A Melkizedeq Service

A Melkizedeq Service

I am responding to a request to summarize what a Melkizedeq service would/should look like

This is not a exhaustive list but would include but not limited to;

Certainly there would be Torah and Gospel readings, sermons and teachings based on such (Acts 15:19-21), prayers and music/song – no doubt Davidic dancing. There would be opportunity to give – altho it would not be called ‘tithe’ – The model of Melkizedeq tithe is Gen.14 / Heb.7 – 1 time from the net and not limited to 10%, $, Talent, etc.

The rest would include

#1 YHWH’s Name written by Moses ignored by Orthodox, Rabbis, etc. and Rabbinic types for ‘Adonai’ everywhere. – This includes the ‘Shama’ Dt.6:4, Aaronic Prayer Num.6:22-27, Com’dt #3 Ex.20:7, etc.

#2 We would not use LORD/Lord, God, Jesus, etc. (Including Adonai, Ha Shem, etc.) in place of /instead of His Name/His Son’s Name

#3 Kippah’s by Torah were for Aaron’s Son’s only – not even for all the tribe of Levi (Ex 28:40) – Certainly Not for the Jews or anyone else – First Fruit Melkizedeq Priests would Not be wearing such.

#4 Tzitzits – Are a Levitical Priesthood mandate given at Num.15:38 – Well after the breach of the Gold Calf at Ex.32 – Num.3:12 hearkens back to the breach of the Gold Calf at Ex.32 (see v:10).

#5 Prayer Shawls – I cannot exclude them from being before the advent of the Levitical Priesthood – Abraham most probably wore one – Abraham was definitely in the original Melkizedeq Priesthood

#6 Circumcision – Of the Heart Only – Modern day adherents to Physical Circumcision think they are being obedient to Gen.17 – But they are actually being obedient to Jos.5:2 on the authority of Jos.5:5 which is Levitical Priesthood hearkening back to the breach of the Gold Calf (the breaking of the Book of the Covenant) at Ex.32

#7 Oneg 😉 – We would still be eating clean meats – Gen.7:2

#8 We will still be keeping Shabbat, New Moons, Annual Mowedims and Annual Sabbaths

#9 Baptizm – In the Father’s and Son’s actual Name including the Set-Apart Spirit.

#10 We would extend true friendship & hospitality especially preferring one another

#11 We would actually keep the Great Commission – Learning the Evangelistic protocol style the ‘Way of the Master’ BUT bring it to its logical Covenant conclusion to include Shabbat and the Feasts.

#12 We would be testing All things (and everything else) by Torah/Scripture to see if it was so (Acts 17:11)


One thought on “A Melkizedeq Service

  1. Please explain how Ex 12:48 re: circumcision does not apply as it is before the Golden Calf breach.

    Also, re: tzitzis- How is Num 15:38 a Levitical priesthood mandate when it is given directly from YHWH to Moses to all Israel (Num 15:37-41)
    “Speak to the Israelites… ‘Throughout the generations to come, you are to make tassels…'”
    and, it is given to ‘remember the commands of YHWH that you may obey them’
    and ‘you will remember to obey .. and be consecrated to your Elohim’ –
    then also referring back to ‘I am YHWH your Elohim who brought you out of Egypt to be your Elohim. I am YHWH your Elohim’. ??

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