesn’t even exist and smart enough to know that the only way to get masses of people to believe a lie, is to mix that lie with mostly truth. It has been said that ‘the devil is in the details’ – I would only add ‘or in the lack thereof’ (being closer to the truth). We would do well to realize that the best deception is to deceive the deceived into a deception that is not even discerned. That is; the deceit is that the deceived never realize that they are deceived. We have to remember all of us have been born into an already ongoing deception program that we will either legitimize or leave. In other words; we will either ultimately never discern a deception and thereby legitimize the ongoing current program or we will become aware of it, try to change it and/or leave.

Samuel Clemens alias ‘Mark Twain’ once said “It is not what we don’t know that gets us into trouble; it’s what we know for sure – that just ain’t so”. Even though ‘Mark Twain’ was an agnostic – truth is truth. Even the celebrated Jewish sage Maimonides AKA ‘Rambam’ once stated that; ‘truth has to be accepted where ever you find it’. Rabbi Judah stated that; ‘we have to be diligent to study carefully; for an error in study can lead to a presumptuous sin’. My own father said, ‘anything that’s worth doin’ is worth doin’ right’. What New Covenant believer would have a problem with any one of these statements? The awareness of Jer.16:19 in our modern times is equally applicable to both Jew and Gentile.

Jer.16:19 ‘ … Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.’

There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from the Judaic Hebrew Roots of the Judeo-Christian Church. Discernment must be the watchword though – for the Talmud, Mishnah, Gamarah, Avot, Targums, etc., all contain valuable information and insights. However they can contain neutral information and sadly some absolute trash as well. Christian writings fair no better; discernment must be used viewing any writings or hearing any teaching whether Jewish or Gentile. The best that any of these writings or teachings can be is commentary – for nothing can be above or change Yah’s Word found in Torah.

Most us that have found the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith have a Church background or upbringing of some kind. We all have had to repent and turn from many things – That learning-awareness-repenting process is not over. In some cases there are those with very little to no background at all; which may be a plus when coming to the truth for there is nothing to unlearn or defend. We all must realize that we are to be on that straight and narrow path (Mt.7:13), neither turning to the right or the left (Dt.5:32 – Prv.4:27). It is crucial to realize that there is a Christian ‘Church’ ditch on one side and a ‘Rabbinic’ Jewish ditch on the other – that must be avoided.

There is a Messianic ‘Pastor’ that has changed a Sunday Church to a Messianic Jewish Assembly who did make the statement; “I am not about to give up a bunch of Church error only to embrace a bunch of Jewish error”. The intention of that statement is supremely accurate. Yet despite that correct statement many have embraced, adamantly defend and vigorously justify implementing Rabbinic and/or Orthodox Jewish error just the same. Many Messianic Assemblies exhibit a distinct slide into ever more increasing Rabbinics. The way I have said it is; ‘It’s as huge a mistake to trash everything Jewish just because it’s Jewish, as it is to embrace everything Jewish just because it’s Jewish’ – we must use discernment at all points.

“Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies” – Lutheran turned atheist Friedrich Nietzsche.

Some that have come from the Church have become embittered at the Church, incensed at the prospect that the Church could be right about anything. I remember being angry about all the truisms, omissions, voids, sidesteps, lies and error postulations myself – We have all come from a ‘let-me-tell-you-what-this-means’ program. Most of us have already had to deal with and process through the religious sophistry – in other words, we have all been taught to disregard what is plainly there. Yet we all must remember that Satan’s best tool is to mix lies and errors with truth. Even so; a large percentage of the ‘truth’ the Church does have is taught in a way that tends to support the religious error. That necessarily means that the Church does have some ‘truth’; but we must prayerfully sift through it with fully-accounted-for Biblical, Scriptural, Torah and exercised Spiritual discernment.

Because of their Torah disregarding and/or minimizing theology, what the Church has produced the most of instead of ‘fully equipped disciples’ is ill-equipped Spiritual Schizophrenics. A ‘schizophrenic’ has ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, two legs, a mouth, a nose, etc. in short he looks normal, but his view of reality is not reality. In the same way these ‘Spiritual Schizophrenics’ have a view of religious reality that does not reflect biblical reality. Plainly; religious adherence is not the same as Scriptural Obedience. The highly sophisticated ‘Rabbinics’ of Judaism have their polished version of this same ‘Spiritual Schizophrenic’ scenario.

When we hear of ‘replacement theology’ we classically think of the Church placing themselves in the place of the biblical ‘nation of Israel’ now being the recipients of the blessings once promised to Israel. They see themselves as legitimate extensions of the blessing through Abraham upon all nations – which is partially correct (a truism). Yet they do not see themselves as part of biblical Israel, nor keep the Appointed Times of the Covenant despite all the New Testament evidence to the contrary (Rom.11:25; Eph.2:12:19, etc.). Now go read Mt.15:3, Mk.7:9/:13 – Yahshua (Christ) basically says ‘you have transgressed the commandment of Yah with your traditions’ – ‘you-your’ is Jewish be it Sadducees or Pharisees i.e. Rabbis ergo Jewish ‘replacement theology’. Both the ‘Church’ and the ‘Rabbi’s’ have their own ‘replacement theology’.

Acts 15:19-21 is the clearest New Testament directive that all believers whether Jewish or Gentile (‘we’ v:21) are to be learning the words of Moses in Assembly on Shabbat. Yahshua Himself stated that ‘Moses wrote of Me’ (Jn.5:46). So; we are left with no other rational choice, if we want to learn of Yahshua HaMeshiach (Jesus) we will include the Torah. Yet there is a problem – most that revere Torah and revere Moses have nonetheless deferred to the replacement Rabbinics of the Rabbi’s. Much of the Church teachings of Law come ultimately from a Jewish and/or Rabbinic source. If we just accept what is said without studied investigation we have not learned our ex- ‘church’ error lesson very well.

