Why Melkizedeq?

Why Melkizedeq?

It has been suggested that I am giving Melkizedeq answers to those that are not even aware of a Melkizedeq reason for; and therefore have not formulated any Melkizedeq questions based on said unawareness of non-exposure.

To be sure there is a huge segment of Christian and even Messianic Society that do not read their Bibles; and or at that in any meaningful researching way. Oh – Yes; they do have programs to read the Bible in a year or even 90 days. But that kind of breakneck speed-read will not produce the applied in-depth studied research needed to ‘search the scriptures daily to see if these things are so’ (Acts 17:11). There is that chance that the more astute may look deeper; but not so the vast majority.

I am certain that haSatan gets a big belly laugh at that situation. That kind of ‘topical skim’ lends itself to the ‘spiritual schizophrenic’ situation that is mold-able by both the Christian Church and the Messianic Assembly alike further extending to Rabbinic and Orthodoxy. By way of explanation;

There are a variety of sources to consider; everything from scholars to biblical commentary to religious clergy on both sides of the Gentile-Jewish line. Pastors, Priests, Ministers, Reverends, Bible Teachers and Rabbis are all taught in their respective ways that they teach to subsequent audiences including those that will become future Pastors, Priests, Ministers, Reverends, Bible Teachers and Rabbis. They all draw from their respective material they have previously learned from and are (or will be) drawn to. These future selections will for the most part agree with what was previously learned. This is a self-feeding situation that has produced what we have the most of; a ‘believer base’ of the spiritually ‘schizophrenic’. By way of quick definition a ‘schizophrenic’ can physically appear normal, but a ‘schizophrenic’ operates in a perception of a perceived reality that is not actual reality.

In much the same way a ‘spiritual schizophrenic’ can have a certain view or selected religious views that are not based in or track biblical reality. Many times this view is taught and continually reinforced to the point that ‘normal’ religious understandings (accepted Church/Messianic populous norms) do not even agree with what the Messiah actually did and at some few points what He actually said. Unless there is an honest will to think individually for ourselves; we can be (have been and will be) taught to make erroneous (including random) associations either redirecting what we read from the Bible or outright disregarding what is plainly there. Those that are versed in and teach wilderness preparedness will tell their students that there are two main reasons why people get and stay lost; 1] No remembered awareness and 2] Disregarding those things that would indicate direction. It is the very same biblically.

To the point; Why Melkizedeq? – Those that have read the NT Book of Hebrews have to be aware that 9x’s Yahshua is ID’d as our Melkizedeq High Priest; confirmed by Ps.110. Hebrews 7:11-12 deals with the ‘Rightly Dividing’ point of 2Tm.2:15. Initially IDing the difference division between Levitical and Melkizedeq concerns. Now if Yahshua is our Melkizedeq High Priest and we by 1Ptr.2:9 are being called into that Priesthood; it would become of paramount importance to understand and know what that Melkizedeq Priesthood is all about. After all if Yahshua is going to be our Melkizedeq High Priest; that presupposes that He will have to have Melkizedeq lower Priests to be Higher than (Rev.1:6; 5:10).

It would be helpful to know that there was a Priesthood before the Levitical – in was the Melkizedeq (Gen.14:18) Priesthood. The Sinai Book of the Covenant (Ex.19:5 thru 24:8-11) was a Melkizedeq Priesthood Covenant that promised the Melkizedeq Priesthood ‘if’ they (all Israel) would keep the Covenant (Ex.19:5-6). They did not. Yahweh was to destroy all Israel (Ex.32:10), but Moses pleaded, tho Yahweh relented He put them under a Levitical Priesthood – the Levitical Priesthood was born (Num.3:12). A huge difference between being a nation ‘of’ priests and being a nation ‘with’ priests.

Yahweh said He added laws that were ‘not’ good; whereby they should ‘not’ live (Ezk.20:24-25 compare to 20:11 & :21). To confirm that; Acts 15:10 clearly states that there was a ‘yoke’ that neither they (the Israelites) nor our fathers were ‘able to bear’. To further confirm that same point Gal.3:19 speaks of ‘laws’ that were ‘added’. To the ‘law’? No; in addition to/along side the Covenant (Gal.3:18).

To contrast that point Yahshua our Melkizedeq High Priest said at;

Mt.11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. – And He also said;

Mt.6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of Yah, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

You may want to know that in Hebrew – kingdom is Melkuth – Yah is the King or Melek – and His righteousness is Zedeq – In other words we are to seek 1st the Melkizedeq Kingdom of Yahweh AND His Melkizedeq righteousness.

