Remain +&-

Remain +&-

2Cor.3:11 ‘… that which is passing away was glorious, much more that which remains is glorious’.

2Cor.3:13 ‘… the children of Israel could not steadfastly look to the end of that which is abolished:..’

You may remember from “The Rightly Dividing Point” dealing with ‘remain’; that we have a problem. “We intelligently know that ‘remain’ cannot be ‘remain’ unless it was established before – Right? But by the same token there is no awareness sense to use ‘remain’ as an informational marker in a sentence unless something did not ‘remain’ – Right? What we now have is a ‘both-and’ situation not an ‘either-or’; we have to use discernment. For that we must let the Bible interpret itself. The Apostle Paul is an indispensable resource, for he deals with these Gospel-Torah matters guided by Yahshua (Gal.1:11-12) studied for three years (v:18).”

The Apostle/exPharisee Paul is demonstrating something very profound; a mid position – The Church is incorrect to say, hold to & teach that ‘it all changed’ for the positive side of ‘remain’ does not allow for this to be true. Some thing/s does/do continue that was established before. Before the Birth, Death and resurrection of Yahshua Messiah.

The Jews (on the other hand) including Hebrew Roots, Messianic, etc. are also incorrect to say, hold to & teach that ‘nothing has changed’ for the negative side of ‘remain’ does not allow for this to be true either. Some thing/s does/do NOT continue that were established before.

This is further evidenced by;

Gen 49:10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, *until* Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

Ezk.20:24 Because they had not executed my judgments, but had despised my statutes, and had polluted my sabbaths, and their eyes were after their fathers’ idols. 25 Wherefore I gave them *also* statutes that were ~Not~ good, and judgments whereby they should ~Not~ live;

The issues that Do remain include – Yahshua (Gen.3:15; 49:10, Prv.30:4, Isa.61:1, Lk.4:18, etc.), the Melkizedeq Priesthood (1Ptr.2:9 = Ex.19:5-6, etc.), Covenant, the 10 Com’dts, Shabbat, Feastdays (Ex.23/Lev.23), Clean Meats, Redeeming the 1st Born, Passover, New Moons, etc. (Gen.18:19; 26:5, etc.), Heart Circumcision (Lev.26:41, Dt.10:16, Jer.4:4, Rom.2:29); instituted while Israel was Not Physically Circumcising anyone for 40yrs (Jos.5:2; *5) because of the Covenant Break (Ex.32).

The issue that caused the division was the Gold Calf at Ex.32,

The issues that Do Not remain include – Slavery, Animal Sacrifices, Physical Circumcision, the Levitical Priesthood, Levitical issues, Aaronic/Zadok Priesthood primacy (Mt.11:11, Heb.7:7) or any other ‘Judaizing’ issue, etc.

The issues that never were biblically included in either the ‘positive or negative’ side of ‘remain’ include – Sunday, Xmas, Eastre, Valentines, Halloween, May Pole day, Lent, St. Patrick’s Day, All Saints Day, etc. and any other issue not in or commanded in the Bible.


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