John Flores leader of Remnant of Truth Ministries in Pico Rivera, CA talks for a moment before Rebekah’s presentation about the Teshuvah College Tour and why the tour coming to CA is important. And why refocusing the movement towards the establishment of this college is so important!


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  1. I left a message with Rebekah letting her know that I am pursuing my B.A. In organizational disciplines through integrative approaches in sociology after getting my three degrees in psychology, sociology and humanities/art (and finding the teachings in the secular colleges to be opposite of YaHuWaH’s ways!!!!!! ) aka basic hedonistic humanism /atheism/ luciferianism all doctrine of devils without belief in The Creator! But apparently, “man “still wants to see the disciplines and accomplishments in the form of performance degrees!! Even though a person is gifted with talents and vision……:(

    Anyways , I will be heading towards some type of teaching credential eventually…. I have a year and a half before I can start a Masters degree program according to the credentialed system in place. I have three AA’s in the above disciplines and am strategizing now which path to go as I walk by faith into the next season of my life. YaHuWaH provides and protects as He leads me!

    Of course my mind is slready racing to the physical vision and I already have the prospective buildings in mind for Teshuvah (CA ) lol! As there are tons of buildings for sale in California in my area!!!

    The University that I am enrolled in now used to be a state hospital that had closed and now that they have remodeled the state of the art buildings have also built residences which I will be acquiring close to the campus .

    In my excitement about the prospect of Teshuvah college, I contacted a friend of my family who is a real estate specialist in both Arizona and California and she knows about programs that can help with down payment assistance! I see that she fb liked the Teshuvah fb page as I did too.

    Since I am a psalmist and my daughter is too of course I want the best education and future spouse for her.

    I’m doing the foundation work so that I can be involved in the educational side of human engineering and or also organizational leadership and plan on going to a leadership conference at UCSB this July!

    I can also either minor in art for marketing with video/film or digital photography and with my major can also go with journalism ,environmental planning…..idk yet.

    I had been asked by my local city council to help with organizing/ planning for businesses to be more environmentally conscious and reclaim /re- resource with a think tank of a committee for business protocol when I owned my own day spa and hair salon for five years. I sold my “going green ” salon business boutique in 2012 and paid off my debts so that I could go back to college once I realized about the Shabbat .

    These last three years I sublease a co op so that I can work minimally while attending classes and studying to get my qualifications… For the future. (Because apparently you need those letters behind your name in order for man to listen to you! )
    ” Man looks on the outward appearance but YaHuWaH looks on the hidden person of the heart.”

    I realize that we are all desiring truth and are each growing up into echad, but can we take out the Germanic V in a YaHuWaH please?

    I do have a few concerns about “pashat ” things…

    As far as the cutesy presentation of “the dream”/vision videos I’ve seen on YouTube about the college, I would prefer to see a businesslike marketing approach geared towards adult core leaders to have a desire to participate and yes of course the main emphasis of Yahuwah’s ways yes, but also biblical teaching academics while touching briefly upon opposing secular theories so that the students will know the end results of that system. A must on apologetics of Yahuwah’s ways so that the next generation of adult learners can lead in proper ways. ( I’m thankful for the hope of vision /dream but if people want to build a “competitive and certified institution” a board will need to be in place with elders qualified in leadership.)

    I have taught classes professionally for my community with The Learning Tree University on Image and have organized syllabi and planned out learning strategies based on that content.

    It is of utmost importance to visually see content of written plans ,disciplines with future strategizing outcomes of job related vision when it comes to prospecting to parents to desire their children to be competent in our society.

    The continuing marketing going forward might consider expanding to the research based ideology likened to bible colleges that observe historical basis for our foundation that YaHuWaH has set yet the professionalism without the pompous prideful arrogance that the competitors wave in our faces of pride in arrogant misinterpretations and rebellion against YaHuWaH.

    Perhaps its just me and my skewed experience in the secular are a but I would consider Monitoring and tweaking the approach of the visual/audio as it has a representation of “appeal to emotion” and that can appear more “sentimental” to staunch academia minded officials and I would not want that our desires be minimized for justice because of the raw needs based with emotionalism. (although our sentiments are echad ,most people in our modern Greek minded and Romanized academic based society have been taught to be mammon seekers and seem to discount emotion as unprofessional .

    Of course all want their children to be able to have a viable employment and/or have the education to become developers of their own businesses, (which to me ,is what we will most likely be better off teaching our children (self sufficiency) as far as Capitolism and industry are concerned.

    Human engineering, planning ahead concrete goals ,to help show participants outcomes rather than just learning “man’s scientific theories ” that go against YaHuWaH’s ways (like the horrible humanistic teaching I have to constantly , yet gently debate my demonized professors on a daily basis. )

    Skills need also to be taught our children because they get the bait and switch with high education prices in the secular luciferian colleges (google Bachus/ Bacchallareute ceremonies and where those originate!) while the banks end up getting rich by loaning money with interest,( the teachers don’t get rich) and the kids get scrap portions of Greek mindset and atheistic rhetoric from Jezebel’s table!

    I know you are aware that the need to have a solid spirit led / human engineering foundation of anointed visionaries/ elders that can foresee our arrows into the future becoming self sufficient outside of being just an employee of the secular corporate big businesses so that we as a movement/ culture can be set apart and observe the feasts of YaHuWaH (yet not be put into a stigmatized category of the Waco Texas Branch Davidians and get killed ) all because of being set apart from secular society.(colleges).

    All involved here better also be girded with truth and faith to know that satan will see an opportunity to abort this baby from the inception as that is his Modus Opporandum!

    I am a soldier and was trained for war literally and symbolically. Count me in if you will have me after I just spoke my thoughts here….

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