Dr. Perry, I have studied the Word (Biible) the majority of my life, as taught by the Christian church. About 14 years ago, I was led to a Messianic Congregation where the entire Word was taught and where the Messiah became truly revealed to me. I give praise to Him for this. In the past year I have been experiencing a “wilderness experience” and have lost in the world’s terms, everything of value; career, home, worldly goods, friends, and loved ones”. I have been praying for an even deeper understanding of the teaching of the Messiah (Torah) and a closer walk with him. Today, you came up on my e-mail and I believe is an answer to prayer. I will studiously study your teachings and pray Yah’s protection over you.
Shalom, Jeaniine


I know a bit of where with you speak.

Many things did not make sense or add up to integrity in my life. As a result I did not believe much or really trust a ‘God’ I really didn’t understand. I did not walk in integrity, finally leaving anything related to Religion, Bible or Church for many years. However; I believe that the One I was taught to call ‘God’ used those years of not going to church to bring me to a place that I was willing … insistent to channel the rage of the past to search, test and know the truth; defining everything, defending nothing that went before. Certainly not believing any man’s word simply by virtue of physical relation, position or title or the number of ABC’s attached to his or her name.

I wrestled back then, as you, as many still ponder and have had this question repeatedly thrown in my face; … How in the world can all of the Christian Church be wrong? Nevertheless that fact remains on many issues! Causing me (back then) and countless others when searching through this convoluted mess to either legitimize it or leave. As you can probably sense; I’ve learned my lesson; when it comes to Yahweh’s Word; I am not going to legitimize anything with out searching it out first and it had better turn up as Truth no matter how many times I choose to test it, regardless of how many times it is challenged by others. Either it’s the Truth or it’s not. Either it’s Scriptural Truth or it’s not. Either it is so or it is not.

From my book – The Covenants of Promise – Blessings


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