I Doh Wanna

I Doh Wanna

We have a situation among Christians – Messianics – and even Jews; it goes along with my article ‘Tantrum Time’ – https://torahwithoutrabbinics.wordpress.com/2014/12/17/tantrum-time/
In this article I state;

“What happened the 1st time you took the pacifier away from your 2yr old? Tantrum Time; Right? That’s why they call it the ‘terrible 2’s’. It is the same with many Christians (Catholic to Charismatic) – The 1st time they hear better accounted for Biblical Truth. On Sunday, Christmas, Easter, Lent, Halloween, Valentine’s, Unclean Food, etc. We love our milk pabulum, our Biblesq story mixes, our spoon-fed Theology that amounts to an Error coated ‘Truth Sickle’ with the Lie sprinkles on top.”

The article goes on to include;

“That process is not over! The Messianic; most have turned the corner; letting go – repenting of their former Christian Church Covenant Lawlessness. Embracing the ‘Jewish’ (even Hebrew Root) paradigm of Lawfulness – Which is really just a different mix set of ‘Errors’ & ‘Truth’. Some better ‘Truth’ mixed with a set of ‘Errors’ that are centuries deep over a multiple of considerations and disciplines.”

I want to give credit to the Christian Comedian ‘Jeff Allen’ that has coined the phrase ‘I Doh Wanna’ depicting a defiant toddler in his ‘Apostles of Comedy’ routine.

The situation is – Yahweh has given awareness that includes; law – instruction – & guidelines; that many respond to much as a way-ward youngster would in the words – ‘I Doh Wanna’

Yah says in His 10 Comd’ts (Ex.20:8-11) Shabbat/Sabbath; the 7th Day is His day of Worship & Rest – But most Christians, Christian Church denominations and Catholics respond with – ‘I Doh Wanna’

Yah says in Ex.23 & Lev.23 that we, not just Jews are to keep His ‘mowedim’ – Feastdays. But most Christians, Christian Church denominations and Catholics respond with – ‘I Doh Wanna’

Oh they do retain the Weekly/Annual covenant structure but without the content – instead of a weekly Sabbath its a weekly Sunday, instead of Passover its Easter, instead of 7 Days of Unleaven Bread its Lent, instead of The Day of Trumpets its Halloween, instead of Sukkot/Tabernacles its Christmas, etc. – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

This proves that Satan has his calendar; based on / copied from YHWH calendar. But the popular ‘Gregorian’ calendar is the 1 taught and adhered to; while Yah’s is not – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

Yahweh told us which meats were clean and why. But most disregard this – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

But then there is the Messianic that routinely use ‘Lord’, ‘LORD’, ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ much as the Christians do but alternate using Adonai, haShem and ‘Yeshua’ much as they have learned from the Jewish / Rabbinic in place of the tetragrammaton (YHWH) that Moses wrote – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

They’ll say Adonai in place of what Moses wrote at Dt.6:4, Num.6:22-27, Ex.20:7; routinely listening to the Rabbis – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

They disregard ‘Hallelu-Yah’ evidencing Ps.68:4 ‘Yah’ but then also disregard Yahshua for Yeshua – even tho He did say that He came in His Father’s Name that Moses wrote – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

And it doesn’t stop there;

Even tho the Messianic have no choice but to acknowledge that Yahshua is our Melkizedeq High Priest; they nonetheless ignore the fact that by 1Ptr.2:9 we are being called back into the pre-Covenant break (Ex.32) Melkizedeq Priesthood (Ex.19:5-6). And not only ignore but deny, resist and teach a nothing has changed Levitical mind-set – while acting on a ‘change’ nonetheless that they and the Jews and in that the Rabbis adamantly deny – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

Example – Find a law or instruction in Torah, designating ‘Rabbis’ and that from any Tribe or Convert. Actually read the so-called 613 laws and track them to the verses sited. Compare what we are to do by Torah against what the Rabbis seek to teach – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

Mt 23:2 (Yahshua) Saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: 3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you (of Moses to) observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

What they will affirm of Moses do – But they will not apply – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

Much like it is today – Cause – ‘I Doh Wanna’

Choose Wisely – 2Ths.2:10-12


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