Yesterday – Sabbath 12-6-14; I and my wife were stunned at what we witnessed at the Messianic Assembly that we used to go regularly to and have (up until now) frequented

This Messianic ‘Pastor’ has been (in the past) stealthily slowly but increasingly hinting at ‘gifts of the spirit’ (and such), but is now in full blown open dedicated push of the same.

Don’t get me wrong I do believe YHWH has much more for His obedient – And that’s the point – for those that follow His way, worship Him in ‘Spirit and Truth’. Doing the first thing 1st! Keeping the Covenant and all the Covenant values in a fidelity to Covenant way – Then seek Covenant gifts to Covenant Keepers.

Mt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of Yah, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (These are Yahshua’s own words!)

As I have stated to him and elsewhere – Kingdom in Hebrew is Malakah, Yah is the King or Melek and His Righteousness in Hebrew is ‘Zedek’ or Melkizedeq and His Melkizedeq Priesthood

As I have stated to him and elsewhere – you cannot have ‘One New Man’ without the Melkizedeq Priesthood or Obedience to the Melkizedeq Covenant and its factors.

Even tho I and others have spoken to this ‘Pastor’ – he evidently has his agenda – with a ‘damn the torpedoes’ attitude. He speaks about doing it ‘God’s way, etc. But the evidence shows he’s doing it his way. He does not follow Acts 17:11; and by 2 Ths.2:10-12 YHWH will let you do just exactly that.

He spoke of ‘Word of Knowledge’, ‘Word of Wisdom’, ‘Word of Discernment’, Speaking in tongues, Gift of Interpretation, Prophesy, etc. – Yet in a Covenant sense he displays that he has little and/or that he just doesn’t care. And don’t fret he knows; over 3 ½ yrs; I’ve made sure of that; he just continually continues to procrastinate and drag his feet.

The Bible says that if one speaks in a tongue they are to interpret it or keep silent – Not that they ever followed this – and yet they would sing in tongues on a semi to increasingly regular basis – some type of legal loophole to not interpret?

At the end of his schpeal or if you like ‘sermon’, he invited (incited) the assembly to come and ‘receive the anointing’ – Up to ¾ of the congregation did! – Complete with ‘slay in the spirit’ and their ‘catchers’ (Not Biblical) – Not discerning anything they were witnessing and/or doing.

Dan.10:9 Yet I heard the sound of his words; and while I heard the sound of his words I was in a deep sleep on my face, with my face to the ground.

But they fall backwards and need a catcher?

At that point I told my wife that ‘if this is the way their gonna go – I’m done’ – She agreed

What’s next Kunadlini?, Holy laughter?, Sanctuary running?, Azusa street veneration?, etc.?, The antics of “Pop Hagen”, Ken Hagen jr., Ken Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Jessie Duplantous, Binny Hinn, etc. as if any of these guys actually kept the Shabbat let alone keep YHWH’s Covenant?

What this ‘Pastor’ has done is brought in his old Sunday Church baggage masquerading as truth, as a true gifting, as a true from YHWH anointing. BUT – He (even tho he claims to be Messianic) ignores the fully-accounted-for Covenant! ??? Has Not! – Even refuses to research his position by scripture.

1Jn.4:1 says ‘test the spirits’ for a reason – 2Cor.11:14-15 – haSatan and his henchmen masquerade as workers of righteousness – Satan has, will and continue to counterfeit every authentic thing of YHWH.

Instead they circumvent the Covenant Righteousness they are to adhere to – munch after the ‘Gifts’ ahead of/instead of submitting to the order and hierarchy of the ‘Giver’ and His Covenant 1st.

This guy (a Sabbath Feast keeping Messianic ‘Pastor’) is enamored with some Sunday, Covenant Breaking, Bible wayward ‘Pastor’ named John Wimber – That “I (he) received years ago”; during his Sunday keeping days – He even was invoking (from his ‘God’ ???) “the double portion of Wimber” from the stage on certain ones – in front of everyone.

How can this be respected? Many Messianic congregations are doing the same thing – Going the Pentecostal/Charismatic baggage route of the Sunday Covenant p/breachers.