Case in point; Most Orthodox, Reform, Conservative and Messianic Jews alike recite the ‘Shema’ of Dt.6:4 and the Aaronic Blessing of Num.6 saying ‘Adonai Eloheynu’ – ‘Adonai, Adonai this and that Adonai. The problem is Moses did not write ‘Adonai Eloheynu’ at Dt.6:4; he wrote ‘YHWH Elohim’. Num.6:27 uses the dynamic of Hebrew literature; restating to stress the point “ …they shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them”; That “Name” occurring four times (Num.6:22-27) is Yahweh. The third commandment Ex.20:7 of the Book of the Covenant (Ex.19:5-24:8) suffers similar abuse. So, believer you decide, are we learning the words of Moses or replacements of the Rabbi’s? Are we truly being ‘blessed’ by the disobedient as they disobey? However you feel about Nehemia Gordon – he is correct of this assessment ‘the Rabbi’s have turned what is supposed to be ‘the Aaronic Blessing’ into an “Ironic blessing”’.

Very briefly the problem is this; ‘adonai’ is a legitimate Hebrew word it occurs in scripture some 460 times. The ‘tetragrammaton’ YHWH (Yahweh) occurs close to 7,000 times. Do you see the problem? They (the Pharisaic / Rabbi’s) have taken the 5% to cover up the 95% – taking the legitimate (‘adonai’) and using it illegitimately. Like it or not, this is an example of twisting the Scripture, even worse, using Scripture to cover and obscure Scripture. Further to manipulate and alter Scripture under the most noble of pretense – Protecting His Name; – the problem is Yahweh never asks for His Name to be hidden from His people. Quite the contrary; He commands that His Name ‘Yahweh’ be placed on His people – That we use His name with caution, but that does not include ‘non-use’ – Thank you mister Rabbi, Pastor, Assembly leader sir.

I do concede that there are three main alternates of the ‘tetragrammaton’ – YHWH, YHVH and YHUH. I do also concede that none of us can know with absolute certainty what that correct pronunciation is. However; there are clues and evidences you may want to study, including; the Babylonian Jewish ‘vav’ originally being the Paleo-Hebrew ‘waw’. Clements of Alexandra (150 c.e.) phonetically sounding out the Greek: I A OU E – as ‘Yahweh’. Our own English ‘U, V, W’ showing a similarity of progression with ‘V’ being used as a ‘U’ in many Old English spellings. The fact that we say ‘double U’ but we write ‘double V’, etc. We do know one thing for certain; that ‘Adonai’ or it’s alternate ‘Lord’ is not that name – revealing Rabbinic tampering and Christian Cleric ignorance at best, disobedience at worst. Also see – or, etc.

Now that status-quo religion as usual has been exposed enough on both sides (for there is much more) – being that there is a fundamental problem with unstudied / unchecked spoon-fed theology; we can now return to our original topic – ‘The Rightly Dividing Point’. To grasp this concept; we must realize that we need to familiarize ourselves with issues we don’t normally hear of in Church or Assembly much. Like ‘the Book of the Covenant’, ‘the Book of the Law’, Covenant Class, Law Categories, Dedicated Phrases, the Melchizedek Priesthood, the Levitical Priesthood, what ‘remains’, what was ‘until’, how these covenants work, details specific to these respective covenants, etc. Realizing it is the Apostle Paul like no other; the Pharisee of Pharisee, taught at the feet of Gamaliel, excelling beyond all his peers, that tables these issues; having learned the Gospel from the risen Yahshua (Gal.1:11-12).

What I will say about the Apostle Paul is that he is an equal opportunity offender. He is not completely flattering to the status-quo Christian theology of the Christian Church. Oh; I know they pick-a-mix and ignore the rest, but when the whole counsel of Paul is allowed to weigh in; that error is revealed for what it is. He is not completely flattering to the Pharisaic – Rabbinics of Bible-period and post-modern Judaism. Messianics also have their own stealth and vested interests for doing so when quoting selected Pauline snippets. Other Messianics and other quasi-Torah observant groups ignore Paul and his New Testament evidences of Torah accounts contribution of assessments all together. This would certainly include the various factions of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism; further inclusive of the 1ce believing now Yahshua denying Anti-Missionaries.

First; If I walked up to you and said ‘let’s talk about law’. With nothing else said would you know what to think? No, you would not. You would not know which ‘law’ or which category of law was being addressed until it was either initially identified or we started speaking. There are many types of ‘law’; Corporate, Civil, Criminal, Common, Canon, Maritime, Municipal, State, Federal, Gravity, Physics, Math, etc. Paul identifies 16 of 19 categories of law in your New Testament – The Law of; Rom.3 faith, works; Rom.7 [marriage v:1-4], (God), my members, the mind, sin, death; Rom.8 the spirit; Rom.9 righteousness; 1Cor.9 Moses; Gal.9 (Christ); Eph.2 commandments contained in ordinances; Heb.7 under the Levitical Priesthood (v:11). carnal commandment; and Jms.1 throws in the perfect law of liberty and; Jms.2 ‘the royal law’. Of course Yahshua at Mat.19 identifies keeping the commandments and that along with Paul also indirectly identifies another ‘law’ – Covenant Law (Heb.10:29). – So believer; when the church correctly but non-specifically says; ‘we’re not under the law’ – which one are they talk’n about? –

Acts 17:11 is usually mis-quoted or sloppily butchered; it reads – “These (Jews v:10) were more noble than those (Jews v:1) in Thessalonica, for they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so”.

A ‘ready’ mind is not a closed mind. Weigh the evidence; study this out – add to your faith understanding – add to your understanding knowledge – add to your knowledge wisdom and to your wisdom resolve. (Eph.4:14)

Let’s deal with the primary objection first – I usually hear ‘you’re diminishing Torah’, you can’t divide the law, Paul makes no distinction of the law, the Torah is the Torah and cannot be divided, Yahshua said ‘I came not to abolish but to fulfill’, etc. I then ask: ‘does that include Gen.49:10’? Of course it would!

Gen.49:10 ‘The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; …’ (Shiloh – epithet [another name] for Messiah i.e. Yahshua)

This is more than a pronouncement (which is fundamental in itself) this is prophesy – ‘until’ being an awareness of impending change. That some would very much like to explain away. They would have a much easier time if it weren’t for the fact that the Apostle Paul gives evidence of this ‘change’ in the New Testament. The question to ask is; ‘where’d he get this stuff – Rabbi School?’ If that were so, the world should be filled with this knowledge but it’s not.

