Show Cancelled & Why

Show Cancelled & Why

My answer in red (**) – You will have to be responsible to distribute to appropriate or interested parties.

++Dave, Because you were new I asked the producer that does the show before you to stay behind after his show and watch over the controls. He said that you came in before his show was done and shut down all the applications he uses to do his show. I had told you there was a show on before you that goes until five minutes before your show so if things weren’t the way you knew it to be you should have waited to see if he was still doing his show or called me so I could handle it. Not just shut things down. That is a good way to shut down the entire station.

**1St off I have reams of email to process thru – I must have or it went directly to trash – Sorry

You told me to cut out 5mins before the next hour – how is it this is not the same for everyone?
I do apologize for any mishap or mis understanding – I did wait till 1 min after 8/10 am – maybe an announced intro and the awareness of, would alleviate any future mis – communications

++ First of all I wish the entire LAMB board had spent more time discussing Torah with you before I agreed to have you do a show on LAMB so that we could have refined a few things.

**I did give you my website – you had access to all my articles – I hid nothing.

++Second – many of us have now have listened to the show (including the board members) and are not comfortable with your content. Here are a few of the comments from emails:

**I am familiar with this objection – It comes from a status-quo Levitical mind-set

++ To be brutally honest. Dr Dave is teaching lies… He is teaching that the Torah in its entirety does not apply, which is transgression of Torah, and from my stance, he is a wolf to lead many astray. I’m not an authoritative voice for Lamb, and if it was mine I would have shut him off already.

** “Dr Dave is teaching lies” –

This is a general absolute statement – the problem with absolute statements is that they are rarely absolute.

All Truth goes thru 3 phases 1] it is ridiculed, 2] it is vehemently opposed, 3] It is accepted as self-evident.

++ “He is teaching that the Torah in its entirety does not apply, which is transgression of Torah” –

** Do the study – The “entirety … of Torah” includes Gen.49:10 – awareness of impending ‘change’. This also completely ignores that there is a Melkizedeq and a Levitical portion of Torah because of the ‘Gold Calf’ Melkizedeq Covenant breach this is borne out at Num.3:12; 8:15-17, Jos.5:2;*5, Ezk.20.10-25, Gal.317-19, Heb.7:11-12, etc.

++ – I listened to about 22 minutes into his show. He sounds like he lost his notes and starts winging it. He is teaching the churches view of 2 Cor chap 2. He’s saying you don’t have to keep all of the Torah…just some of it. He is all over the place and not firmly grounded in Torah in my opinion. He doesn’t believe in or that the Levitical priesthood still exits.

** “He sounds like he lost his notes and starts winging it.”

This is accurate – I used that phrase myself “wing it”. This was my 1st time – with no prior experience of your methods – I did have an unforeseeable problem – that I could not surmount at the time – but was ready having corrected for the next 2nd show 2/17 that did not happen – It is reasonable that there would be a learning curve – that also did not happen.

But being who YHWH is and how He works – I did learn a new piece from Ezk.20:11 – Since I will not be able to tell on air – You can access on TWR

Most that are now Messianic have come from a Christian Church – Many of those now have become incensed that the Church could be right about any thing and even more so that the Jews/Rabbis could be wrong about any thing. Both are suffering opposite symptoms of the same illness – a Levitical Priesthood mind-set view of what is ‘the Law’.

“He doesn’t believe in or that the Levitical priesthood still exits”

This statement would imply this person does. My question to them is; Where are they? Functioning fully by Torah with or without a Tabernacle or Temple. And Who is the Levitical High Priest? That is a simple question; there can only be 1 – The sad fact is what we have since Babylon into Yahshua’s time till now is a bunch of Pharisees turned to ruling Rabbis with no Torah authority to do so.

