This from

This from Donna Teague

“As I read scripture in his Hebrew Roots version, I continue to be amazed. Thought you like to check it out. Maybe you might like to post his website info for the Bibles (all are free except the physical copy which he doesn’t push at all).

(there is a) pdf version of this Bible for your convenience but
here’s where you can get it free in just about any electronic form you wish or order the physical copy:

I have down loaded the pdf – But I must caution you; as good as this may be; I have not completely read this version so my caution to you is across the board – be aware

This version of Gal.3;17,18 & 19 does make the effort to at least insert ‘(Levitical) law’

This is also among other Jewish/Hebrew Roots that rush to translate all occurrences of “law” in the NT to “Torah” trying to add ‘clarity’ no doubt – but – nonetheless add a definition convoluted challenge. The NT ID’s 19 categories of law – so we have 19 different Torahs? This just adds exacerbation to an already confused situation.

These all may contain other issues as well as nuggets of wisdom – Use caution and discernment


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