As you continue beware of what ‘olam’ means in Hebrew;

Gal 3:19 ‘Wherefore then serveth the law? (the Book of the Law v:10) It was added because of transgressions, till the seed should come to whom the promise was made; …‘

Heb 9:10 ‘Which stood only in meats and drinks, and divers washings, and carnal ordinances, imposed on them until the time of *reformation*.’ (specifically) ‘Messianic restoration’.

Act 3:21 ‘ … until the times of restitution of all things …’ (from Peter v:12)

Heb 7:12 ‘For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.’ (Please read Heb.7:1-17 for your full edification enjoyment)

Remember Torah also states ‘that in the witness of two or three the matter is established’ (Dt.19:15). This then is the awareness we must realize – It is not a change of Torah to enact the change in Torah; that has in fact always been right there in the pages of Torah, i.e. the first five books of Moses. ‘What a revolt’n development’ – Yosemite Sam. The truth of the matter becomes, to refuse the change that has always been there is to ‘diminish ought’ from Torah (Dt.4:2; 12:32).

Prv.25:2 It is the glory of Yah to hide a matter: … it is the honour of kings to search it out.

2Cor. 3:11 ‘if that which is done away was glorious, much more that which remains is glorious.’

Now let’s deal with ‘remain’; for we have a problem. We intelligently know that ‘remain’ cannot be ‘remain’ unless something was established before – Right? But by the same token there is no awareness sense to use ‘remain’ as an informational marker in a sentence unless something did not ‘remain’ – Right? What we now have is a ‘both-and’ situation not an ‘either or’ – we have to use discernment. For that we must let the Bible interpret itself. The Apostle Paul is an indispensable resource, for he deals with these Gospel-Torah matters guided by Yahshua (Gal.1:11-12) studied for three years (v:18).

The Bible is one book; Dr. Chuck Missler rightly states that “the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed”. Those that say that ‘Brit HaDasha’ actually means the re-new-ed covenant tend to ignore that ‘dasha’ defined both can mean ‘new’ and ‘re-new-ed’. There are issues and components that are brand new; but the ‘new’ (‘dasha’) of the New Testament also contains issues that have always been there from the beginning i.e. ‘re-new-ed’. This again is a ‘both-and’ situation not an ‘either-or’; one or the other choice. We must use Bible interpreting Bible discernment to know beyond all doubt what ‘remains’, what did not, what is ‘new’ and what is not.

Some tend to ignore the text of the Bible for they have the ‘Spirit’. While it is true that the Word is dead without the Spirit – for the Word has to be spiritually revealed; the wrong spirit without the Word is death. 1 Jn. 4:1 directs us to ‘test’ the spirits to know if they are from Yah. To test the spirits (which would include Yah’s Set-Apart Spirit) your gonna need to know or at least know how to find these things in your Bible; for any spirit from Yah will never violate, conceal, manipulate or misrepresent Yah’s Word, i.e. What we call the Bible. In fact Jn.14:26 says Yah’s Spirit will bring all things to your remembrance – but that presupposes that you took the time to read and know it in the first place. This would include the evidences of Paul – on that note let’s continue.

Eph.2:12 ‘That at that time ye (former Gentiles v:11) were without Messiah (Christ), being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, without Yah in the world: …’

The term ‘the covenants of promise’ is a dedicated phrase. It has to do with those covenants that can be directly attached to Abraham’s Gen.15 Promise. These covenants primarily issue from that covenant Yahweh made with Abraham (and his descendants) – usually known as Abraham’s Promise Covenant of Gen.15. There are issues to consider between the ‘Oath’ of Gen.12 and the ‘Covenant’ of Gen.15 and the ancient rite of covenant cutting; but that will be for another article (if there is interest). Yahweh states to Abraham at Gen.15:13 that his descendants would be strangers, afflicted and serving in a land that was not theirs for ‘400 years’ but would come out ‘in the fourth generation’ (v:16).

It would be helpful to understand a few points most have never heard of; one being the law of ‘first mention’ – being defined as the place in the Bible where an issue is first mentioned is usually the most defining. Also there is a law of last mention that helps to identify the parameters of certain biblical issues.

Abraham’s descendants were slaves in Egypt and did come out ‘in the fourth generation’ – this brings us to the 1st Passover in the 1st month (Ex.12:2). This takes us to Sinai ‘in the 3rd month’ (Ex.19:1). Not many have heard of ‘the Book of the Covenant’ let alone where to find it or how to define it. ‘The Book of the Covenant’ is found at Ex.19:5 to 24:8. The term ‘Book of the Covenant’ is stated at Ex.24:7. The parameters are established by the pre-acceptance (initial accepting) of Ex.19:7-8 and post acceptance (final accepting) of the people being Ex.24:7-8. This is identical to a modern day contract – signing before and after); with the opening words by Yahweh being Ex.19:5-6. Peter identifies YHWH’s same initial proposal of Ex.19:5-6 ‘if you will heed my voice’ at 1Pt.2:9 – ‘you have been called’). Hence ‘the Book of the Covenant’ (Here after BotC) is Ex.19:5-24:8 (first and last mentions in Torah).

If you ask your Pastor or Rabbi about the Book of the Covenant; he will invariably tell you that it is the same as the Book of the Law; for this is what is taught in yeshiva and seminary. And that is what you will find in virtually all the commentaries. There is a reason for this confusion – the phrase ‘Book of the Covenant’ only occurs in the Bible 3 times, while the phrase ‘Book of the Law’ (Here after BotL) occurs some 19 times; with 1 of those times being the only mention in the New Testament by Paul at Gal.3:10 (this will be defining).

Ex.24:7, 2Kg.23:2 and 2Chr.34:30 are the only 3 Bible mentions of ‘the Book of the Covenant’. Please note Ex.24:7 is from Torah; specifically the actual account of ‘the Book of the Covenant’; the other 2 are not. 2Kg. and 2Chr. are narrative accounts of rediscovery – that do seem to use these titles (BotC and BotL) interchangeably. We must realize that after King Solomon – Israel (actually the House of Judah) under Jeroboam slipped into apostasy. This apostasy vacillated back and forth continuing into the reign of Ahaz. It was Josiah that determined to set things right. Israel had not been keeping Torah for decades past any ones remembrance. Yet these confused accounts of re – implementing somehow are used to redefine Torah to a conclusion (being the BotC is the BotL) that Torah clearly does not define or support. And that without a thought of going to Torah first or deferring (giving place) to what Yahweh’s Torah actually defines.