++ – When he got to the part of his show where he quotes 2 Cor. 3:11 and proceeds to explain that the word “remains” has a positive and a negative meaning – THAT is when he completely crossed the line. He arbitrarily listed what he thinks are positive aspects of the word “remains” and negative aspects – without scripture backup. What gets me… how can a word have a positive or a negative aspect to it – unless a person reads the whole verse and chapter for context? You can’t focus on any one English word and develop a separate dialogue around it. What he has done is take one word, pluck it out of the verse and then go about building a theology around that one word. THAT is replacement theology. Thus, when he listed the Levitical priesthood as part of the negative (done away with) aspect of the word “remains”, he established a replacement theology… for him to start preaching replacement theology – absolutely NO!!! I state flatly right now… the Levitical Priesthood IS necessary and NOT done away with. The Melkizedeq Priesthood IS necessary and will be fully revealed with the return of Yeshua as King of kings and our High Priest. During the millennium… both will exist. I state this so all of you know what I believe. Thus, Dr. Dave’s radio show teaching does not jive with me.

** The only thing I need to ‘jive with’ is Scripture

“…”remains” has a positive and a negative meaning – THAT is when he completely crossed the line.”

This person needs to truly study their Bible. Just because this person cannot see what is – does not mean it does not exist or is a “replacement” – 2 Cor. 3:11 demonstrates the ‘positive’ side – what goes on that was established before; Whereas 2 Cor. 3:13 directly speaks of “abolished” much as Heb.7:11-12 says it. But yet there is a continuation of certain former things established before.

“the Levitical Priesthood IS necessary and NOT done away with”

Again My question to them is – IF “the Levitical Priesthood IS necessary and NOT done away with” – Levites from Levites (Num.3:12) from Torah – Where are they? And Who is the High Priest? That is a simple question; there can only be 1 – The sad fact is what we have since Babylon into Yahshua’s time till now is a bunch of Pharisees turned to ruling Rabbis with no Torah authority to do so. Yet they are quick to deny the validity of the primacy of the Melkizedeq Priesthood (Mt.11:11/Heb 7:7) & deny that Gen.49:10 had to be fulfilled at Yahshua’s 1st coming (Mt.5:17-19).

And if you evoke ‘olam’ – Do the research; ‘olam’ neither only or always means our concept of ‘forever’, it more correctly means ‘to a point out of mind’.

++ – The term “book of the covenant” DOES refer to the book of the Law, but Dr. Dave says otherwise. He truly does not know Torah or even the Tanakh for that matter. I did some research on the term ‘book of the covenant which is mentioned in Exodus 24:7; 2 Kings 23:2, 21; 2 Chronicles 34:30 and clearly it refers to the book of the Law. The title is interchangeable.
– …anyone removing what the LORD has put in place, in authority, is simply replacement theology

“- The term “book of the covenant” DOES refer to the book of the Law, but Dr. Dave says otherwise. He truly does not know Torah or even the Tanakh for that matter. I did some research on the term ‘book of the covenant which is mentioned in Exodus 24:7; 2 Kings 23:2, 21; 2 Chronicles 34:30 and clearly it refers to the book of the Law. The title is interchangeable.”

** While it is true that the term “book of the covenant” only appear in the Bible 3 times – This person needs to look closer and fully account for all the evidence. You cannot use the confused narrative of re-discovery (Kings 23:2, 21; 2 Chronicles 34:30) to wrench Torah evidence to another conclusion. The “book of the covenant” was finalized as a Covenant at Exodus 24:7-8 put ‘in’ the ark (Ex 25:21) – “the book of the Law” was finalized at Dt.31:26 put in the ‘side’ of the ark (after the Cov’t break of Ex.32). Much as Ezk.20:10-25 and Heb.7:12 tells it.

++ And after listening to it last night I have to agree with all that is said above. To add from my opinion that to say Yeshua was under the Law is just wrong not to mention that it died with Him. Honestly I have to say your teaching was so scattered that it was confusing and I could not make much sense of it.

“To add from my opinion that to say Yeshua was under the Law is just wrong”

** Square that form Gal.4:4 – (not to mention Heb.7:13-15 and Num.3:12)

“…is just wrong not to mention that it died with Him”

Now you are twisting my words – what I said was that Yahshua’s death freed him from Levitical law (Rom.7:1) to become the Melkizedeq High Priest – He then calls us to that Priesthood (1Ptr.2:9/Rev.5:10)

++ Normally I like a little criticism – it means people are listening. This on the other hand was way beyond any response we’ve ever had. Once again I take full responsibility for not doing more research on your website – your books and personally talking with you when we were on Skype.

