Paul attacked Again

Paul attacked Again

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Alan Geisdorf (as per request) – Messiah Perfectly calls out the Deceiver Paul

Im going to make this quick and to the point. lest you get bored or see volumes of words you simply dont have time to read.

Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Mat 24:25 Behold, I have told you before.

Mat 24:26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

Mat 24:27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

This passage is warning us about false mesiahs, false prophets..we can also throw in false apostles and false anything else. These Phonies are going to show great signs and other words they will be doing stuff that will lead you to conclude they must be genuine, But they are not. they will be sooo difficult to detect that even the elect might be swayed by them..Yes figuring them out will be one huge tough job. Unless you knew what our heavenly Father said and what messiah said..they would take you down in their deception.Messiah gave us warning about WHERE these decievers would claim to see him..notice after this he is quite adamant about how he is coming back and he aludes to a very graphic description of his return. With messiahs warnings we not only see a warning…we see an instruction..and its also a COMMAND.He told you to do something (A COMMAND..which is also an instruction and also takes the form of a warning) About folks who Claim to see him in the desert or in a secret chamber..He says BELIEVE IT NOT and says GO NOT FORTH and then proceeds to tell us the signs of his return so that you have no mistaken concept that he is going to appear ANYWHERE for ANYONE…not doing private showings for “special” people and alerting you to the fact that those making claims of seeing him you are not to believe or go to where they saw him..becuase they LIE. So we are told about these FAKES that were to come LYING about..I saw him in the desert These LIARS That we are COMMANDED by messiah to not believe have crept in among us So lets take a look at anyone who has come along stateing I saw him in the desert or I saw him in the secret chambers so we can Identify the LIARS that messiah warned us about and do as he says…not believe them..oh and if you cant believe them becuase they are LIARS and are the people messiah warned us about who would come and decieve..that we should not believe them…then do your duty and kick those decievers and LIARS to the curb.Sadly our religious community and establishment HOLDS..PROTECTS..And TEACHES the DOCTRINES of one of these LIARS messiah warned us aboutThere is only ONE person in History that fits or fulfilles not just one aspect of messiahs warnings BUT BOTH aspects of his warnings. That ONE person in History Delivered to you Doctrines and Teachings that are so deceptive…Thast he gets alot of people to believe our heavenly fathers words have been done away with, a curse to obey and other sick demonic teachings that make you depart from the truth. That ONE Person..and THe ONLY one in ALL history who comes along making claims he saw messiah in the desert is Paul. The road to damascus is ALL DESERT. strike One Paul also makes claims he saw the Lord appear before him when he was taken to a room in the castle that roman soldiers took him to..they took him there for his safety, storage and privacy…secretly stashed away in an inner chamber…a secret chamber to those who were looking for him to tear him apart. ACTS chapter 22 Strike TWO So..what did messiah say for you to do with people who make such claims ? Dont you know that when Messiah tells you to do something its a command for you to do and follow. Dont you realise that when he says Do this or That and you dont…that You then are in REBELLION to his command/instruction/advise/warning ectYet sooo many people are in direct rebellion to the command/ instruction that messiah gave on what to do with people who make the claim they saw him.lets look at it this way to end all arguments about paul. The issue isnt that paul is false or real the Issue isnt about whether he spoke for or against the law The issue Isnt whether he condemned circumsion or upheld it (yet its very frightening that anyone should be hashing out questions like this about the things he said…seeing this problem doesnt exhist with anyone else in the bible….point to ponder)the Issue is this : Your heavenly Father said he would test you to see if you would do as he says i.e guard his commands/instructions This process has been repeated again and your being tested to see if your going to do as your messiah says If you believe Paul or follow paul You fail this test…You have entered into REBELLION to the very instructions of messiah concerning decievers who would claim to see him in certain places….and paul is the only person in history to fit not just one place..But both places.Those who Uphold Paul, One who claimed to see him in the desert. And One who also Claimed to see him in the Inner chamber or secret chamberwho messiah warned you about that are DECIEVERS Those who LISTEN to Paul..That Hold his doctrines ARE IN COMPLETE REBELLION AND DISOBEDIENCE TO THE WORDS AND INSTRUCTIONS BEING A FORM OF COMMAND TO YAHUSHUA OR IMMANUEL MESSIAH STOP LISTENING TO PAUL…DO AS MESSIAH SAYS kick paul to the curb as he perfectly fits the description of the decievers to come OBEDIENCE TO THE WORDS OF MESSIAH OUR WEAPON IN WARFARE REMOVE THE DECIEVER PAUL OR STAND IN REBELLION TO MESSIAHS COMMAND TO NOT BELIEVE THEM.Your being tested again to see if you will obey him and Paul is your test

My answer
Drdave Perry .
he is in the desert or the secret chambers;

Paul the only 1?

How bout Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Samuel, Elijah, Isaiah etc. …

he is in the desert or the secret chambers; – Is in the context of bidding others to ‘come and see’ the returned Messiah at His 2nd coming – You yourself sited at Mt 24:27

Paul nor the others ever did that – so your text tak’n out of context is a deceiving pretext

Paul is the only 1 that deals accurately from Torah about Covenant and Priesthood about Melkizedek and Levitical issues

So my friend you need to pull your head out of the dark place and fully account for the truth.


7 thoughts on “Paul attacked Again

  1. It was asked – “why do you allow this on your site?”

    We cannot avoid this and think its gonna go away – I want to show the nonsensical objections & assertions with half-truth reasonings – a ‘run to the roar’ approach rebutted and/or tempered with more fully accounted for Scriptural/Biblical Truth.

    The plain fact is that the mass of Christian Church, Messianic and even Jewish assemblies do not know, understand or acknowledge the difference (Ezk.20:24-25/Heb.7:12) between the Melkizedeq Priesthood and the Levitical Priesthood, the Melkizedeq Law vs the Levitical Law, the Melkizedeq Covenants (of promise) vs the Levitical orated dictations passed-off as agreed to covenants when they are not.

    But then they would either need to correctly study OR get my books – Most will do neither; so we are left with crafted half-truth assertions based on a Levitical Priesthood ‘mind-set’ that will not accept, acknowledge or realize that what they have really accepted (and even defend) is a Jewish and/or Rabbinic assertion based on cobbled and piece-meal mental gymnastic concepts that are not; that do not always or do not accurately or faithfully represent the Bible fully; specifically Torah – Either in the words of Yahshua or Yahweh

  2. who gave you permission to publish my work from FB into a different forum ? Nobody.
    Also your rebuttle is quite pathetic and very weak, surely you can do a better rebuttle, now i feel offended by your pathetic weak irrelevant points about nullifying what i said becuase Abraham was also in the dismiss that messiah perfectly mentions exactly where paul would claim to see him.

    • I can’t help what you don’t remember – This is also publically on TWR FB

      @messiah perfectly mentions exactly where paul would claim to see him

      Paul (or the others) never said ‘come look’ His ‘2nd Coming’ that’s the context that eludes you

      I normally do not expend copious amount of time to rebut the obvious error

      2Ptr.3:15-16 fits you nicely

      • strange but you have failed to check with commentaries on the authorship of 2 peter..peter didnt write it, its an invalid book to validate paul.

  3. Commentaries just like Translators or their translations are not always true or accurate. It says what it says about Paul no matter who you would like – Regardless of your unhappy non acceptance.

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