You can view my Covenant Chart at

Gen.15 is the ‘Promise Covenant’ – ‘The Book of the Covenant’ (Ex.19:5-24:8 – also called ‘the inheritance’ at Gal. 3:18) is the ‘Answer’ to the Promise made 430 years earlier (Gal. 3:17/Ex.12:41- Gen 15:13/16). Paul tells us that once a covenant is ‘confirmed’, i.e. ‘ratified’ you can neither add to it or take anything away from it (Gal. 3:15). This is huge; for that means that the ‘law’ spoken of at Ex. 24:12 is not – nor can it ever be covenant. This will be explained later being that Ex.24:12 is that place of first mention for what will be revealed as the parameters of the Book of the Law – With Dt. 31:26 being that law of last mention; being Moses’ closing words actually coining the name ‘Book of the Law’. This has great bearing on the Apostle Paul’s Col. 2:14 and what was “nailed” that was ‘Against Us’. (If you still question ‘Against’ please read all of Dt. 31 yourself)

Dt. 31:26 Take this book of the law, and put it in the side of the ark of the covenant of YHWH your Elohim, that it may be there for a *witness against* you.

The Book of the Covenant could not be ‘Against Us’; it was the Marriage Ketubah – it is how YHWH married Abraham’s descendants to become YHWH’s family. (Ketubah – Hebrew Binding Marriage Proposal). Is your marriage vows against you? Confused? – ask your wife; go ahead I dare you ;-).

Jer. 31:32 ‘ … although I was an husband unto them, saith the YHWH: …’

Notice – Paul again is using a dynamic of Hebrew literature (repeating to stress the point) in your KJV (Greek) New Testament – Gal.3:17 and :18 are structured in the same 1, 2, 3 order – Please note the number pointing. (See my Covenant Chart at

Gal 3:17 And this I say, that the covenant (1), that was confirmed before …, the law (2), which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise (3) of none effect. :18 For if the inheritance (1) be of the law (2), it is no more of promise (3): but Yah gave it to Abraham by promise (3). (KJV)

Note that (BotC) covenant is the inheritance answer to the promise covenant made at Gen.15. Also note that the inheritance covenant, i.e. the BotC (1) along with the promise (3) made at Gen.15 are NOT part of the ‘law’ (2).

Note – ‘Torah’ bastardized to mean ‘Law’ does not contain the word or meaning of ‘law’ in it’s ‘root word’ make up. ‘Torah’ purely means – The Successive Light of Teaching and Instruction. The Torah instructs on and evidences many things; including; Creation, History, Life Accounts, Narratives, Protocols, Blessings, Cursings, Vows, Oaths, Melchizedek Issues, Levitical Issues, Prophecies, Pronouncements, Covenants and Laws, etc.

Gal 3:19 ‘Wherefore then serveth the law? It was added because of transgressions, till the seed should come to whom the promise was made …’

Gal 3:19 becomes interesting as both an oddity and a comedy. It is a ‘conundrum’ that must be unpacked. Paul just got through jumping through hoops to tell us that the Covenant and the Promise are not part of the Law. The law Paul is speaking of is none other than ‘The Book of the Law’ (Gal 3:10) that is not part of the Covenant – that cannot be mixed in as Covenant. Now watch this; v:19 ‘Wherefore then serveth the law (BotL v:10). It was added because of transgressions …’ -??? – Transgressions? To what? The Law? Are we really to conclude that the law, was ‘added’ to the law, because of transgressions to the law? – Sorry folks, but that does not make any sense. Neither does the Torah being added to Torah …The only way that Gal 3:19 makes sense in light of v:17 & :18 is that the ‘Law’ which could never be Covenant was ‘added’ (along side) next to the Covenant because of ‘transgressions’ against the Covenant. That makes absolute sense.

The ‘Book of the Covenant ‘ is a Blood Ratified Covenant (Gal.3:15/Ex.24:8). Your own marriage – Human marriage is a Blood Ratified Covenant. If either spouse breaches that Marriage Covenant there is nothing in that covenant that legally judicates that infraction or breach of that covenant. You have to go to a court or magistrate of law that is outside that marriage covenant. In the same way Paul at Rom. 7:1-4 explains an aspect of the Salvation Covenant (which is a Blood Ratified) using the example of human marriage that is also a ‘Blood Ratified’ covenant – Both being Melchizedek Priesthood covenants (to be explained later if there is room or perhaps in another article).

It is further of interest to note that the word ‘added’ (Gal 3:19) is translated from the Greek word ‘prostithemi’ – you can almost hear it; this is the family of Greek words that we understand in our English as ‘prosthetics’ and ‘prostheses’. If you lost an arm, you could put a ‘prosthetic’ – ‘added’ limb shape up against your body and cast the shadow of a whole body – but – you will never wiggle those fingers. In the same way the ‘added’/’prostithemi’ law cannot operate as covenant, just like that ‘prosthetic’ – ‘added’ limb cannot operate as the body. Rom.5:20 punctuates (explains) the same ‘law’ idea; the Greek word ‘pareiserchomai’ translated ‘entered’ means to ‘come in alongside’.

Gal 3:17 has another awareness – along with being the exact word picture of Ex .24; it also punctuates (verifies) the 400 year / 4th generation verbiage of Gen.15:13 & :16; with this awareness. Being that both the Inheritance Book of the Covenant and ‘the law’ which became ‘the Book of the Law (Gal.3:10/Dt.31:26) came on the scene at virtually the same proximity time frame. ‘Both’ (BotC Ex.19:5-24:8 and the ‘law’ Ex.24:12 i.e. 40 days and nights later) ‘Both’ being 430 years (and some 3 – 4 months) after the Gen.15 promise.

