This just in

This just in

Taken Down

Matthew Nolan has this day 11.7.14 confirmed to me that Jim Staley has taken down his video he did with Matthew on the Melkizedeq Priesthood and without giving the details – has severed what was once an open family dialogue. Matthew Nolan having once been offered by Jim Staley to be part of his ministry team complete with a relocation package.

Also that as of 3 weeks ago Michael Rood was presented this Melkizedeq Priesthood message of which he flatly rejected.

But I am encouraged that this message is going forth, will go forth, will continue to do so and has; even while unbeknownest to me

The original Jim Staley youtube post

Now only found at (also taken down by the enemy)

Message me – We have an infil-‘trater’

Now this just in – infil-‘trater’ proof

Also Consider –



4 thoughts on “This just in

  1. I remember watching that video and enjoyed the teaching. It was the first time I had seen Matthew Nolan. Why the change? Was it the teaching or something personal going on in Jim Staley’s life?

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