Dropped the Ball

Dropped the Ball

Just like it is apparent that our history scholars and academics pick and chose what they will cover, present and support; regardless of the proof. Just like our medical providers would rather ‘manage’ – Cut, Poison or Burn disease selling pharmakia instead of cure it or at least give us the whole story. Just like we are made aware of the news the news-folk choose to cover in the way they choose to cover it.

We have scholars, academics and teachers on all sides of the Bible, on all sides of the Torah – From Sunday Church to Sabbath Church, From Messianic (et. al) to Anti-Missionaries to Jewish/Rabbinic (et. al). That from where I stand; have completely dropped the ball and at that for centuries; which certainly includes all my life on some issues in Torah and that includes what can be known of the Melkizedeq ‘rightly dividing’ point (2Tim.2:15) with its issues both Covenant, Law and Priesthood.

Myth #1 – The Law (including Torah) cannot be divided.

To believe & assert this; as the Jews have done for centuries, and have effectively exported to all other groups. The Jews and the others have to ignore Gen.49:10 – the Torah prepackaged awareness of impending ‘change’. Ignoring the fact that – It is not a change ‘of’ Torah to enact the change ‘in’ Torah; that has always been ‘in’ Torah, pre-stated ‘in’ Torah (Amos 3:7).

Further ‘they’ (et. al) have to be ignorant of or completely willful against what Yahweh has said in TaNaK at Ezk.20:10-25, where He lines out that He gave His Melkizedeq Covenant Commandments, Judgments and Statutes that ‘they’ the Sinai Israelites of Torah would not keep; therefore He gave them ‘also’ (in Torah) Levitical Judgments and Statutes that were ‘not good’ whereby they should ‘not live’ (Ezk.20:25). And this contrasted against Ezk.20:11; for Melkizedeq Covenant keeping.

This ‘not good’ speaks of the Torah ‘Gold Calf’ Covenant break incident of Ex.32, where YHWH was going to wipe them all out (v:10); but relented because of Moses. This is where they; 1] lost their Melkizedeq standing (Ex.19:5-6 ‘if’), 2] were remanded to the Levitical Priesthood – a huge difference between being a nation ‘of’ Melkizedeq priests and being a nation ‘with’ Levitical priests, 3] This is where the Israelites stopped circumcising anyone for the rest of Torah as evidenced by Jos.5:5.

Yes; you can say that Yahweh’s ‘not good’ Plan ‘B’ Levitical Priesthood was ‘glorious’ (2Cor.3:11) – It was His way to preserve disobedient Israel – certainly better than complete annihilation (Ex.32:10).

Myth #2 – Physical Circumcision today answers to Gen.17

Gen.17 is under the Melkizedeq Priesthood, it was the Physical Circumcision needed at that time to be in Covenant BUT the Israelites broke the Covenant at Ex.32; now there was no reason to Circumcise. That point is made at Rom.2:25 – This ran concurrent thru the remainder of Torah into Jos.5:2

As stated Jos.5:5 is the awareness point of un-Circumcision that lasted 40+yrs (the rest of Torah) into Jos.5:2 from the Covenant break of Ex.32. Jos.5:2 is after the Covenant break of Ex.32 and the subsequent Levitical Priesthood that followed (Num.3:12); meaning that the 2nd Command to Circumcise came under the Levitical Priesthood (Heb.7:11) and so it is to this day.

So to state this clearly; those today that will Physically Circumcise no matter what Hoo-Haa is being told them, thinking they are being obedient to Gen.17 are actually being obedient to Jos.5:2 under the Levitical Priesthood, with a break span of 40+yrs to settle & make the point.

Myth #3 – And following; I realize the conundrum this presents

Agreeing to Physically Circumcise their 8 day old males – but did not. Getting the Num.15:38 Command to wear tzitzits attesting to keep the law while this nation is becoming more un-Circumcised. Receiving all the Book of the Law added laws while un-Circumcised. Receiving the finished Book of the Law (Dt.31:26) while un-Circumcised. Receiving Manna, Clothes & Shoes that did not wear out, Yah’s edict to circumcise the heart, Spying out the land, The parting of the Jordan River, Spying out Jericho, Receiving Yah’s Grace, Favor and Miracles, etc. prior to being Circumcised at Jos.5:2.

Isn’t it odd that no one knows (including the Jews) that ‘Heart Circumcision’ – the New Testament Circumcision standard (Rom.2:29); was 1st mentioned at Lev.26:41; then at Dt.10:16 & 30:6 in Torah during the 40+yrs of Not Physically Circumcising anyone since the ‘Gold Calf’ of Ex.32 till Jos.5:2 evidenced by Jos.5:5.

I am not making this stuff up and I do not have access to your or the higher ups Bibles. Look this up (Acts 17:11). This and more even tho the proof is there is what’s not being told. And is proof of that – Inconvenient Truth – Sometimes Torah is not what we’ve been told or the way they want to tell it.

Dr. David L. Perry Th.D. © Feb. 2015


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