Now we have enough information to distinguish between the Melchizedek Priesthood and its issues and the Levitical Priesthood and its issues. When YHWH said;
“Ex.19:5 ‘… if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: :6 And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel. ”

Just exactly which priesthood was that? This is simple; there are only 2 mentioned in your Bible – the Melchizedek Priesthood and the Levitical Priesthood. Some wanting to appear scholarly and not wanting to admit the obvious try to opt for a 3rd choice with assertions of a ‘priesthood of God’ – they don’t seem to realize they have just snagged themselves for the only 2 mentions in the Bible (Gen.14 and Heb.7) are tied directly to the Melchizedek Priesthood. Then there are those that assert ‘Aaron and His Sons’ as a 3rd choice. However Heb.7:11 all by itself shows that the Aaronic Priesthood is the Levitical Priesthood (Aaron being a Levite).

So; What priesthood was that? There was no such thing as an Aaronic / Levitical Priesthood at Ex.19:5-6. No one had ever heard of a Levi Tribe only priesthood at that point. The only choice left is the Melchizedek Priesthood. Rabbinic types will assert that Levi was given the priesthood long before the covenant at Sinai – sighting the Talmud, Mishnah, other writings and Gen. 49:5. As stated; the best these Beyond Scripture / non-Torah writings can aspire to is commentary. Nothing can be above Torah – Nothing! Gen.49:5 is Torah; it reveals a curse on both Simeon and Levi for actions taken at Gen. 34 involving both (only) Simeon and Levi – Now; ask yourself – Self; how can anyone split that verse (Gen. 49:5) in half, wrench a priesthood (verbiage that is not there) for only Levi and cookie cut Simeon out of the picture?

So what we see at Ex.19:5-6 is Yahweh’s offer that if the people would keep the covenant, they would be His Kingdom of (Melchizedek) Priests. This was Plan ‘A’; that was lost with the Gold Calf incident of Ex.32 that thrust the Israelites into the Levitical Priesthood that was at best a damage control Plan ‘B’. There is a huge difference between being ‘a nation of priests’ and ‘a nation with priests’. Most of the Hebrew Root Teachers teach the cyclical nature of Hebrew – that is, it cycles – if you want to know the future; look to the beginning. We under Yahshua revert back to the original Melchizedek Priesthood Plan ‘A’. The same offer (of Ex.19:5-6) being identified at 1Ptr.2:9.

We; you, I, all of us are being called (1Ptr.2:9) into the original Melchizedek Priesthood – Under Yahshua our Melchizedek (Heb.9:11) High Priest. Most of us including Yahshua (Heb.7:13) could never be Levitical Priests; for the majority of us (including Yahshua) did not come from the Tribe of Levi (Heb.7:14). By way of clarity through definition – the Hebrew Melek means King and Zedek means Righteousness ergo, Melchizedek means -The King of Righteousness – ergo “the royal priesthood” (1Ptr .2:9). And the ‘royal law’ (Jms. 2:8). Our calling is even attested to in Revelation (Rev.1:6 & 5:10) that directly attaches back to ‘Plan ‘A’ – Ex.19:5-6 through 1Ptr. 2:9 post-crucifixition (Heb. 7:14 & 8:4)

Heb.7:12 For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.

This is not a change to ‘no law’ – this is not a change to ‘no priesthood’. This ‘change’ is a reversion back to the original Melchizedek Priesthood – a reversion back to Plan ‘A’ in the parameters of Melchizedek Priesthood Law – both Covenant and non-Covenant. Examples of Melchizedek non-Covenant Law issues would include; Passover, Redeeming of the first Born, Clean Meats, New Moons, Jubilee Year, Day of Atonement and the like not found in the Book of the Covenant at Ex 19:5-24:8; but stated (including evidenced) before/between the balance of Gen.1:1 to Ex.24:8 (actually v:11 – for Ex.24:9-11 is the Melchizedek Covenant Confirming Meal. (to be explained if there is room)

What does the Melchizedek Priesthood Book of the Covenant (Ex19:5-24:8) contain? The high points include – Ex.19 proposal, pre-acceptance and the nation sanctified (Set-Apart), Ex. 20 The 10 Commandments, the people’s request not to hear YHWH’s voice, Ex. 21 The Judgments that include – Ex. 22 Civil Codes, Ex. 23 National Appointed Times, 7th year Sabbath (Feast Days expanded at Lev. 23), Ex.24 post acceptance and final acceptance (Note – one at v:3 “all the words of YHWH and all the judgments”, and again at v:7), Blood Ratification and a Covenant Confirming Meal (v:9-11).

All Melchizedek Priesthood Covenants of Promise must have 1] a Proposal, 2] an Agreement, 3] a Blood Ratification 4] a Covenant Confirming Meal & 5] a direct attachment to Abraham’s Promise Covenant at Gen.15 (Please check – the other covenants do not have all of these considerations). Note other ratifications – salt, shoe, threshold & oath.

These Covenants of Promise include 1] Gen.15 The Promise Covenant, 2] The Book of the Covenant (Ex 19:5- 24:8 – the Answer to the Promise), 3] The New/re-New-ed Covenant (Jer. 31:31-33/Lk. 22:20/Heb. 8:8-10) 4] the Marriage of the Lamb (Rev.19:7) and a legitimate attachment to 5] being the ‘Oath’ (Yah’s promise vow at Gen.12/Heb. 6:13).

If you would like a more detailed exhaustive summary of these and other Covenant Issues – consider ordering my book – ‘The Covenants of Promise’ ISBN: 978-1-103-07046-4 at for other options (including PDF download with Covenant Chart, my dissertation) visit my website – (use internet explorer).

Clearly stated; the parameters of the Book of the Covenant (BotC) are Ex.19:5 (consistent with the law of first mention) to Ex. 24:8 (consistent with the law of last mention including the given name at v:7). Also clearly stated, the parameters of the Book of the Law (BotL) are Ex. 24:12 (consistent with the law of first mention) to Dt. 31:26 (consistent with the law of last mention including the given name at v:26).

Now let’s deal with the law side of the ‘Rightly Dividing’ point. Some of you may want to ask; ‘hold the phone’ – how can you say that Ex. 24:12 is the start of the Book of the Law? There is no Levitical Priesthood at this point either. Which would both be a valid question and statement.

