Melkizedeq Attack IV

Melkizedeq Attack IV
Torah without Rabbinics . The Rob & Caleb Show
You admit you “haven’t read everything” (maybe 1/10th)- “We’re in a rush” – completely blind – Yet you go on to assert your less than knowledgeable trash thrust –
You can at least Truthfully and fully account for the whole assertion – You need to give me a rebuttal time to properly defend the Biblical/Torah position of the Melkizedeq Priesthood –
Melkizedeq Priesthood Attack II … Reply to David Wilber who is not going to tell you the whole story…/melkizede…/


To The Rob & Caleb Show

You have been very flagrant and inflammatory towards me personally and my findings – You admitted on air that you had not read but about a 1/4 of 1 book and none of the other and who knows what if any research time you yourselves put in. I would expect fairly close to zero – then you presume to rant and malign my work based on what? – relying instead on what you think you know and your trusted friend D. Wilber? You never mentioned actually speaking to me or asking me anything – An uncontested pontification complete with no response or opportunity for – works well if all you are interested in is appearing to be right – That is why they call it ‘pontification’ the Catholics are notorious for this technique. This is exactly what you have done. A type of ‘slanted journalizm’; weighted to the ‘house’ – you 2, D. Wilber and friends. Patting each other on the back with a ‘we’re right just ask us’ mentality. At the least you owe me a public apology; even if I am wrong – All the more if I am proven right. The Bible says you are not wise (1Cor.10:12 / 2Cor.10:12).

That’s the thing about absolute statements – They are rarely absolute

Besides all that your Rob & Caleb slander ‘show’ is now the 3rd generation of this contest – with D. Wilber (the 2nd generation) interjecting himself being Jim (the original 1st generation) Staley’s straw-man with nothing more coming from PFT further on the subject. Silence – Crickets ??? Why??? Its as if Jim put D. Wilber out there (a kind of talking Mr. Ed) – run it up the flag pole and see which way it waves – Then you use 3rd party hearsay stuff without even having D. Wilber or Jim Staley let alone me there. Did not give me a voice – this is Not evidence in anyones kangaroo court!

The Bible says; Acts 17:11 to – … receive the word with all readiness of mind, and search the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

You did Not demonstrate ‘all readiness of mind’ – What you demonstrated was a closed already made up mind – and how many ‘daily’ days did you (any of you) pour over scripture and prayer? To determine ‘whether those things were so’?

At the end of the day; I am nothing – a sinner saved by grace – It’s His Word NOT yours or mine – If I am proven to be speaking Yah’s Word backed up by Yah’s Word then you are not rejecting me but Yahweh. You are not discrediting me but Yahweh. I certainly cannot do any more than Yah has already done in His Word; left you evidence. (Prv.25:2)

All I can do is lead you to evidence – You will have to supply the honesty and considered thought. (Isa.1:18)

If I have made an even-handed appeal – Should you both reconsider your position with open tolerance – I will discuss the considered findings of my books & research with ideally Jim Staley – or even in 2nd place; D. Wilber – But there will be guidelines

Rules of Engagement

Since all communication is based on a shared oration and perceptions –
In other words; what is said & what is heard; based on shared meaning

And since you are questioning my books, findings and perception of Scripture –
I will ask you to put into your own words what it is you think I have said.

Otherwise I risk being talked over or we wind up talking past each other

Which is a waste of both our time

This while bearing 2 points in mind

1] Keep it Bible
2] Stay on Topic

DrDave – TorahWithoutRabbinic


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