** Like Mark Twain said it is easier to fool the people than to tell them they have been fooled

++ If your teaching was just a little off then it would be worth monitoring your show over a period of time to see how it progressed, but we feel that your teaching does not line up with what we want to accomplish with LAMB going forward. So it is the boards decision to ask you not to do any more shows.

** Ask?

++ We do ask the LORD (their word) to bless you in all your endeavors.

Blessings in Messiah Yeshua
Mark David Smith & The LAMB Board

** There is more to the Messianic story

Its all in the Bible – The fall into sin (a change from the original), The announcement of Messiah (pre-Declared awareness of coming change), The Oath, The meeting of Melkizedeq, The Gen.15 Promise (that carried a death-position ‘if’ it was ever broken – it was), The 1st Melkizedeq call to circumcise (an added change), The pronouncements of Jacob/Israel that includes Gen.49:10 (pre-Declared awareness of coming change), The accepting of [Melkizedeq] Covenant, The breaking of [Melkizedeq] Covenant (that also broke The Promise now having no Answer), That brought the Levitical Priesthood (a change in Torah), That also brought on Not circumcising anyone (a change in Torah) – for the next 40yrs as evidenced by Jos.5:5, The call to the 2nd Levitical circumcision (under that Priesthood) Jos.5:2.

Now fast-forward all this to The Cross/Stake (brought on by breaking the Answer to the Gen.15 Promise). Yahshua beaten & scourged basically looking like the halved animals at Gen.15 (by Torah). Yahshua the Melkizedeq High Priest, that calls us back into that Melkizedeq Priesthood 1Ptr.2:9/Rev.5:10.

I realize that I have only given you the high points. There is more to the story that you should want to know & investigate – Since you have reneged on the show; You may do so through my site and books

However – I also realize that you have a status-quo Messianic party-line standard to hold to; that is based almost entirely of a Levitical and its Priesthood mindset – That go figure; despite all the cheer-leading fanfare since Babylon we no longer by Torah (especially this day) actually have and therefore look to non-Gospel (therefore a Gospel in Torah void Heb.4:2) believing Jews & Rabbinics for que and validation.

I also realize that you (and the others) have busied yourselves (B.eing U.nder S.atan’s Y.oke) to the fever pitch of not wanting to be bothered investigating and probably will not put in the honest due diligence required by Acts 17:11 and 2Tim.2:15 – No worries – Be happy with your ‘reward’ 1Cor/2Cor.10:12 – 2Ths.2:10-12

Dr.Dave – Melchizedek Now!


8 thoughts on “Show Cancelled & Why

  1. Sorry to hear about this. It is so essential for us all to set aside our preconceived ideas and man-made theologies to read exactly what the scripture says and not try to bend or twist it to say what we thought it said.

    Occums Razor / the simplest explanation is more often than not the truth.

  2. Oh Dear Dr. Dave…
    How very, very sad it is… for the “LEADERS” of this radio show to succumb to the ravings of the rabble.. instead of going on their knees and asking the ONE for Whom they “supposedly” have this “ministry” for in humble prayer and deep, deep study as Scripture requires – to “see whether these things be so” (Acts 17:11) – (2 Cor. 13:5)
    But – apparently – they are in this for a “BUSINESS” and as a “BOARD” are doing what is best for what “tickles the ears” and for MONETARY REASONS….
    It is also very, very sad for those LISTENERS of this radio show – who were NOT yelling and screaming….(and were therefore NOT heard for the absence of their NOISE)…. BUT who were searching out the Scriptures .. I pray that the Ruach HaKodesh will be with them to continue to lead and guide them into all TRUTH… but it is most sad for those who now will NOT hear TRUTH spoken, will NOT find the NARROW PATH… but will continue down the broad and wide Road of destruction.
    But as to you, dear Dr. Dave… why should YOU be treated any different than our Master YAHUSHUA? – who told us the following: John 15:18-22
    18If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 19If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.20Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his Master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have guarded my Words, they will guard yours also 21But all these things will they do unto you for my NAME’s sake, because they know not him that sent me. 22If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no EXCUSE for their sin.
    …..And as you noticed:
    they do NOT know HIS NAME – because they asked someone by the name of “LORD” to bless your endeavors
    so… my the Great YAHUAH, the Elohim of Israel – be with you in all you do…
    with great respect
    anna peterman