We have to account for and understand a few points. One being as stated; the law of first mention and the law of last mention. Another is realizing that Ex. 24:12 is the 4th call up on the Mount that turns out to be the start of the infamous 40 days and 40 nights. With the Book of the Covenant already having been Blood Ratified; decisively meaning that nothing can be added or taken away (Gal.3:15). The Ex. 24:12 statement includes ‘come up here; I will give you … a law … I have written’ – Not that we’ve agreed to. YHWH understands and abides by Law including the Law of a sealed ratified no plus no minus covenant. That’s why we can trust Him. By the same token YHWH knowing the end from the beginning, knew what the Israelites would do – make a Golden Calf that would break the covenant and that in less than 40 days (Ex. 32). Note – Aaron himself made the Gold Calf. He also was no longer eligible to be a Melchizedek Priest.

The point is that from Ex. 24:12 to Ex. 32:1, the people had no idea what Moses was doing, where he was, what he was getting, or how long he’d be. Ex. 24:12 to Ex. 32:1 takes in the complete 40 days and 40 nights. Moses was getting an instruction that would double as a damage control back-up plan, i.e. Plan ‘B’. It isn’t till Ex. 27:21 that Aaron and his son’s are even mentioned. Paul makes a defining statement at Heb. 7:11;

Heb 7:11 ‘If .. perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, for under it the people received the law..’

Now I can make my point – to do so I must ask the question; ‘in Hebrew thought, when does life begin? – at Birth or Conception?’ Conception – right? Ex. 24:12 is the conception point of the ‘Law’ (post-covenant) that brought the Levitical Priesthood that the people had no idea about until Moses came down the mountain, but by then they had already breached the Covenant with the Golden Calf (Ex. 32), and were now under the Levitical priesthood provision. Israel no longer would be; because of their covenant breach, a nation of (Melchizedek) priests (Ex.19:5-6); They would now (post covenant breach) be a nation with Levite priests (Ex. 40:13-15/Num. 8:16-19).

So Paul’s cryptic assessment at Heb.7:11 is correct. I do realize there are those that dispute Paul being the writer of the New Testament chapter called ‘Hebrews’. I have no doubt that Paul; whether the actual writer or not was the originating author of ‘Hebrews’. Whether pen written by Paul or a student, contemporary, disciple or scribe of Paul; Hebrews agrees so very closely with the rest of Paul’s New Testament evidences of Torah, dispute virtually evaporates. Those that discount or outright reject Paul, have to discount or outright reject his claim that he was taught the Gospel by Yahshua (Gal.1:11-12). They do so at their own peril.

2 Ptr. 3:15 And account that the longsuffering of YHWH is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given to him has written to you; :16 As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable twist, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.

It is taught in wilderness survival training, that there are 2 main reasons why people get and stay lost. 1] No remembered awareness – (forgetting the meadow, hill, boulder, tree-stand, river-fork, etc. you passed). 2] Disregarding those things that would indicate direction – (sun-rise, sun-set, moon-rise, star pattern, river-flow, compass setting, etc.). It is identically the same with the Bible, there are 2 main reasons why people get and stay lost. 1] No remembered awareness (Jms.1:25); and 2] Disregarding those things that would indicate direction (2 Ptr. 3:16/1 Tm.1:7).

There is one particular objection that must be addressed. Some Church taught believers appeal to various apparent ‘proofs’ that only the 10 commandments are the covenant. Sadly there are revered ‘scholars’, preachers and teachers that tend to or outright assert the same error. Some ‘scholars’ appeal to the fact that the people asked (which was granted) not to hear YHWH’s audible Voice (Ex. 20:19) which is then wrenched to prove the people only accepted what we call ‘the 10 Commandments’ as ‘the covenant’. They also appeal to such verses as Dt. 5:22 ‘and He added no more’; They disregard Dt. 5:1’…Hear, O Israel, the statutes and judgments …’, Dt. 5:4 ‘…face to face in the mount out of the midst of the fire…’; Even disregarding what Dt.5: 22 actually says;

Dt. 5:22 These words (including Dt. 5:1) YHWH spake unto all your assembly in the mount out of the midst of the fire, of the cloud, and of the thick darkness, with a great voice: and he added no more. And he wrote them in two tables of stone, and delivered them unto me.

The Hebrew word can also mean ‘as for a truth’, now it reads ‘he added as for a truth more’.

Dt.5:31 But as for thee (Moses), stand thou here by me, and I will speak unto thee ‘all’ the words, commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments, which thou shalt teach them, that they may do them in the land which I give them to possess it.

Now couple this with; Dt.9:10 And YHWH delivered unto me two tablets of stone written with the finger of Yah; and on them was written according to ‘all’ the words, which YHWH spake with you in the mount out of the midst of the fire in the day of the assembly.

When we see ‘the tablets of stone’ – we think of what we call the ten commandments. The phrase ‘ten commandments’ only occurs in your Bible 3 times. The word ‘ten’ comes from the Hebrew #6235 which comes from #6237 equal to # 6240 (all 3 same Hebrew spelling) – it can mean to the extent of the digits (as multiples of 10), including six score thousand ‘120,000’. This is the strongest biblical proof that the entire Book of the Covenant was written on those stone tablets – after all they were written front and back (Ex.32:15) and Moses did have 40 days, Yah was doing the writing (Charlton Heston style :-) ) and it was the hard copy confirmation of the Marriage style Family Katubah Book of the Covenant. And Moses either directly said or heavily alluded to ‘ALL’. And they were placed in the Ark of the? What? Ten Commandments? Partial covenant? Half covenant? Just the part you like – “Covenant”?

Dt.10:4 And he wrote on the tablets, according to the first writing, the ten commandments, which YHWH spake unto you in the mount out of the midst of the fire in the day of the assembly: and YHWH gave them unto me.

