Yitro Why&Reason

Yitro Why&Reason

In this video Matthew Nolan does a truly skilful presentation of laying out the initial concepts needed as set forth in ‘The Covenants of Promise’ & ‘Back to the Melchizedek Future’ in grasping the ideas needed to start to understand the division of Melkizedeq Covenant Torah apart from Levitical Law Torah (Ezk.20:24-25). As well as the initial reason difference between the Melkizedeq Priesthood and the Levitical Priesthood and why.

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2 thoughts on “Yitro Why&Reason

  1. This was a blessing and very clear in presenting the dividing lines “in the sand, It brings clarity to the scripture that says: ” For by grace you have been saved through faith, that not of your self, it is the gift of God”.
    For by Yah’s favor (Gen. Ch. 12) unconditional …free without asking… At this point Abram believed. It was a gift of Yah unto eternal life as the husband loves his people-bride. But then in just a few chapters, the wife has a slip in her trust-faith, by needing a marital sign-contract. This I believe was when Yah saw that even Abraham was lacking in full trust in the husbands free gift. “(What, free?…what’s the catch?” Of course many teach that since Yah is all knowing he knew that he the husband would have to die, freeing the wife to remarry. Is this true? Or is this book of the law provision? What if we just believed and trusted the husbands free-pre-blood proposal found in Gen. Ch. 12? And what if by surprise the nation of Israel just simply continued to copy what their forefather Abraham walked in , if this would have happened, without questioning? If Abraham “trusted in Yah with all his heart and leaned not on his own understanding, then maybe the free proposal would have been added unto him without book of the law enactment blood shed and Book of Brit willingness to do it. The very first instruction in the so called Ten Commandments is this very thing. Simply know that he is Yah and he saved or brought us out of Egypt. So in simplicity we must believe on the master that he saves us. Of course we know that Abraham believed and it was COUNTED unto him as Melikisidek behavior. That being saved in the case of Abraham , started out unconditional, and Yah knowing an unconditional would have to now be met with conditions because of the lack of trust. Yah found trust-faith in Noah, and Melikisidek David was a man after Yah’s own Lev. Heart. Both made many mistakes , yet Yah saw something very important in their Lev-hearts….. A willingness out of honor and commitment. Honoring our King and serving him as priest is the highest order after the order of the Meliczodic order.

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