Jim Staley does a really good job of laying out the paganism behind Xmas

Even so you can hear him say – ‘We want to worship [Yah] in our own way’ – video elapse time 48:02

See – Spiritual Warfare

Well isn’t that true of His current stance on the Melkizedeq Priesthood? He will do everything but face the fact – We have YHWH the King ie Melek – Ruling in His Kingdom ie Malakah with Yahshua His son as Melkizedeq Cohen Gadol ie Melkizedeq High Priest – With all of us as current 1st Fruit Believers being ‘called’ (1Ptr.2:9) back into (Heb.7:12) the original (Ex.19:5-6) Melkizedeq Priesthood.

See – Mt.6:33 & Rom.10:2-3

Maybe we should have a similar site called –

“Saving Jim from the Levitical Mindset”


2 thoughts on “Actually

  1. Dr David Perry, Have you actually sat down or seen the “spirit” or Jim’s
    reaction or attitude to ‘a possible newer level’ of understanding? I mean,
    for example: I am sure he would agree as I and as you; as most, that
    when we left the kirka’church system we were more then likely very open
    and willing to look at and consider what the Ruach was showing us. If Jim
    does not have this same humility as a child would, as we did, then maybe the approach
    in confronting him may be similar to as if we were throwing the pearls
    before the swine? OR….maybe the knowledge has truly puffed up? I must
    relent to my stance that we must keep control of the wind of spirit that we are
    perpetuating. Maybe Jim is so caught up in his “stuff” that he is not taking
    time to consider something of great importance? Or is he turned off by
    a ridicule that is keeping him from even considering a possibility? I am not
    Judging you or Him, I am simply trying to understand why I am seeing this.
    keep this off the post, I just want us to consider how we are approaching
    someone who may not yet see eye-to-eye.
    A hebrew would simply say……Hmmmm? I need to look at this closer.
    Maybe Jim is ? I or we just really don’t know unless Jim were brutally
    honest with how he is sorting it all out? Maybe I am assuming too much
    here, maybe he has been clear with you as to his intentions to look into
    this important matter…..I just don’t know at this point.

    Care to clarify?
    Thanks 🙂

    • I have seen his nonacceptance in his (joint?) line of questioning – he is defending to be right rather than questioning (which involves considered weighting of answers) to be correct – He exhibits a Levitical Mindset exported by the Rabbinic Jew (imported by degrees to the Church) that 1st off does Not follow Toarh but a version of it

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