Deuteronomy is only the witness (a re-telling). A covenant has to be ratified. When I ask; ‘Where were only the 10 commandments blood ratified’? – of the ones that do answer; invariably the answer will be Ex. 24:7-8. I then point them to v:3 – which is the actual account of the actual event of the entire Book of the Covenant;

Ex. 24:3 ‘And Moses came and told the people ‘all’ the words of YHWH, ‘and’ ‘all’ the judgments: ‘and’ ‘all’ the people answered with one voice, ‘and’ said, ‘All’ the words which YHWH hath said will we do.’ *This is the 1st post acceptance of the entire Covenant Ex.19:5-24:8, the 2nd is v:7.*

Note – From the Blood Ratified Book of the Covenant; Ex. 21:1 “…these are the judgments…” – Ex. 24:3 “… ‘all’ the words … ‘and’ ‘all’ the judgments …”

Note – ‘in the day of the assembly’ is specific; coupled with all the other information evidence (in the mount, lightening, thunder, fire, smoke, voice, spake with you, will do, etc.) it can only mean the event of the Book of the Covenant (Ex.19:5-24:8 – specifically ‘the day’ of the assembly is Ex.19:16-24:3). There is a world of difference between ‘in the (1) day of (all) the assembly’ and the ’40 days’ of the one man Moses –who neither ate nor slept; that’s a lot of time!

OK; lets recap and put this all together, with an observational word of caution. Eph. 2:12 Tells us of ‘the covenants of promise’. This is a dedicated phrase. This subset class of covenants (absolutely part of the entire biblical covenant system) attach directly to the Promise Covenant made with Abraham by YHWH at Gen.15. This ‘promise’ to Abraham (and his descendants) had to have an ‘answer’. The Book of the Covenant (Ex.19:5-24:8) ratified 430 years later by Abraham’s descendants was that ‘Answer’. Up to this point, this was all under the Melchizedek Priesthood with the people originally being called into that same Melchizedek – The King of Righteousness – Priesthood (Ex.19:5-6/1 Ptr. 2:9).

The same ‘Plan A’ priesthood we are being called back into – under Yahshua our High (‘Melchizedek’) Priest. But the people broke the covenant (Jer. 31:31-33 see v:32) by making the ‘Golden Calf’. They defiled themselves; they broke the covenant and were no longer eligible to be that Nation ‘of’ (Melchizedek) Priests. They would now be a ‘Plan B’ Nation ‘with’ (Levitical) Priests. Ex. 24:12 is the introduction of that law (outside the already Blood Ratified Covenant v:8) that brought in the Levitical Priesthood (Ex. 40:13-15). Gal. 3:15 states that once a covenant is confirmed (ratified/confirmed) no one (including Yahweh) can add or take away even one thing. You either keep it or break it.

That brings us to the ‘Rightly Dividing Point’ – The Book of the Covenant (Ex.19:5-24:8) is a Melchizedek Priesthood Covenant. The Melchizedek Priesthood is eternal, spanning from Pre-Creation to Re-Creation. That Melchizedek Priesthood preeminence (even though eternal) spanned biblically from Gen.1:1 to Ex. 24:8 (actually v:11) until The Law (outside the already Blood Ratified Covenant v:8) that enacted the more directly eminent Levitical Priesthood because of the ‘Golden Calf’ covenant breach. The Melchizedek Priesthood is Spiritual; it is eternal it has never gone away (Heb.7:3). But the people transgressed/broke the covenant and made themselves ineligible to be Melchizedek Priests and a nation ‘of ‘ – they then were placed under a more direct form of micro-managing instruction of a more imminent, organic Levitical Priesthood. The best word picture to describe this situation is a smaller umbrella under a much bigger – all encompassing umbrella. (Heb. 7:7) – The larger / greater Melchizedek umbrella never went away.

It should be clear by now that The Melchizedek Book of the Covenant does contain Melchizedek Covenant Law that is still binding that is not the same as the Levitical Book of the Law. That being said, caution must be stressed – this is not a ‘party hardy’ – total ‘free skate’! I have identified the parameters of the Levitical Book of the Law as Ex. 24:12 to Dt. 31:26. We are no longer under a Levitical Priesthood with its Levitical Law (the specific particular law point that the Christian Church is right about), that does not ‘remain’ (2 Cor. 3:11/13). However; there are many Melchizedek Priesthood issues that have been re-stated in the Levitical Book of the Law (Ex.24:12 to Dt.31:26) under the Levitical Priesthood – originally stated before this Law under the Melchizedek Priesthood (Gen.1:1 to Ex. 24:11). These stand in their original Melchizedek place and therefore ‘remain’ (2 Cor. 3:11). We must examine what has been thrust on us, what will be thrust on us; both the unconsidered and re-examine what we thought we knew – in the way we thought we knew it.

2 Cor. 3:13 ‘…that the children of Israel could not steadfastly look to the end of that which is abolished: …’

The Rightly Dividing Point is to have a Biblically Rightly Dividing Tool – a jig, a model, a comparison to compare and measure Biblical issues by. You want to obey? – Perfect! But to do that we must know both what obedience is and more importantly, what obedience is not (Isa.1:12). We have been presented many things over the years – a list of dos and don’ts, varied Church and Rabbinic expectations and omissions, a dress code that includes – kippa’s, prayer shawls, zitzits (that include Rabbinic wraps and knots not found in Torah), beards, phylacteries, tefillin, 5 to 9 different lists of the 613 laws, a growing list of ‘Noahide’ laws that mix Melchizedek and Levitical issues and Rabbinic perspectives including halakah, manufactured constructs of various sorts, Circumcision, Oral Torah, Talmud, etc.

Messianics (including Hebrew roots) are besieged with many issues; some of which we have never heard of before – Lunar Sabbath, morning to morning Sabbath, daylight only Sabbath, Mow’edim issues – 2 days of Passover?, Do we eat on the 14th or the 15th?, Barley or equinox? Abib 16 or the day after the weekly Sabbath?, Shavout – is it the day after the 7th Sabbath or in the middle of the week?, which calendar to follow, when is the New Moon – sighted, dark or conjunction? Wranglings over the Day of Atonement, Yom Teruah or Rosh haShanah or Ex.12:2 ?, Babylonian pagan names of Jewish days and months not found in Torah – on and on and more on top and more to come, no doubt.

We seriously need a Rightly Dividing tool to divide through all this subjective ambiguity, schizophrenic imagination, truistic assertions, religious wranglings, ill-researched errors and outright lies to find Yah’s Melek Zedek Truth. To do that we must know; what is Covenant and what is not? – What is Melchizedek and what is Levitical? – What does Torah say? – What do the actual accounts evidence? – What did Yahshua actually say?, What did Yahshua teach Paul and the other Disciples? – What ‘remains? What was until ? We must allow the Bible to interpret the Bible – Yah’s Truth.

