I have found

I have found

Prv.27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

I have found this is also true concerning adversaries – I have been sharpened even by those who will not be friends, have remained adversaries and will not accept or be changed by the Truth including Biblical Truth.

The truth is; I have learned the most and best pieces I’ve needed to have thru what I have come to call ‘Hostile Exchange’

‘Hostile Exchange’ seems at various points to find the one/s that stand for truth – Small wonder for; in a sea of ½ truths, errors & lies – Truth is Treason.

I do not look for Biblical hostile exchange but neither will I ignore it or back down from it – I am certain there is more for me to learn & accept of Yah’s Truth – I will defend the truth that the Bible supports – I also will assist those wanting answers to honest questions. But then there are those whos only interest in posing theory couched in question is to further their own calcified agenda.

Tho it is much more rare – it is wonderful & blessed to actually make a friend thru what started as a ‘Hostile Exchange’ or ‘Heated Midrash’

I can force no one to be Biblical or Biblically Honest
Please feel free to search TWR 1st;

Text Box ‘Search’

Then ask any question you seek – But be ready to be Honest – Acts 17:11

friend? My biblical friends – Yahshua’s biblical friends search for and prize love in biblical Truth. 1Jn.2:3-6

Have I found a friend? You decide. – I’m open.


One thought on “I have found

  1. Yes, we cannot force anyone. YHWH doesn’t so.. if we follow His ways…… we tell the truth or we put it out there…… and midrash we must so that we can all be washed in our paths.. that is spiritual foot washing…..

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