In 2007 I went to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in San Diego, Calif. I physically saw examples of what I was told of in class being that the Jewish Scribes/Pharisees claiming the ineffability (not pronouncing ) Yahweh’s Name thus neither writing His Name instead replaced it with either 4 dots [….] or 2 yods [‘ ‘] teaching everyone to say ‘Adonai’ –

“This tradition has been cited by most scholars as evidence that the Masoretes pointed YHWH as they did only to indicate to the reader they are to pronounce “Adonai” in its place”

That’s bad enough.

I can find examples online of the other issue I learned at Theology class and was able to physically see, examples of that of the Dead Sea Scroll Essenes on the other hand not only writing His Name ‘YHWH’ but doing so in Paleo/Ancient pre-Babylonian captivity script Hebrew.


BUT – I have spent several hours over 3 days in different search engine wording and cannot find online 1 single example of the Jewish Scribes/Pharisees scrolls that I physically saw at the exhibit – that of either 4 dots [….] or 2 yods [‘ ‘]

The only thing I can figure is that of wanting to avert and conceal the evidence of such.

If you find an example – Please contact or message me –

Yah’s Esteem – DrDave


3 thoughts on “DSS

  1. Oh interesting….. Never heard of the four dots and two yods….. Hmmmm. What county do your ppl fellowship? I’m in Ventura county by Thousand Oaks , Ca I went to Laguna and Dana point to my brothers wedding last weekend and probably should have asked if you are located in any of so cal. Are you in so cal? ChaYah shalom. Jessica Evrist


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