These Covenant breachers want to procure these Covenant ‘Gifts’ without being Covenant keepers – Then these Messianic ones that claim to be Torah/Covenant keepers (but truly or wholly don’t) defer back to them?

Yahweh is all about Authorship, Authority and Jurisdiction – And the order of things, including the order in which He will be and accept worship. His Righteousness includes His Covenant; make sense?

We are definitely seeing the separating of the sheep and the goats

These ones don’t seem to understand that they are hitching their cart (and several of them) before the horse – What’s gonna happen? These carts are going to fan out in every direction like a tree; going down all sorts of ‘rabbit (including Rabbi) trails’.

2 Shavuots ago I challenged the whole congregation in open forum to consider everything they knew – To actually look up the Hebrew that Moses wrote and compare that with what we are doing – A lawyer friend of mine was in the congregation that day – Tho supportive could hardly believe what he was hearing. I definitely follow Isa.58:1 and want no part of Ezk.33:6.

There are many more sites, but these show the duplicitous side of John Wimber


One thought on “Incongruent

  1. From – Judith Robinson
    Dear Brother, I come to you with many questions and a heavy heart. My husband and I attended the church of Nazarene for most of our married life, which has been many years. We left the church about eight years ago. It was like walking away from the only family we had ever known. Every year of the last years we were in church became a burden. We had become outsiders because we were seeing scripture differently. We left and there was no place to go. When we left my sister and brother in law also left for the same reason. I have a sister and brother in law who were pastors in the assembly of God. That made six of us who began a whole new journey. My sister from the assemblies speaks in tongues and that was never an issue with our group. But I had sought the scriptures out for years and have never found that it was a evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit. Our group has since broken off into two groups. My son and daughter in law were saved and her mother and another friend and we have share Shabbat together as there are no other groups to meet with. My son purchased your book and he has purchased and sent some to others. We have been listening to Matthew Nolan teach which has also been a blessing. when Matthew taught this past Torah lesson he spoke of the seventy elders speaking in unknown tongues and it was as though all of the years of dealing with my sister saying this was the evidence of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. came back to accuse me of not being filled with the Spirit. When we came into Hebrew roots we to took upon ourselves a lot of baggage that we are learning to throw off. we are learning to search the scriptures but I am not very learned and am struggling to not depend upon what man says but to trust The Ruach to lead me and teach me. I saw something different in the seventy and wondered if this related to the nations . Also if the two that stayed in the camp could be a picture of the two witnesses in revelations or the two houses. I guess what I am asking of you does this scripture or is this scripture speaking of unknown tongues as was stated in the teaching this week or is there a picture here that is inclusive of the whole house of Israel or the one new man in Yeshua? Sorry if I have rambled but it seems like the adversary is always ready to accuse and discourage.

    I also was raised in and attended the Church of Nazarene into my 30’s. Speaking in Tongues is not practised by the Church of Nazarene. However; Speaking in Tongues as laid out in Acts 2 – Every man heard in his own language – I do not nor have I ever Spoke in Tongues; but the evidence is that of a covenant gift to ‘some’ Covenant Keepers. And that ‘s the problem – To drag the Speak in Tongues forward from the Church that does not keep the Shabbat or the Covenant assumes that it is the same; then ‘shoe-horn’ the Church Speak in Tongues whether ‘Robbini Sabasini – Yaba Daba Do or Yodel Lady Who’ – into a Melkizedeq One New Man Assembly has inherent & ongoing problems. Satan counterfeits everything – Satan even has Satanic ‘Tongues’. And seeks to mix, pollute and syncretize. Everything must be filtered thru YHWH’s Covenant 1st! (Mat.6:33) and only then implemented if at all.

    At 17 I was told that Speaking in Tongues was a Heavenly language that Satan can’t understand – Really? – Satan fell with a 1/3 of the angels – what’d they do change the code book?

    Yes the 70 Elders do represent the known 70 nations – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Adam spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Abraham spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. Mose spoke with Yah – But that is a drop-kick it was not eclectic-speech. To pull Church non-Covenant Speak in Tongues forward and demand it be the same is the error of defiant imagination.

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