The Rightful 1st Born

The Rightful 1st Born

Matthew Nolan brought up a great point in his video; entitled 7th Edition Vayechi “He lived” –

“Who is the Rightful 1st Born”? – AND; not only that but; Why?

1st off the concept of the ‘firstborn’ as it relates to the office, service of and being set-apart to Yahweh (Ex.13:2) is a Melkizedeq & Melkizedeq Priesthood concept. It has no weight or mention as such (itself a ‘change’) in the Levitical Priesthood – including rank&file Levites, ‘Sons of Aaron’, the ‘Phinehas’ line and ‘Sons of Zadok’ – (Num.3:12 / Heb.11:28)

Under the Melkizedeq order; Isaac was the Rightful 1st Born of ‘promise’ (Gen.15:4) to Abraham and Sarah; the wife of his youth, the wife of Covenant. Jacob got the the Rightful 1st Born blessing over Esau for he despised it for stew. Joseph ultimately got the Rightful 1st Born birthright over all his 11 other brothers. Tho not the very 1st Born; that would have gone to Rueben.

According to the research done by one Daniel Wright – the Melchizedek Priesthood was successionally passed down from father to the firstborn son unless the firstborn made himself ineligible in some kind of way, only then passing down to a next born son.

This is why Yahshua being the ‘Firstborn’ of Yahweh; being the ‘Firstborn’ of Mary; being the ‘Firstborn’ of ‘many brethren’, being the ‘Firstborn’ of every creature, being the ‘Firstborn’ from the dead, has great Melchizedek significance in terms of Yahweh reinstating the ‘original’ yet doing within that a ‘new thing’. – (Isa.43:19 – Mt 1:25, Lk 2:7, Rom 8:29, Col 1:15 , Col 1:18, Heb 12:23 – Jas 1:18)

In the case of Joseph; he was the youngest of 4 Rightful 1st Born. There was Reuben from Leah; Jacob’s absolute chronological firstborn, Then the 1st Born son of Bilhah, Rachel’s handmaid; Dan, Then the 1st Born son of Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid; Gad. And finally the 1st Born son of Rachel; Joseph.

1st off – Reuben defiled himself at least 2ce that the Bible records; 1ce going to his father’s bed with Bilhah, and (this is a class action ineligibility slam-dunk) when the 10 brothers conspired to sell Joseph into slavery – Hatch the killed by a beast plan – soak Joseph’s many colored coat in sheep blood for ‘proof’ and lied to their Father Jacob/Israel to seal the deal.

The only 2 that were innocent was Joseph and his natural second brother Benjamin. Benjamin was the younger brother – but in the absence of Joseph certainly the only 1 innocent ergo the only remaining righteous logical choice.

As we know Joseph was found and was given the Double-Portion Birthright blessing (Gen.48:19-22) thru Ephraim & Manasseh sons by an Egyptian wife. Ephraim was blessed above his older brother as the <Malo Goyim> Multitude of the Nations or ‘Fullness of the Gentiles’; exactly as Paul shows at Rom.11:25.

So when we accept the blood of the Hebrew/Israelite Messiah we automatically dovetail into an already ongoing Double-Portion Birthright Blessing on Joseph from Genesis. This was all done under the Original Melkizedeq Priestly Order that became the full blown Melkizedeq Priesthood at Ex.19:5-6.

Also expanding on another point that Matthew made was that we do not, should not seek to do as they do to be Jews, nor take a vow of Judaism, etc. – The house of Judah by Torah pronouncement has no right to the name ‘Israel’ without Ephraim & Manasseh ie Joseph (Gen.48:20). Therefore it is just the reverse; The house of Judah must rightfully seek Joseph to retain any Torah pronouncement legal right to the Name ‘Israel’.

Note – The ‘to the firstborn son’ scenario is borne out alone in the fact that Yahweh bestowed that office to His First born Yahshua (Rom.8:29; 1Cor.15:20). Yahshua – the High Priest then calls us into that same Melchizedek Priesthood as priests (1Ptr.2:9). As a personal observation it makes sense that if you’re going to be the ‘High’ Priest you’d have to have lower priests to be higher than (Rev.1:6, 5:10).

There is therefore nothing more ‘Messiah-anic’ (Gen.49:10) than the resurgence / the restoration (Heb.7:11-12) of the original Melchizedek Priesthood and with it the laws, instructions, covenants and pronouncements thereof under Yahshua HaMashiach / Messiah the High Priest after the order of (in the order of ) Melchizedek (Gen.14:18 / Ps.110:1-4 / Heb.7:21).


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