Rebekah is Graduating

Rebekah begins new phase of ministry training and formation

I’m (Isaac/Chris here) hijacking Rebekah’s Facebook page to organize an online gradation party for her…..

Current President of Hebrew Roots Club at Boise State University

After 25 years Rebekah is graduating! On Dec. 19, 2014 she will receive a B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies. She has worked so hard for the last year and a half to complete this degree. She has been on the Dean’s List each semester and has been in school four semesters straight now with no breaks. She gets up every day at stupid-thirty and pours herself into whatever is in front of her. It has been a hard year financially including a couple of recent setbacks, but Rebekah is more dedicated than ever to the growth of our ministry and the formation of Teshuvah College.

I love Rebekah very much and am so lucky to have had a front row seat as this story unfolds. It is my pleasure to invite you all to share in this story with us.

Send her your love and a graduation gift here:

Isaac (Chris)