Across the Board

Across the Board

When coming to or validating re-discovered knowledge based on confirmed proof – on this human plain; it seems that we have to deal with the ruling ‘Higher Ups’ ‘Across the Board’.

Example – the history of ‘Billy the Kid’ (alias – William Bonny; real name William Henry McCarty, Jr.) – with modern technology it was asserted to do a DNA test on what is considered the body of ‘Billy the Kid’ against his mother’s (Catherine McCarty-Antrim) DNA. But – those that control and have made a living off tourism on the alleged ‘Billy the Kid’ Fort Sumner N. Mex. burial site; have mounted an effective resistance. For they already have their truth – and the tourist $’s that go with it. They realize that the other outcome (proof that he is not) could ruin what they have built and now bank on.

Example – Archeology – The Georgia-Florida / Mayan connection – As presented by H2 on a Netflix episode of ‘America Unearthed’ called ‘ American Maya Secret’. This is a part of US history that is unknown but to a few. That the ‘Creek’ Indians are actually descendent’s of the Central American Maya. But the evidence actually face Archaeological Political action and ‘Push-Back’ from the Academic community to shut-down, hush & ridicule the evidence; that includes – Linguistic, Archo-astrological structures, Same symbols to record same events, and names of Indian groups around lake Okeechobee – Maya-imi, Maya-ka, Maya-yuaca – and even a speculative link to Miami (Maya-mi). That have been written about for at least 150yrs that has become silenced even taboo – that in the words of 1 researcher will no doubt have to “change one death at a time”.

Example – Theology – The resurgence back to the Original Melkizedeq Priesthood; that is ignored by the Christian Church and taught against by the Messianic (et. al) alike – in favor of a Levitical including Priesthood mind-set; despite the fact Yahshua haMeshiach is our New Testament Melkizedeq High Priest (Heb.7:21). Both these groups whether admitted to or not, acquiesce to the Orthodox Jewish/Rabbis who do not validate Yahshua as Meshiach and therefore labor under a skewed view of their own text (2Cor.3:13-14) that includes an unbiblical acceptance of Rabbis not even mentioned in nor authorized in Torah and their rulings and writings that do not faithfully represent Torah.

That includes the pre-declared awareness of Gen.49:10 of ‘change’ confirmed at Heb.7:11-12, That further ignores the fact that; – It is not a change ‘of’ Torah, to enact the change ‘in’ Torah that has always been ‘in’ the pages of Torah.

And the fact of Ex.32 breaking of Covenant with the ‘Gold Calf’ that brought the forfeit Melkizedeq change to the Levitical Priesthood (Num.3:12/Ezk.20:10-25) and what most do not know or realize to factor in is the ceasing of physical circumcision for the the rest of Torah until Jos.5:2 as evidenced by Jos.5:5.

This is the inconvenient truth that they the Messianic/Jewish higher-ups do not want to deal with or truthfully factor in; for it (in confluence) calls into question most if not all of what they have built their Levitical/Rabbinc mind-set belief system on; that is accepted by Messianic & Christains alike; tho responded to in opposition – In other words; opposite symptoms of the same illness.

The Christian Church ignores the law – The Messianic resonating with the Rabbinic/Orthodox embrace all the law – yet Paul and others demonstrate a Melkizedeq position in the middle. This is what Yahshua (the Melkizedeq High Priest) meant at;

Mt 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (1Jn.5:3)
This does not mean No ‘yoke’ or No ‘burden’ but neither does it mean the anchor drag of Plan ‘B’ Levitical law no longer valid still pressed into service non-sense (Acts 15:10).

Yahweh’s service is about freedom – Yahshua came to set the captives free – Both from ‘Sin’ and the rigors of being under Levitical law (or any Rabbinic, etc. other)

Rest assured that Melkizedeq law tho freer still includes Sabbath, Feastdays, Clean Meats, Redeeming of the 1st Born, Commandments, Circumcision of the Heart and others (including NT) considerations.


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