Melkizedeq Attack V

Melkizedeq Attack V

119 Ministries – The Changing of the Priesthood – Part 1 & 2
Answers to Part 1

Drdave Perry .
Congratulations – You have walked directly into;

1Tm 1:7 Desiring to be teachers (Doctors/Experts) of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm.

Not to mention;

Lk 11:52 Woe unto you, lawyers (Doctors/Experts)! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.

You quote Heb.8:4 – but do you understand what you teach? – Where are those men today? Who from Torah were those men to be? Pharisees, Sadducees, Rabbis? – Where is that verse?

Drdave Perry .
You say the law has remained unchanged – This is a supremely ignorant position – If that is so where’d the Pharisees, Sadducees, Rabbis come from?

What is the Torah law position on that?

Then you’d better get your stones ready

and put fences on your roofs

Do the body part exchange thing – (You know – Eye for an eye , tooth, foot , hand, etc.)

Go to your local Levite Priest with your problems

Do you have 1 handy? Where would you find ’em?

Not to mention Yahshua came – Helloooo Gen.49:10 is now already fulfilled! ie ‘Change’

Drdave Perry .
I actually agree with your conclusion that YHWH is the Melkizedeq

Drdave Perry .
You err in not letting Bible define itself in not allowing Heb. to define itself – Heb.9:1 defines 1st at Heb.10:9 as Covenant not anything or any one else

And all this from just the 1st 9mins of your error laden 1st video

Answers to Part 2

Drdave Perry .
You keep hammering on “No Change of the Priesthood” in direct conflict of Heb.7:12 which says there was in the ‘past tense’ – As in already happened- 2000yrs ago!

And Gen.49:10 that said that there would be – when He came

Guess what? – I’m in luck – You believe He did!

Drdave Perry .
Yahshua cannot change the Law of Yah – Good point – that was established before he came ie prepackaged already in Torah! Hence Gen.49:10

Read Jn.7:16

Drdave Perry .
You evidently aren’t aware that Dt.29 is during the 40yrs of uncircumcision brought on by the Gold Calf of Ex.32 – evidenced by Jos.5:5 ie ‘a change’

And all this from the 1st 3mins of this error laden 2nd video

119 is perpetrating what amounts to a debaters tactic in the form of a ‘litany dump’ in the 38 pages of transcript they have prepared (or the 2hrs of video – your choice) – This ‘pontification’ is a tactic for many (and they know that) will just swallow their spoon-fed theology and will not take the time or effort to ferret, filter & find what is the truth, almost truth, error or outright lie. That is why the identifier ‘pontification’ was coined – the Catholics are notorious for this tactic that does not invite question, reason or exchange of thought.

If anyone views or reads this 119 Priesthood error tripe – Please pose the question – Sighting either the video (with elapse time) or the PDF (copy& paste); for a fully-accounted-for Biblical Melkizedeq answer – Remember Acts 17:11, and upon finding tested Truth – be prepared and honest enough to be changed by it.