    • Thankyou Anna for your word of encouragement – Yes I understand and Identify with how they treated Yahshua, Paul, James, Peter and the others – Altho happily I have not been stoned or worse – But this to can take a toll – Please Pray for Me and the 1’s that will hear. I know that 1 + Yah is the majority – I am so glad that Yah has opened this Covenant/Priesthood study to me and now to others – There is a ground swell of support from Matthew and others – Praise Yah

      I will certainly pray for you; all of you in this matter that we will all face

  3. – From Donna Teague
    Dr. Dave, I’m sorry to hear your show was cancelled. I did listen and > there were mishaps, but you’ve got to know that you never had a > chance. Mark David Smith is a major member of Monte Judah’s > congregation and in fact leads Kiddish every Sabbath. Also his wife > Donna is either Monte Judah’s secretary or assistant. There was never a chance that Monte Judah wouldn’t influence Mark Smith to cancel the show. I was just surprised that Mark hadn’t asked Monte to begin with before he gave you the show.

    Also, you have Rico Cortez having a show in the afternoon. No way, were you going to be given a chance to explain your position without numerous attacks following.

    > We used to be a part of Monte Judah’s internet congregation but have completely stopped listening at all due to his continued Rabbinical leanings. He’s strongly wedded to the status quo.

    > On the other hand, Mathew Nolan continues to be a blessing. Thank > goodness for his open mind and ability to communicate. > We appreciate the research you’ve done to get to this point and wish > these messianics would at least listen/read about the Melkizedek > covenant; however, I guess the status quo is just more important. > Bless you > Donna Teague

  4. Bummer! Sounds like that radio station doesn’t exactly have their shiitake together! When I had my own radio show with the owner did say he would train me but he didn’t. Luckily I had so much adrenaline and a few questions to ask my guests that it went so well that I had four shows and was a guest on another person’s show. It was really fun.

    Dr Dave perhaps go on pod o matic and produce your own show. It sounds to me that that radio station is full of their false teaching that they have no more room in the Inn. So we go to the animal sukkah instead. No worries, a student is not greater than his teacher.. Or does anyone doubt that the true message will really be embraced by those who have no room for the truth? Dr Dave you are initiated by rejection from the world and transferred into the company of disciples, apostles and the kingdom of YHWH . Welcome! I’d follow you over any of those false teachers who have integrated with the world. No doubt they follow the false teachings of the pope and celebrate Xmas, Ishtar, valentines day… Etc.. Be glad that they did not contain the revelation of the truth because now you will see the manifestation of the spirit as you walk through the fire of persecution and not get burned.. Feel that chaff falling off your garments? The all consuming fire of YHWH will make certain that you don’t go in with any of man’s philosophies or strategies to manipulate the sheeples with their mixture teaching. There is nothing too difficult for YHWH. He exalts those who are humble and He will bring down the false altars of man. Dr Dave Perry, you are in the exact place where YHWH wants for you to be, be still and know that YaHuWaH is about to part the waters for you. I’m ready to see His next move. Don’t be moved in the slightest … Wait for it… Wait for it…..

    • Thankyou for your encouragement – how do I learn of ‘pod o matic’ – what pit falls should I know to avoid? It is overwhelming to have to learn all this tech stuff on top of – to be able to – get the word out – Pray for me as I will you

      • well, yes… technology sure can be frustrating… but.. as i dilly dally away on fb… my enemies…..seem to rise up and steal from me.. so.. we have to fight this tech war.. because….. if we don’t learn….. then it’s easy for the wrong voices to get out there in the air…. and we have to take dominion….. it’s our call to take dominion… go on podomatic.. and they have a free account to see if you like it….i made mine years ago.. and it is still up….then there is also another site…. that i stumbled upon… for free web page.. i think it is called….. web yes… mine from ages ago…… i probably have changed my thinking since.. i hope….. ha ha…

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