The Melkizedeq Priesthood (Covenant & Law) is Not the ‘No Law’ free-skate of the Christian Church – BUT – neither is it a Levitical ‘All Law’ (including “’not’ good”) anchor drag. Not to mention the ‘Oral’ and added nonsense of Rabbinic and Orthodox Judaism (et. al) that denies Yahshua as Mashiyach.

If you cannot count to 1, if this is not reason enough, all the other points you should know as well about the division of Priesthood, Laws, Covenants, Circumcision, etc. will not profit you anything.


2 thoughts on “Why Melkizedeq?

  1. Yes – I KNOW… I WAS one of those ‘schizophrenics’… For 34 years of my life (as a christian) – I had been drinking from: Poisoned Wells – Poisoned Waters – had listened to “Shepherds” who had followed “another Spirit” and not the Holy Spirit, or had not gone to the Well themselves – but had built on other men’s foundation – who had in turn themselves built on other men’s foundations and so the whole foundation was crooked and rotten from its very core. I know you ask yourself: “why did I not go to the well myself”? – I thought that I had done that and that I was continuously doing that –
    I had an earplug in my ears all day long with Chuck Smith’s tape teaching series and I just could not get enough.. I thought that THAT was learning the “Bible” – but with the information I received at the VERY beginning of EVER hearing about the Bible in my LIFE… from Calvary Chapel, Santa Barbara) – (I had immigrated from Germany)… the “Understanding” and “Foundation” was so flawed and their teaching was so erroneous, that the “House” of MY life continued to be built on SAND!! and when the winds and the storms of LIFE came and blew.. there was NOTHING to hold the house and withstand the storms and it finally washed away….
    Had my Life as such and my emotional Life been healthier I might have been able to find my way through the maze that these charlatans have provided; but being as it was – because of the abuse and the emotional trauma that I had experienced… I did not have the strength nor the knowledge (historical or otherwise)… necessary to doubt what I was being told…. and to challenge the authority of those teaching? …did not even OCCUR to me…. (they were the men of …”GOD”)!! – So soon depression became my way of life and the “abundant life” that my Father in Heaven had promised and laid out for me in HIS Word… was something I finally gave up on after many, many years of prayer and tears when there continued to be only silence and no answers from my Father, whom I tried so very hard to please… and I secretly felt “abandoned” also by “God” – and now there was no-where left to turn to. So – slowly I died… and I was a walking dead person.
    …..I completely lost the Joy of my SALVATION – and just sunk into a deep, deep sleep; (Depression) (the Hebrew word for “sleep” here in the Song of Solomon, ….the “sleep of the Shulamite”, is the same word as “those that sleep in the dust” – or like: putting your dog to sleep)…. and so over the years my Faith became weak and dry and full of tears and I was in Truth the Shulamite – (from the Song of Solomon) – whom YAHUAH in His GREAT MERCY – in the Song of Solomon awakened – by pounding and beating severely on her door… the Hebrew word here suggests doing CPR on her with all His might- and he awakened her from a sleep that otherwise for sure would have lead to her death.
    …and where there once was a “Shulamite” that had been asleep at the point of death, she is now ALIVE – FEASTING on the WORD ….and the WORD has now become LIFE to me ….living Bread and living Water.
    YAHUAH’s incredible Mercy for taking me OUT of Babylon… THEN showing me HIS GLORIOUS, MIGHTY NAME… then leading me through the MAZE of the various Hebrew Roots Websites, with the help of His Ruach HaKodesh, weeding out the WOLVES…. THEN I learned about the: TWO HOUSES: “ISRAEL AND JUDAH”… this was as if the whole of Scripture had been OPENED TO ME…. Then I learned about ZIONISM… and that ISRAEL is NOT THE TRUE ISRAEL…. then I learned about the SECOND EXODUS….
    and then… it was as if I was Born Again… all over again…. but THIS time – I had entered the Kingdom of my King….
    I learned about the MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD…. and I KNEW…. I KNEW… I had come HOME…. and I have NEVER BEEN THE SAME.
    (I don’t know what prompted me to give my testimony after I saw the word schizophrenics’ … it’s only because I also was one and maybe this will help others – who don’t even realize how so much in their life does not make sense… But Oh how wonderful and amazing it is to be ALIVE in YAHUAH – to finally understand what it means to Truly be: Born Again! to: Truly be: A New Creation! …..and to Know it!! – …..To talk to my Abba, my Father – and to Know! that He hears me!!
    anna peterman

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