Tantrum Time

Tantrum Time

What happened the 1st time you took the pacifier away from your 2yr old? Tantrum Time; Right? That’s why they call it the ‘terrible 2’s’. It is the same with many Christians (Catholic to Charismatic) – The 1st time they hear better accounted for Biblical Truth. On Sunday, Christmas, Easter, Lent, Halloween, Valentine’s, Unclean Food, etc. We love our milk pabulum, our Biblesq story mixes, our spoon-fed Theology that amounts to an Error coated ‘Truth Sickle’ with the Lie sprinkles on top.

There is a myriad of thoughts & emotions that must be processed; grappling with the truth; even if – especially if they are honest. Sadness, Hurt, Confusion, Denial, Out Bursts, Anger, Depression, Embarrassment, Betrayal, a confluence of opposing Thought, Introspection, retroflexion, etc. That can result in actual verbal assault and in the extreme; attacks. Which can result in divided camps – Be it Family, Friends or Church. We all want to hang-on to what we have known as wink-wink ‘The Truth’.

Then if we are at all introspective; there is the facet of realizing how much these not-so-sacred ‘errors’ are embedded within the very fibers of the fabric that is ‘Family & Friends’, what is Society not to mention the chosen religious outlet; be it Church, Assembly or Synagogue .

Those that resist take a variance between 2 positions; Passive or Aggressive. A variation of grown-up ‘Tantrum Time’. At any rate, seek to defend; wanting to spare themselves this process and just go back to the matrix sleep; believing the way they want of their chosen religious/family paradigm.

That process is not over! The Messianic; most have turned the corner; letting go – repenting of their former Christian Church Covenant Lawlessness. Embracing the ‘Jewish’ (even Hebrew Root) paradigm of Lawfulness – Which is really just a different mix set of ‘Errors’ & ‘Truth’. Some better ‘Truth’ mixed with a set of ‘Errors’ that are centuries deep over a multiple of considerations and disciplines.

Most that have found Torah; have nonetheless been indoctrinated – inoculated against finding better ‘Truth’. In relying on the Jews; thinking they’ve got it going on and have for centuries. And suspend discovering the unknown and the not before considered. They seem to have forgotten their exChurch error lesson – that should have taught them to test everything hold to what is good – but not to the exclusion of better ‘Truth’. The sad truth is many even most resort to a Messianic ‘Tantrum Time’.

It’s natural to resist & defend, it many times insures the preservation of what is the Best and most Correct. But many times in the religious arena it is misplaced, misused & misguided; for we are not to rely on what we think we know – We are to seek, test & hold to what Yah said the way Yah said it.

But being too busy or too quick resisting & defending what you think you know makes you gloss over an awareness evidence of truth you should instead inspect and consider of what you should know.

We must realize and know that a ‘version’ of anything is a counterfeit – Be it Church, Messianic, Jewish, Rabbinic or Anti-Missionary.

Faith in Belief allows the comfort of opinion without the struggle of study or thought
[Adapted J.F. Kennedy]

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident”. – Arthur Schopenhauer

In the arena of Covenant, Melkizedeq and Rightly Dividing; I have been ridiculed, verbally assaulted & attacked – For what? For finding & upholding the ‘Truth’ in Yahweh’s Scripture? This ridicule, assault & attack is the pious self-righteous religious form of ‘Tantrum Time’ – For they ultimately are not rejecting me – But – Yahweh and His Word.

It’s a variation of – If you don’t like the message (especially if you can’t refute it) look up the messenger’s robe/skirt. Itself is a variation of ‘Tantrum Time’.

In a sea of sacred errors and religious lies – Truth is Treason! For that reason I would rather be guilty of over-testing what is actual truth than under-testing accepting a lie or worse an almost truth.

As I have said there is a mix everywhere you go – the recipes are different – but it’s a mix nonetheless

We need to put away any form of ‘Tantrum Time’. We are to be on that Straight & Narrow path; neither turning to the right nor to the left. It is imperative to remain aware that there is a Christian Church Ditch on 1 side & a Jewish Rabbinic Ditch on on the other.

Discernment is not simply differentiating between right and wrong; but includes discerning to know the difference between right and almost right. (Adapted from ~ C.H. Spurgeon)

We are to ‘reason’ (Isa.1:18) – ‘reason’ requires intelligence – intelligence involves the ability to make increasingly finer distinctions.

We all must realize; that we here today have been born into an already ongoing deception program that we will either just accept and defend – or – test, try to correct or leave.

“Maturity involves researching and verifying the Truth; striving to make the appropriate changes without searching for loopholes that fuel defense, procrastination or excuse”. –
Dr. David L. Perry Th.D.


One thought on “Tantrum Time

  1. Thank you so much for your hard work, research and books which have helped me get my feet solidly in the ground in Truth.

    You are so correct – the acceptance of Truth when you’re coming out of church doctrine with so much error is very difficult, painful and almost like a grieving process.

    We just must be faithful to follow the Scripture and search and study for ourselves, verifying what we are told. I believe most of the error I’ve been taught has been from sincere, good-hearted people who are simply passing along the error they’ve learned. I’m thankful for every one of them and thankful that Ya is faithful to bring me to Truth.

    You have to be prepared when you pray for Truth. He will give it to you, it will just be very different from what you thought it would be – a Narrow Path, filled with responsibility to Obedience, prayerful inquiry and frequent heart exams!
    Thank you again – your work has been invaluable to me.


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