Remember Torah to the Tribes

Remember Torah to the Tribes 5pm pst


2 thoughts on “Remember Torah to the Tribes

  1. Yep it’s our congregation on line as well as local : we live in Salem . My wife and I believe Mathew Nolan is on the narrow-rightly-dividing road teaching. It amazes us just how this message of melek-Zodic can easily be misunderstood . If people dismiss it like we could have dismissed the other historical truth’s regarding mithra and Ishtar etc. there would probably be a lot less people coming out of her. But there are many people who have eyes to see the obvious as mentioned, but even more perplexing is how many forgot their humility
    And innocence as children to drop the lies and traditions we/they grew up in. In my estimate
    It would seem to me the requirement to see and understand any further paradigms of truth’s one must give up something like they/we did at the beginning of this seemingly interesting
    Paradigm shift of understandings that thrust us all into a less of a need to cry out for the deeper mysteries of understanding. May the truth of how to rightly divide and understand that there are two books that Moshe is dealing with and there are differences in usage be self evident to many more soon.

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