We are to be in Unity. We claim and attest to Unity. Consider this final awareness: If the Church would ‘rightly divide’ between Covenant issues and law issues, factoring back in Melchizedek Covenant – and – If the Rabbinic Jews would ‘rightly divide’ between Covenant issues and law issues, factoring out Levitical law. Then we would be standing on the same Melchizedek Covenant in a unity like we can only claim and attest to – But have (to this point) never known.

OK; since there’s room – A Covenant Confirming Meal is attached to all ‘Covenants of Promise’ – Your own marriage had a reception- Right? This is the first time that the Bride’s family and the Groom’s family, who just witnessed the Marriage Covenant Vows between their Son and Daughter will sit together in a ‘common-meal’ in ‘common–union’ (AKA ‘communion’) confirming that same Marriage Covenant. This is identical to the events of Ex. 24:9-11. That means that your Bible based marriage is a Melchizedek Covenant within the Melchizedek Covenants. The Rabbi or Parson usually recites Genesis Creation accounts – these too are under the eternal Melchizedek Priesthood. This awareness should be included in all biblical Marriage proceedings. Rev 3:20 in particular contains Covenant dedicated phrasing.

Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. (‘my voice’ Ex.19:5-6 – ‘sup’ Ex. 24:9-11- BotC)

One last observation – I am finite – I don’t and can’t know everything; I strive to maintain an attitude that remains teachable – but – Yah has caused me to know some things. Three things I have learned about ‘The Truth’;
1) Volume will never make a lie a Truth.
2) Repetition will never make a lie a Truth.
3) Ignoring the details of The Truth will never make you honest.

‘The Rightly Dividing Point’ – by Dr. David L. Perry Th.D. © 11/ 11/ 2011 – adapted from his research and his book entitled ‘The Covenants of Promise’ also Look for ‘Back to the Melchizedek Future’ which can be obtained at for other options (including a scanible PDF with Chart, Dissertation, Poems & more ) visit his website –

Search Daily, Choose Wisely, Love ‘in Spirit and in (Fully-Accounted-For) Truth’ – Yah’s Esteem and Blessings

Melkizedeq Shavuot

Melkizedeq Shavuot

According to biblical record (Exodus 19:1); and even Jewish and Rabbinic tradition, it was during Shavuot (Pentecost) when YHWH betrothed His people Israel (all 12 Tribes + Converts) at Mount Sinai. Not only the Marriage vows but the Melkizedeq Priesthood was given (Exodus 19:5-6) when the people spoke with one voice, saying, “All YHWH has spoken, we will do” (Exodus 19:7-8). And the marriage contract, or ketubah, was written down in the form of the Book of the Covenant (Exodus 24:7-8) finalized – and confirmed with a Covenant Confirming Meal (Exodus 24:9-11) recorded in Torah— which in total (the 1st 5 books of Moses) represents YHWH’s revealed truth to us (Jn.7:16).

In the New Testament, the outpouring of the Set-Apart Spirit upon Yahshua’s disciples also occurred on Shavuot (see Acts 2:1+). This New Testament from the Old Testament App’td Time festival therefore celebrates true biblical worship that includes the return of the Melkizedeq Priesthood. Yahweh gave both the Truth of His Word (recorded in Torah), His Spirit and His Melkizedeq Priesthood (1Ptr.2:9) on Shavuot, thus enabling His people to truly worship in Spirit and Truth. Yet Israel only took 40 days to break this most awesome offer of Yahweh; and was thrown under a Plan ‘B’ Levitical Priesthood (Num.3:12/2Cor.3:11) that was certainly more glorious than complete annihilation (Ex.32:10).

YHWH is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth. (John 4:24).

Heb 7:11 If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people received the law,) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron? (2Cor.3:11)
Heb 7:12 For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law. (change – a reversion back to the original Plan ‘A’ Melkizedeq Priesthood – 2Cor.3:13)

As worshipers of YHWH the Elohim, King (Melek) of Israel, we should strive to walk in that perfect unity of Spirit and Truth in His Melkizedeq Priesthood. According to Scripture, those are the worshipers that Yah is looking for.

So many even today; the Church, Messianic (et. al), Jews (et. al) gloss over, ignore and completely miss and therefore will Not teach the Sinai Covenant Melkizedeq importance of Shavuot/Pentecost as it pertains to the giving of the Melkizedeq Priesthood – Or worse; if they acknowledge it at all they derail & defend against it upholding continued Levitical Law – while calling us to Spirit and Truth unity. ???

When the Spirit fell in Acts 2 it was in direct response to and behest of the crucified and risen Yahshua; now free from Levitical law to be our Melkizedeq High Priest calling us into that same Melkizedeq Priesthood (1Ptr.2:9/Rev.5:10) – Minus the Levitical law (Heb.7:11-12)

We with clean hands, a clean heart, a clean spirit, with the mind of Yahshua – the Melkizedeq mind of Yahshua; need to & ought to pray fervently for the ‘Latter Rain’ to fall on us that believe in Yahshua our Melkizedeq High Priest and for those who have yet to hear, understand, believe and accept.

Why is it important to have that balance? What does it mean to worship in Truth? What does it mean to be sensitive to the Set-Apart Spirit? Spirit and Truth unity has to be understood in that there is 1 Spirit, 1 Truth, 1 New Man, 1 Mind, 1 New Covenant – Agreeing with, Based on, Answering to 1 Torah (Ps.138:2 / Isa.8:20 / Jn.7:16); that included ‘Change’ (Gen.49:10 / Gal.3:19) that is under Yahshua our Melkizedeq High Priest and His Melkizedeq Priesthood, All under YHWH (and His 1 Kingdom) that was the original offer (Exodus 19:5-6) – that we are all now ‘called’ back into once again (1 Peter.2:9 – Heb.7:12) and to ‘Agree’ to. Confirmed by the fact that the Mt. Sinai ‘Book of the Covenant’ (Ex.19:5-24:8) was given at ‘Shavuot’ (Ex.19:1/Acts 2:1).

Anything else is the tired rhetoric of ‘revival’ couched in a reformation that is little more than warmed over “re-Newed” (ie Exactly the ‘Same’) regurgitation (Prv.26:11/2Ptr.2:22).


And consider